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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I always find that the greatest revelations, gifts and even the things that we may silently, and sometimes even unconsciously long for, seem to come when we have no attachment or when we are relaxed, surrendered and not seeking.
Women who have had inexplicable infertility problems, have said, “I got pregnant when I relaxed, let go of the idea of having a baby, surrendered to the way things were and let myself just enjoy again the love-making process and then it just all worked”; or “Once we started the process of adoption, within a few months I found out that I was pregnant…”.
Others who were keen to find a life mate or romance in their life have often said, “When I stopped looking and just relaxed and enjoyed my life, suddenly there he was!”
Still others have exclaimed, “I was just sitting still in meditation and suddenly …” and then went on to describe an amazing experience or “I felt I had reached the end of my tether, that I could just not go on … something had to change, I didn’t know what or how but I was just done!”
In the book the Power of Now Eckhart Tolle shares how he had reached that same space, he just could not go on and it was then that he was able to disassociate with the more superficial levels of himself and life and drop back into his true Essence nature.
A few years ago I had spent 15 days fasting and in total darkness with a group of people from many different countries, when I intuitively felt that some of them were struggling and so I was guided to say, “There are a few of you here who stand at the precipice of a great shift, please be patient, relax, surrender, let go of your current struggles, trust..” or something similar to this. The next morning, one of these ones shared, “I’d been so frustrated, so tired of being in darkness, so ready to leave, so I was so relieved when you said that, so I just let it all go and when I finally surrendered I had the most amazing ascension type experience that has forever transformed me at the deepest level of my being. I am so grateful. I will never be the same again …” he then went on to talk a little more deeply about exactly what had transpired.
I have had many amazing initiations in my life, where experiences have occurred spontaneously without me seeking them consciously at all, and when I have sat myself in the fields of possibility with complete openness, just being still and present to the degree that somehow I suddenly matched frequencies with an energy pool that delivered not just a great revelation but also deep experiential change. Letting go in true surrender can deliver us into new fields of possibilities that are beyond our wildest dreaming or that we never knew existed which is what I rediscovered on my birthday this year.

More on this will be shared in our 2014 tour and also in our new book "Pure Love and Its Templates of Perfection" ... release date? 

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