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Monday, December 8, 2014

Our latest newsletter December 2014

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Education, education, education ... the power of sharing ideas ... before I left for tour I spent the weekend with 3 adorable and bright young people - my grand children ...
  Talking to their mums about the issues involved in educating exceptionally bright, super sensitive or just differently wired children, was, as usual, so enlightening.
  Then being able to share how I meet mothers and grandmothers all around the world who also talk about the need for educational systems to be more holistic or honour the changing way that the new souls coming in are operating, was also enlightening.
  I see intergalactic connections when I tune to the energy flows around my oldest grandson (who struggles with all school systems and will now be home-schooled), while my youngest grandson is much more tuned to Buddha's way but both love Star Wars and Star Trek and complicated Lego designs and pranks that make people laugh. Like all children these ones need love, care, some rules but also willing ears to listen to them and firm but loving guidance; but they also seem to need more, just like so many of the new ones coming in who need creativity, fluidity and flexibility as they learn to navigate their way on Earth.
  I feel deep empathy for the Indigo children whose main job is to help transform the education system and listening to the stories regarding how schools have been handling my L.A. based oldest grandson, I feel for them even more as there appears to be so much misunderstanding and misdiagnosis as to who these kids really are and what they require. The "drug them and keep them quiet" formula, the labelling of so many with - ADD or ADHD - all of this just reflects the consciousness of the analysing, labelling adult who has not yet glimpsed a higher dimensional-Earth is transitioning to a new paradigm point of view. Unique times bring unique souls to visit.
  And so for me it was a delight to watch the TED Talks and movies we offer here in this issue. We hope you enjoy them too! Also see the Life Changes Network website which has many more enlightening films. 

  Tour time is always enlightening and enriching in so many ways due to those that I meet and get to spend some time with and this last tour was no exception with our Light Being friends stressing the need for good education especially in regards to what we watch and support with friends and also regarding global media. And so the encouragement for us to share good quality uplifting information with each other continues! 
  As usual we wish you all a brilliant Christmas season! Take advantage of our save 33% discount on our books and meditations offer! 
Enjoying every moment! 
Love, light and laughter, Jasmuheen & Embassy Staff 

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