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Monday, December 8, 2014

Our latest newsletter December 2014

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Education, education, education ... the power of sharing ideas ... before I left for tour I spent the weekend with 3 adorable and bright young people - my grand children ...
  Talking to their mums about the issues involved in educating exceptionally bright, super sensitive or just differently wired children, was, as usual, so enlightening.
  Then being able to share how I meet mothers and grandmothers all around the world who also talk about the need for educational systems to be more holistic or honour the changing way that the new souls coming in are operating, was also enlightening.
  I see intergalactic connections when I tune to the energy flows around my oldest grandson (who struggles with all school systems and will now be home-schooled), while my youngest grandson is much more tuned to Buddha's way but both love Star Wars and Star Trek and complicated Lego designs and pranks that make people laugh. Like all children these ones need love, care, some rules but also willing ears to listen to them and firm but loving guidance; but they also seem to need more, just like so many of the new ones coming in who need creativity, fluidity and flexibility as they learn to navigate their way on Earth.
  I feel deep empathy for the Indigo children whose main job is to help transform the education system and listening to the stories regarding how schools have been handling my L.A. based oldest grandson, I feel for them even more as there appears to be so much misunderstanding and misdiagnosis as to who these kids really are and what they require. The "drug them and keep them quiet" formula, the labelling of so many with - ADD or ADHD - all of this just reflects the consciousness of the analysing, labelling adult who has not yet glimpsed a higher dimensional-Earth is transitioning to a new paradigm point of view. Unique times bring unique souls to visit.
  And so for me it was a delight to watch the TED Talks and movies we offer here in this issue. We hope you enjoy them too! Also see the Life Changes Network website which has many more enlightening films. 

  Tour time is always enlightening and enriching in so many ways due to those that I meet and get to spend some time with and this last tour was no exception with our Light Being friends stressing the need for good education especially in regards to what we watch and support with friends and also regarding global media. And so the encouragement for us to share good quality uplifting information with each other continues! 
  As usual we wish you all a brilliant Christmas season! Take advantage of our save 33% discount on our books and meditations offer! 
Enjoying every moment! 
Love, light and laughter, Jasmuheen & Embassy Staff 

Updated Living on Light webpage and links

Yes it’s true I have spent over 4 decades tuning to alternate channels of nourishment that can free our human systems from all of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hungers! The key to this ability is our day to day lifestyle which controls our personal frequency emanations and how the quantum field responds to us! Imagine if this is true?? The benefits to our health, our environment, long term resource sustainability and also world hunger issues are substantial! So in this section you will find detailed data on … 


Also to make it even more simple we have just added a new Alternate Nourishment playlist on YouTube that covers just the basic for a good insight into this reality - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSUbIlncPJ_U3K3HgmvVQ4FxrirT3WiVb

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our beloveds passing on ...

I loved the below insights as they confirm so much we already know! With more of my friends now leaving their bodies as their work and time on earth is complete, it is so nice to be able to share uplifting insights such as this one by Annie Kagan ... taken from the OM Times ...

She writes .... When my brother Billy woke me three weeks after he died, describing what was happening to him in the afterlife, I thought maybe I had gone a little crazy. How could my bad-boy brother, who died a tragic death, who had problems with addiction all his life, who didn’t live what most people would call a successful life, how could he be sharing secrets about life’s greatest mystery from another dimension? But as time passed, my skepticism turned to wonder as Billy taught me all about death.

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Death

1. The First Thing that Happens is Bliss. As soon as you die, you’re sucked out of your body into a Healing Chamber. The lights in that Chamber erase all the harm you suffered during your entire lifetime, physical, mental and emotional. So, in less than a nanosecond, all your pain is gone.

2. You Still Feel Like Yourself. Even though you don’t have your body anymore, you still feel like an individual. Actually, you feel more like yourself than you did when you were alive. There’s so much influence from others while you’re on earth that in a way you don’t get to be you.

3. Light Has a Personality. In the afterlife the light rays have qualities like wisdom, kindness, compassion and intelligence. This light makes visible what is invisible on earth, the Divine nature of all things.

