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Friday, February 7, 2014

Pure Love’s Revelation - My initial experience of the Pure Love Channel

The following is an excerpt from Jasmuheen's new book
 Pure Love’s Revelation - My initial experience of the Pure Love Channel
Kauai, Hawaii … August 2013.
I open my door in my Kauai hotel room, the sun is beginning to filter through the clouds already half risen though still in the process of making its slow ascent into the sky. As it filters its rays magically through the clouds, it makes the ocean before me shimmer with silver streams of light revealing a little of the magic of this mystical island.
With the sound of my door opening, a wild flock of chickens rush over to investigate what is happening perhaps used to tourists feeding them, perhaps just curious. I sit down beside the open door then, via my breath, I slowly begin to take myself into that field of pure love, a comfortable inner place that I have learned to rest in over the last 40 years since I was first revealed the ancient Vedic techniques of meditation as a teenage girl.
As I let gratitude flow through me for this ability to go to that peaceful place within, I remember the circumstances that led to the revelation of these techniques, the value of meditation in my life. I remember the feeling of falling in love at sixteen with a young man who had bright shiny green eyes that danced with life, who possessed the biggest smile that always lit up his face. This easy grin was almost Cheshire-cat-like, and coupled with his olive skin and that long, curly, surfy blonde hair that comes from spending time in the ocean, all of this was so appealing to me at that time.
As I keep myself in that slow, deep breathing rhythm, I let my mind drift further back to this time, to remember and feel again was it was like to be sitting around a campfire, listening to the young men playing their guitars, remembering how sometimes we would alter our consciousness by smoking a joint now and then, so that we could commune even deeper with each other and with the nature that surrounded us, so that we could be able to appreciate even more the beauty of the surf as it rolled onto the beach close by, lulling us into a deeper sense of relaxation.
The memories are so real that I can almost hear again the beautiful sounds of the guitars that were strummed while the stars shone high in the sky. It seems to me now, that we were always looking in the sky for falling stars or moving lights since all of us were open to and aware of extraterrestrial intelligence and the possibility of when and how these ones would visit our world, discussing if perhaps they were already among us. I loved these nights at the campsite by the beach, and how our conversations often then flowed on to the meaning of life, alternate realities and so much more – it was the early 1970’s after all, my final year at school and I was hungry for a type of mental nourishment I never knew existed until it was later revealed within the pure love channel and its wisdom template.
I take a few moments in silent stillness, let go of my thoughts of pastimes, enjoying the present moment, yet the memories of that time arise, luring me back to the past. I remember the fire light flickering before us, cicadas in surround sound song in the trees and how one night a young man called Robert, began to talk about his experiences of love, how even though he loved romantic love, he also had come to understand that there was something far beyond this, a flow that he could only call Divine. I remember how that was the night that my life was about to be forever changed as he invited us all to come to meet with people who also knew more of this Divine flow of love, in whose company he felt so inspired.
Robert was calm, at peace, he carried an indefinable energy that felt right and so reluctantly, hesitantly, unsure but ready for a new adventure, I agreed to go with him to meet these ones and so the next night I found myself entering into a simple but beautiful hall, whose beauty was not in its external appearance but in its powerfully nourishing energy.
At that time, I didn’t know that I had come from a powerful line of sensitives that has flowed through my maternal line, yet as I walked in I felt it, as I sat down I felt it even stronger, and, as I stilled my mind and went deeper into silence, just ready and open to see what was there on deeper levels, I began to sense this energy radiation coming from some of the people. They were all dressed in white, so they looked like my idea of yogis, yet they also felt pure, well nourished by a flow of nourishment that I hadn’t experienced before, nourishment that felt to me as if it was coming from the inside out rather than the usual way we think of taking nourishment from the outside in.
One by one these beautiful Western people, in their simple white clothing, took their place upon a small stage before us, and began to talk what we know of now as Satsang, the sharing of the words of truth. It wasn’t what was said, although what was said came from such a pure heart place that it was impossible not to be riveted, it was more than that, it was this pure energy emanation that was subtly being transferred from them, through them, to those who were open in the audience, and I was more than open. I didn’t know but I sensed somehow intuitively beyond the knowing of the mind that this was what I had been looking for all of my life and that these people had something that was so nourishing that I had long been searching for. Whatever they had, I wanted it. It was like in the movie When Harry Met Sally, when she’s having that incredible faked orgasm in the restaurant and the woman near her watching the convincing display, said something like “I’ll have whatever it is that she is having”. It was the same experience for me.
I left their gathering place that night and my friends and I literally skipped home, dancing through the streets under another beautiful, cloudless, moonlit starry night, naturally high on life, basking in just the joy of feeling pure love and how nourishing it can be to all levels of our being.
