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Monday, February 10, 2014

Enjoyable & Effective Evolution - part 1 of chapter 1 from the Prana Program

Excerpt from The Prana Program research manual

Enjoyable & Effective Evolution
Evolution generally refers to any process of change over time. In the context of life science, evolution is a change in the genetic makeup of a population of interbreeding individuals within a species. Since the emergence of modern genetics in the 1940’s, evolution has been defined more specifically as a change in the frequency of alleles from one generation to the next. (An allele is any one of a number of alternative forms of the same gene occupying a given locus (position) on a chromosome.)

 Q: What do you define as an enjoyable and effective evolution?
A: To evolve in a way that is effective means an evolutionary process where we live in harmony with all kingdoms – animal, plant and human and even mineral, without destroying the natural balance of resources. This occurs when we understand that every being is part of a whole and that everyone’s existence thus impacts upon our path because we are all interconnected. For example, collectively to ignore the poor and the suffering, and our ability to provide basic human rights, globally limits the enjoyment of our evolution for 2/3’s of our population. When we recognize this interconnectedness and work as a harmonious whole then we will have an effective and also more enjoyable evolutionary path as the ability to work in harmony is a sign of a civilized world.
Individually an effective and enjoyable evolution can be measured by our personal levels of health and happiness which is a reflection of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

Q: There appears to be so much suffering in our world today, how can The Prana Program change this so that we have a more enjoyable and effective evolution, individually and as a species?
A: Through education we can inspire people to increase the pranic flow through their beings which then changes their personal resonance and how the universe responds to them. The Prana Program path is about mastering energy flow within us and around us so that we can consciously create a present and a future that provides increased health and happiness levels for all.

Q: What is prana?
A: Called the microfood of life, according to http://www.wordiq.com/dictionary.html, “prana is the vital air, or breath, of the human body, as visualized in Hinduism. It is also interpreted as the vital, life-sustaining force of both the individual body and the universe. Its first expounding came in the Upanishads, where it is part of the worldly, physical realm, sustaining the body and reliant on the mind. Prana suffuses all living form but is not itself the soul.”

Q: What exactly is pranic nourishment and how does it work, where and when did it originate?
A: The idea of prana as nourishment has been around since the dawn of time. Universal Mind and its Akashic records, share that there was a time where all beings were sustained from the pranic forces. Pranic nourishment is the ability to attract and then absorb all the nutrients, vitamins and nourishment one requires, to maintain a healthy being, from the universal life force a force which is also termed cosmic particles or chi energy. A person who practices this does not need to take their nourishment from physical food and they also find that by increasing the pranic flow through their bodies they are fed not just physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually due to the nature of the pranic flow. Being fed in this way allows us a more effective and enjoyable evolution for reasons we will cover throughout The Prana Program book.     

Q: In the west we have now begun to recognize prana as an alternate food source for the physical body, how can it feed us on other levels?
A: When we increase the flow of pure prana within us its presence and essence floods through the system and transforms limiting aspects of how the human biological system is operating thus allowing an individual to access and demonstrate natural but generally dormant abilities. The activation of these abilities provides us with emotional, mental and spiritual nourishment.

Q: What exactly are some of these ‘natural but dormant abilities’?
A: The human system is a complex one and currently we use limited sections of our brain as that is all that is required to survive here. Metaphysics can teach us how to access our natural clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities and how to utilize other sections of our brain which according to the science of neuro-theology is hardwired to deliver a variety of experiences that may appear to be supernatural but are actually natural when a person expands their consciousness and anchors their brainwaves into different patterns of behavior.

Q: Why will the activation of these abilities make human evolution more effective and enjoyable?
A: Activation of these abilities will produce a more loving, compassionate and aware species who will operate en mass for the good of the whole and who will be less driven by limited ego perspectives and paradigms of greed and power. Currently 95% of our planetary resources are controlled by 5% of our population with approximately one half of our population living on less than two US dollars per day, in very limited conditions with limited access to healthy food, decent shelter or education programs that can teach them how to break cycles of poverty. There comes a point in the evolution of every species where these issues need to be resolved effectively and harmoniously and this process is just a natural part of human refinement.