4. Sin and Punishment is a Human Concept. There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo on earth about what might be waiting for you after you die. Making mistakes while you’re alive is part of the earth deal. If we had to be perfect to get to so-called Heaven, no- one would make it there.

5. Your Life On Earth Isn’t a Punishment Either. Sure, there’s pain in life, but not because you’ve done anything to deserve it. Pain is part of the human experience, as natural as breath or eyesight or blood moving through your veins.

6. After You Die, Instead of Judgment Day There’s No-Judgment Day. When you review your life, you see the paths you took and the ones you didn’t. You see where your genius was and where you might have done better, but you don’t feel judgmental about it. And even though it might not make sense to you now, after you die you understand that you had a great life, even the hard parts.

7. You’re Happy You Look Like Yourself. You’re not concerned with the way you look. There are no pretensions or efforts to appear any which way. You just radiate, which is effortless.

8. Love Is Not the Same As Earth Love. You’re not loved because of what you do, how you look, how famous you are, or how much money you make. It’s not like yesterday I loved you, but today I don’t anymore. Love is truly unconditional. Most controversial of all is that in the afterlife there’s perfect compassion and no matter how you lived you are loved.

About the Author  - When she was sixteen, Annie Kagan was signed by a producer from Columbia Records. After 10 years of performing her songs in New York City clubs, Annie returned to college and became a chiropractor with a private practice in Manhattan. Following a chance meeting with a spiritual teacher from the East, she began an intense meditation practice that eventually led her to leave her career as a doctor and her hectic city life in search of serenity. She moved to a small house by the bay on the tip of Long Island and returned to songwriting, collaborating with Grammy and Emmy award-winning producer Brian Keane. When her brother Billy died unexpectedly and began speaking to her from the afterlife, her future took a surprising turn. She recorded her conversations with Billy from the other side and published them in her debut book The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. www.afterlifeofbillyfingers.com

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

25 Characteristics You May Find In Those Who Are Awakening

After two months of intense touring it is so nice to be home again and find articles like this one in my inbox of emails - enjoy! Love Jas www.jasmuheen.com

25 Characteristics You May Find In Those Who Are Awakening

There is no doubt the Earth is evolving spiritually. People are experiencing intense changes within their life, work, behaviors and personal relationships. Many are awakening at a rate that can only be described as phenomenal. So how do we know if we are awakening? Here are 25 common characteristics you may find in yourself and others.

Some of you may experience things not on this list and I encourage you to share your experiences in the comments below. We are all unique and many of us are experiencing phenomenon that are difficult to explain at this time. We are all learning from each other.

1. Being in public places is sometimes overwhelming. Since our walls between self and other are dissolving, we haven’t really learned to distinguish between someone else’s energy and our own. If the general mood of the crowd is herd-like or negative, we can feel this acutely, and may feel like retreating into our own private space. When we have recharged our batteries with meditation, spending time in nature, far away from other people, or just sitting in quiet contemplation, we are ready to be with the masses again. In personal relationships, we often will feel someone else’s emotions as our own. It is important to have this higher sense of empathy, but we must learn to allow another person’s emotions while observing them and keeping our empathy, but, realizing that not all emotions belong to us. Social influence can dampen our own innate wisdom.

2. We understand our current paradigm, more than we understand ourselves. We see the big picture and marvel and the duality of our world including why polarity consciousness has brought us to where it has today. We no longer see life choices and right or wrong, good or bad, just choices defined by the neutral frequencies that we later define. Unity consciousness is allowing us to spread the message of unity consciousness to all of humanity that will allow us to heal our division and change the misery of our human beings to abundance within a global community filled with love for each other and not fear of each other.

3. We know things without having to intellectually figure them out. Often called intuitive awareness, we have ‘a-ha’ moments and insights that can explain some of the most complex theories or phenomenon in the world. Some of the most brilliant minds of our time just ‘know.’ Adepts and sages often were given downloads of information from higher states of consciousness after meditating or being in the presence of a more conscious individual; this is happening for more people with more frequency. As we trust our intuition more often, it grows stronger. This is a time of ‘thinking’ with our hearts more than our heads. Our guts will no longer be ignored. Our dreams are becoming precognitive and eventually our conscious thoughts will be as well.