Sometime later, I was told that one of the mahatmas, who these people in white also loved, was coming to town and the situation was repeated but on a deeper level as I sat again in another hall with people meditating in silence as this wise, gentle, frail-like man took the floor before us. Seated in the lotus position he stayed silent for some time, yet the energy radiation coming from this man’s being was purer than I had ever felt before. Old in body yet ageless in spirit, he was pure love in form, a love that shone through his eyes and radiated through every pore of his skin, he was gentle kindness, and spoke with a wisdom that appealed again to all levels of my being, and so it was another introduction was made to a flow of love that was purer than I had ever known.
My romance with the smiley, green eyed young man continued, for I had fallen in love with not just his smile but also with his gentle yet slightly mischievous manner, although I intuitively sensed that he didn’t understand who I was at the deepest core but how could he when I didn’t understand it either? All I knew then was that there was something much deeper than the love I had been showered with in my family by a beautiful mother who loved me as unconditionally as she could, and by a father who struggled with the raising of many children, who was still settling in to a strange yet foreign land, working to would provide for a growing family and loving us all to the best of his ability. All of this family love, plus the little I had felt of romantic love, all of this seemed to pale in to comparison as I began to experience and open up to a love that I just knew to be the purest love that I could access.
Later again, I met another young shaven haired man with beautiful olive skin and those shining black eyes, an Indian Mahatma who was also fully aware that on the deepest levels of his being there is no personality, there is no culture, there are no traditions, there is just the field of the purest love, that we are all in truth just pulsations of love in form. As this one too later sat before us, I’m sure he touched the hearts of all the young girls present, who not only fell in love with the pure love emanations that came from him, but also fell in love with the handsome package that this pure love was radiating through.
As I sat in the morning sun on the magical island of Kauai, allowing these memories to flow and be so fully present within me, it felt as if a Divine Leila had been played out at that time. My first true romance had been slow in building, a three year span of friendship that had deepened to romance and my first sexual experience, until we had been separated by circumstance with my families move to another place. Next there came the chemical flow of instant infatuation with the shiny green eyed one, whose greatest gift to me was his friend Robert who brought me the opportunity to receive the gift of self knowledge through the door of meditation.
I loved the old Mahatma instantly, unconditionally, purely for he was gentle, kind, and wiser than any I had ever known, he was also pure love in form, yet is was the young Mahatma who would combine it all and initiate me personally into the techniques of the Vedas and show me how to access this field of pure love within. Both spoke of the lifestyle needed to keep its flow and its experience within us strong; a vegetarian lifestyle of service and satsang - which is the sharing of truth, and using the voice to only share truth - plus of course meditation.
Meditation to them was the sitting in silent stillness and the applying of these Vedic techniques to experience the inner guru and the fields of pure love that this inner guru resides within. In meditation we can all access a love so pure that carries all the building blocks of creation, including the nourishment that we need mentally, emotionally and physically, a flow of love that can bring us into permanent peace and freedom.
After the meditation techniques were revealed to me on that very first day, as I later sat practicing these I found something magical happening as somehow almost instantly my third eye opened and an energy exploded through it like a cosmic sun bursting forth and all I saw was light, a pure, pure light that dissolved my teenage girl self into the most magnificent pulsation of the purest love that I had ever experienced in my life. As the ego ‘I’ dissolved more deeply into this field of love, I realised in that all I truly was and am is love, that there existed within me this infinite well of the purest flows of love, the purest flows of light.
And in those moments of revelation, I became addicted to a love that I can only describe as Divine because it is so pure, perfect and profound. And in those moments it was impossible to feel any human hunger for I knew that in the core of my being is infinite perfection and knowingness. In those moments I was reborn as the Template of Pure Essence came alive within me.
Over the next four decades I was infused with this pure Essence energy with varying doses, over and over again until it’s nourishment was so strong within me that the Kingdom of Heaven within and Earth’s Gardens of Eden would be very enjoyable and extremely familiar states of being along with the understanding that the Template of our Divine Pure Essence nature is the baseline frequency field of creation, that without it nothing could exist. It is the wiring through which the formless can come into form and thus it is a matrix that becomes a bridge into lower dimensional realms that appear to be more solid. This Essence Template is like a carrying agent through which an ocean of nourishing energy is constantly flowing through to us, yet we must be still and also sensitized to its beat to feel its flows.

Jasmuheen will be sharing more of all aspects of this Template throughout her 2014 tour - you can find the dates for where she will be and when at this link.

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