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Friday, May 30, 2014

Identification with our Ascended Essence nature - healthy happy lives


  • As a fluid, ever changing energy system we can identify with all the different versions of ourselves to create and enjoy any reality we choose.
  • Identification solely with our personality self keeps our brain wave patterns in busy Beta frequency mode.
  • Here the physical body needs nourishment from physical food or it will die.
  • Here we stay subject to the usual experiences we have as humans in a dense three dimensional - 3D - realm where polarity is seen as normal.
  • Here it is considered ‘normal’ for people to be victims,   get sick, age and die from disease or old age.
  • With sole identification with our personality self version, life has its ups and downs.
  • In this energy version we are often easily influenced by external forces, reacting to what occurs in life in positive or negative ways.
  • As our personality selves, we are also greatly influenced by the genetic weaknesses we may carry and by the fact we are continually altering our DNA and genetic patterns via traumas, thoughts and toxins - as cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton has explained in his work “The Biology of Belief”.
  • With this level of identification we experience many human limitations that are associated with living a normal mainstream life.
  • As we apply the Luscious Lifestyle program, our brain wave patterns shift to a different system of operation, from Beta to Alpha to Theta to Delta.
  • With the changing of our brain wave patterns, we move also from being governed by subconscious behaviour patterns, to more conscious mind patterns, to operating in super conscious reality streams where our lower mental plane abilities merge with the Divine or Supreme mind of our Enlightened Essence nature.
  • Here telepathy and divine communion with Beings of Light becomes the norm,
  • as does third eye activation for our clairvoyant abilities to surface, along with the rising of our clairsentient nature.
  • In this new system of operation we find ourselves less hungry for anything in the material world.
  • As we identify more with the versions of ourselves that dwell closer to the fire of our Essence nature, we also find that we naturally become less physically hungry.
  • As these versions are more infused with the purer more complex element mix of our Essence, we are freed from emotional, mental and spiritual hungers as well.
  • Hence with this level of identification and with a more constant Theta-Delta brain wave pattern, the physiology of our system changes.
  • As we relate more to, and are more closely aligned to, the versions of ourselves that are more infused with Essence, we find that our emotional and mental rhythms are more peaceful, contented;
  • More imbued with Essence we also find that we feel more gratitude, compassion and appreciation.
  • We also realize that we can be anywhere and be unaffected by this world in an adverse way as long as we choose to radiate out our pure Essence rather than absorb the energies from the external plane around us.
  • Aligned to our Essence nature, in this rhythm we tend to see the God in all and the Good in all.
  • In this rhythm our life is harmonic as are our interactions with everyone else.
  • Here our life is filled with Grace as the universe tends to serve us as we naturally serve others.
  • Here we live in a field of abundance, an abundance of love, clarity, wisdom, vision
  • and here everything we need is delivered to us before we realise we may need it.

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