4. We acknowledge our imperfection and how beautiful it is to be an imperfect version of our true selves. We thrive on challenging only ourselves, and not through competition at the expense of another, especially since we have no need to judge those who are exactly where they need to be.

5. Watching television or most of main stream media, including newspapers and many Hollywood movies is very distasteful to us. The mindset that creates much, but not all, of the programming on television and in cinema is abhorrent. It commodifies people and promotes violence. It reduces our intelligence and numbs our natural empathetic response to someone in pain.

6. We no longer have a need to attach our love to material things, understanding that it only leads to misery because we are not learning to love ourselves and others. The mentality only leads to further acquisition of more things. Although things too are part of consciousness, they do not allow humans to accelerate the mass consciousness required to change the world. Only love for ourselves and others can do that. Love is knowing the deservability and worthiness of all. We are loved so unconditionally by Creation that we can even choose to believe that we are not loved.

7. Lying to us is nearly impossible. We may not know exactly what truth you are withholding, but we can also tell that something isn’t right. We also know when you have other emotions, pain, love, etc. that you aren’t expressing. You’re an open book to us. We aren’t trained in counter-intelligence, we are just observant and knowing. While we may pick up on physical cues, we can look into your eyes and know what you are feeling.

8. We may pick up symptoms of your cold, just like men who get morning sickness when their wives are pregnant. Sympathy pains, whether emotional or physical, are something we experience often. We tend to absorb emotion through the solar plexus, considered the place we ‘stomach emotion’ so as we learn to strengthen this chakra center, we may sometimes develop digestive issues. Grounding to the earth can help to re-establish our emotional center. Walking barefoot is a great way to re-ground.

9. We tend to root for the underdog, those without voices, those who have been beaten down by the matrix, etc. We are very compassionate people, and these marginalized individuals often need more love. People can sense our loving hearts, so complete strangers will often tell us their life stories or approach us with their problems. While we don’t want to be a dumping ground for everyone’s issues, we are also a good ear for those working through their stuff.

10. We don't feel the need to awaken every person we see. Within a few sentences we can interpret their level of comfort in discussions relating to consciousness. When necessary, we plant a seed and if it's meant to grow it will. We understand that attempting to awaken those who are not ready is toxic to their sensibilities.

11. If we don’t learn how to set proper boundaries, we can get tired easily from taking on other people’s emotions. Energy Vampires are drawn to us like flies to paper, so we need to be extra vigilant in protecting ourselves at times.

12. We are all becoming healers. We naturally gravitate toward healing fields, acupuncture, reiki, Qi-Gong, yoga, massage, midwifery, etc. are fields we often find ourselves in. We know that the collective needs to be healed, and so we try our best to offer healing in whatever form we are most drawn to. We also turn away from the ‘traditional’ forms of healing ourselves. Preferring natural foods, herbs, and holistic medicine as ways to cure every ailment.

13. We see the possibilities before others do. Just like when the church told Copernicus he was wrong, and he stood by his heliocentric theory, we know what the masses refuse to believe. Our minds are light-years ahead.

14. We are creative. We sing, dance, paint, invent, or write. We have amazing imaginations.

15. We fully accept that we can only attract what is within our vibrational field. There are no experiences that we can obtain in physical form without attracting them from a vibrational perspective. That includes the most horrific experiences and the most beautiful ones. What we are learning to do is accept relationships and experiences for what they are. People and experiences are serving as reflections to teach us something about ourselves.

16. We don't question what love is, why it is or how it presents itself. We know it is everywhere, in everyone and everything, all permeating and infinite.

17. We require more solitude than the average person.

18. We might get bored easily, but we are really good at entertaining ourselves.

19. We have a difficult time doing things we don’t want to do or don’t really enjoy. We really do believe life was meant to be an expression of joy. Why waste it doing something you hate? We aren’t lazy, we are discerning.

20. We are obsessed with bringing the truth to light.

21. We don't live in fear of anything. Any and all changes coming, no matter how much they are perceived as negative or dramatic on our Earth, are being designed by us. We have past the point of no return and the Earth is ascending to a higher state of consciousness. Nothing will stop it now.

22. We can’t keep track of time. Our imaginations often get away with us and a day can feel like a minute, a week, a day.

