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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Life on Earth - consciousness rising!

Current consciousness status on earth – facts and figures and areas of attention.
o  95% are committed to peace and have begun their journey into unity consciousness.
o  95% of what is happening now on earth is fabulous although 95% of our mainstream media reports on the 5% of what is happening in or world that is still not operating for the highest good of all.
o  Our Affiliates Programs are being offered as a compassionate, helping hand to the 5% who have not yet shifted and to some of those who may still need simple tools to access and then maintain their presence in Earth’s Gardens of Eden.
o  Other good news … due to the consistent effort of all our Lightworkers and meditators, the Shamballa Matrix is now rising much more powerfully in our world and many have now anchored themselves via their lifestyles and attitudes into the dimensional energy band of this Matrix where their lives are consistently filled with Grace and their hearts with gratitude.
o  Solar flares are now bombarding our planet and these emissions are now activating everyone’s pineal gland stimulating it to produce more DMT which is known as the spirit molecule which activates and reveals higher consciousness allowing all to be more easily magnetically attracted to paths of harmony and peace.

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