Q: Does a person need to be a metaphysician to work with or utilize the pranic force more effectively for the evolutionary process?
A: No but we need to know how to create a mental model of reality that allows us to recognize, be open to, and consciously work with, the pranic flow. This happens more powerfully and easily when we understand universal laws as the higher laws behind creation, particularly the Law of Resonance that says like attracts like. Metaphysics is simply the understanding of the science of life. We also need effective, pragmatic and simple tools to harmonize our internal and external energy flow which then delivers many personal and global benefits.

 Q: Why is increasing the pranic flow within us an answer to a more effective evolution?
A:  Basically it stimulates the release of higher intelligence within us. Prana is composed of various aspects some of which are the invisible mathematical codes that drive and operate matter in form and all of creation. As we increase the influx of this pranic flow within us, it stimulates the same dormant mathematical codes within us to awaken, thus providing us with clearer and greater insights as to the purpose of our existence and the choices we have as creator beings. Increasing its flow within us allows us to perceive life from a different perspective as it expands our awareness and activates the usage of our master glands – the pituitary and pineal – and stimulates them to function in a different way. These glands also regulate our brain wave patterns to either Beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta wave frequencies.

 Q: Are brain wave patterns connected to the creation of a more positive human evolutionary cycle?
A: Most definitely. Research has already established that holding Alpha brain wave patterns makes us less stressed and consequently healthier and that this is achieved through the practice of things like yoga, meditation and positive thinking. Our research has found that when we can stabilize our brain wave patterns into the Theta zones then this also magnetizes more prana to us and gives us much more freedom from perceived human limitations.

Q: If prana provides the building blocks of all life, then doesn’t everyone live on prana already?
A: Yes, but in the west we have not been educated into appreciating all its attributes and the benefits that we can experience when we consciously increase its flow within us.

 Q: What exactly has prana to do with a more enjoyable evolution?
A: Firstly, the better informed we are as to our true nature the happier we are. Our true essence or nature is a pool of pure prana that has the ability to remain unpolluted by mind/ego/cultural conditioning although it can be diluted in strength and its physical expression by these things.
Prana is also the only form of nourishment that can feed us on all levels as it goes beyond our religious and cultural concepts. It is our common human bond and increasing its flow eliminates feelings of separation, loneliness, frustration, fear and ignorance thus making life more enjoyable.
Prana its flow increases our experience of self love and love for others. Pranic energy can be utilized for self healing, transmutation, improving our intuitive abilities and increasing the pranic flow internally and externally helps us to eliminate all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toxicity and pollution.  The less diluted the pranic flow is, the more magic, wonder, synchronicity and Grace we experience in our daily life.

 Q: You talk a lot about increasing and sometimes even purifying the pranic flow through a body to gain certain individual and global benefits and to positively influence the course of human evolution, what exactly do you mean by this?
A: Prana is the base frequency of all cells as it gives life to all molecules and atomic structure, however as our cells store mental and emotional imprints from our experiences in life, sometimes cells can be polluted with emotional and mental toxicity, to the point that the pranic flow is diluted.  This results in unhappiness and/or disease within a system and eventually the system breaks down and dies. By consciously increasing the pranic flow, because it is a pure energy with transmuting powers, we can recalibrate our cells back into a more supportive frequency that enhances both the quality and quantity of our life.

Q: Why would a person want to increase the pranic flow in their body?
A: The benefits of doing this – when understood – make it a very attractive way to exist in this world and makes our personal and global evolutionary process not only more effective but also more enjoyable. Briefly as mentioned some of these benefits are the elimination of all disease on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, the unification of our species into a more harmonious and respectful state of coexistence and the elimination of all pollution on our planet.

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