23. We abhor routine.

24. We often disagree with authority (for obvious reasons). Some people call it "anarchy" without a true understanding of what that word or our governments really are.

25. We will often be kind, but if you are egotistical or rude, we won’t spend much time with you or find an excuse to not hang out with people who are obsessed with themselves. We don’t ‘get’ people who are insensitive to other people’s feelings or points of view.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Identification with our Ascended Essence nature - healthy happy lives


  • As a fluid, ever changing energy system we can identify with all the different versions of ourselves to create and enjoy any reality we choose.
  • Identification solely with our personality self keeps our brain wave patterns in busy Beta frequency mode.
  • Here the physical body needs nourishment from physical food or it will die.
  • Here we stay subject to the usual experiences we have as humans in a dense three dimensional - 3D - realm where polarity is seen as normal.
  • Here it is considered ‘normal’ for people to be victims,   get sick, age and die from disease or old age.
  • With sole identification with our personality self version, life has its ups and downs.
  • In this energy version we are often easily influenced by external forces, reacting to what occurs in life in positive or negative ways.
  • As our personality selves, we are also greatly influenced by the genetic weaknesses we may carry and by the fact we are continually altering our DNA and genetic patterns via traumas, thoughts and toxins - as cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton has explained in his work “The Biology of Belief”.
  • With this level of identification we experience many human limitations that are associated with living a normal mainstream life.
  • As we apply the Luscious Lifestyle program, our brain wave patterns shift to a different system of operation, from Beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta.
  • With the changing of our brain wave patterns, we move also from being governed by subconscious behaviour patterns, to more conscious mind patterns, to operating in super conscious reality streams where our lower mental plane abilities merge with the Divine or Supreme mind of our Enlightened Essence nature.
  • Here telepathy and divine communion with Beings of Light becomes the norm,
  • as does third eye activation for our clairvoyant abilities to surface, along with the rising of our clairsentient nature.
  • In this new system of operation we find ourselves less hungry for anything in the material world.
  • As we identify more with the versions of ourselves that dwell closer to the fire of our Essence nature, we also find that we naturally become less physically hungry.
  • As these versions are more infused with the purer more complex element mix of our Essence, we are freed from emotional, mental and spiritual hungers as well.
  • Hence with this level of identification and with a more constant Theta-Delta brain wave pattern, the physiology of our system changes.
  • As we relate more to, and are more closely aligned to, the versions of ourselves that are more infused with Essence, we find that our emotional and mental rhythms are more peaceful, contented;
  • More imbued with Essence we also find that we feel more gratitude, compassion and appreciation.
  • We also realize that we can be anywhere and be unaffected by this world in an adverse way as long as we choose to radiate out our pure Essence rather than absorb the energies from the external plane around us.
  • Aligned to our Essence nature, in this rhythm we tend to see the God in all and the Good in all.
  • In this rhythm our life is harmonic as are our interactions with everyone else.
  • Here our life is filled with Grace as the universe tends to serve us as we naturally serve others.
  • Here we live in a field of abundance, an abundance of love, clarity, wisdom, vision
  • and here everything we need is delivered to us before we realise we may need it.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Life on Earth - consciousness rising!

Current consciousness status on earth – facts and figures and areas of attention.
o  95% are committed to peace and have begun their journey into unity consciousness.
o  95% of what is happening now on earth is fabulous although 95% of our mainstream media reports on the 5% of what is happening in or world that is still not operating for the highest good of all.
o  Our Affiliates Programs are being offered as a compassionate, helping hand to the 5% who have not yet shifted and to some of those who may still need simple tools to access and then maintain their presence in Earth’s Gardens of Eden.
o  Other good news … due to the consistent effort of all our Lightworkers and meditators, the Shamballa Matrix is now rising much more powerfully in our world and many have now anchored themselves via their lifestyles and attitudes into the dimensional energy band of this Matrix where their lives are consistently filled with Grace and their hearts with gratitude.
o  Solar flares are now bombarding our planet and these emissions are now activating everyone’s pineal gland stimulating it to produce more DMT which is known as the spirit molecule which activates and reveals higher consciousness allowing all to be more easily magnetically attracted to paths of harmony and peace.