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Monday, February 17, 2014

EVOLUTION, ASCENSION & ENLIGHTENMENT - Part 2 of Ch 1 of the Prana Program manual

Excerpt from The Prana Program research manual - Part 2 of Chapter 1


Q: Some may say that in order to experience a more effective and enjoyable evolution we all need to become a little more enlightened. Is this something The Prana Program attends to?
A: Most definitely, one definition of enlightenment is being filled with light. Light has natural aspects of love and wisdom. To be enlightened is to be aware of and demonstrate these aspects of our true nature. By consciously flooding our system with pure prana we can – as mentioned – activate aspects of our nature that are able to guide us to make wise and loving choices which is a sign of being filled with light.
    It is important to note that on one level there is no such thing as enlightenment for we can always increase our capacity to handle more light therefore being enlightened is not a destination but a continual journey.

Q: According to your first book on The Prana Program Pranic Nourishment – Nutrition for the New Millennium (also known as Living on Light) your own initial attraction to The Prana Program was an interest in ascension, can you comment on this?
A: Although I am often known as the person who is a proponent of pranic nourishment and its gift of no longer having to take physical food, initially this in itself was of little interest to me although I was very aware of the relevance of this aspect of The Prana Program to world health and world hunger issues. Nonetheless at that point in my life – the early 1990’s – I was more interested in increasing my inner light quotient for the experience of love and wisdom that this would bring. My driving motivation was to be the best version of a human being that I could be which meant being a person who experienced and radiated love and wisdom. The fact that when we increase our radiation levels of this love flow, that it can feed us physically, was to me a small and relatively inconsequential bonus.

Q: Can you say something about Ascension?
A: Ascension is not something that I focus on anymore as we are made perfect in the image of the Creator – we’ve just forgotten how to act like we are. As we are fulfilling a service agenda blueprint, our current focus is on more practical things like are we all happy and healthy, do we have a lot of love in our life and does the way each of us live enhance the planet or does it perpetuate separation and chaos?
    Our focus for many years has been on lifestyle tools – things to do to get emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually fit. When we’re fit on all levels we exist in a personal paradise and global paradise flows naturally in from that. Ascension and enlightenment are just one aspect of the package and to experience these things practically we need to be tuned perfectly to the channel of the Divine One Within – our DOW – who loves us enough to gift us with the breath of life.

Q: You talk about ‘we’ a lot in your answers.  What do you mean by ‘we’?
A: ‘We’ are the beings of light and love that I work with on the internal and external planes. Souls committed to the positive expansion of consciousness on Earth and the sharing of The Prana Program benefits.

Q: There is talk in metaphysical circles that humanity is at a crossroad and can choose a path of enjoyable evolution, through reawakening to their true nature and experiencing its gifts, or a path of continual chaos which some metaphysicians say comes from ignoring our true nature. Can you comment on this and why The Prana Program is relevant to this choice?
A: Holistic Education is education in understanding the way a human bio-system operates as a whole – as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. In order to make wise choices we need to be well informed as to human potential and capability. We have seen the outcome of just working from limited mental plane perspectives without utilizing our higher, more refined intuitive nature and how this has resulted in a world living in fear, with terrorism and war being a regular occurrence for many.
    The world has long seen the division that comes when we try to address the spiritual aspect of our being as religious doctrine often promotes separation, so in many circles religion and politics are rarely discussed due to the divisive nature of the topics and also because many believe that religious beliefs are personal and sacred. Nonetheless we cannot continue to ignore holistic education so we need to find a way to address spirituality and to do this independently of religion, or without challenging the sanctity of people’s sacred beliefs.
    For many the best way to do this has been through metaphysics where we study the science of spirituality and life and learn experientially about resonance and energy fields. Increasing the pranic flow is simply a way of redirecting internal and external energy to set up a different reaction from, and within, the universal field. When we decrease or dilute the pranic flow we experience disease and chaos, when we increase the flow we experience harmony, health, peace and fulfillment.

Q: Although you will discuss many of The Prana Program benefits during your 2006 world tour and throughout The Prana Program e-Book, what is the greatest gift The Prana Program can give our evolving species?
A: Personally I think the greatest gift that The Prana Program can give us is a clear pathway and the energy support to create a peaceful and harmonious world and to do it with minimal effort, by using the energy of Grace, as it can boost our EQ – our emotional intelligence quotient.

Q: Can you explain Grace further?
A: Grace is an energy that is regulated by the pranic flow. The more intense or pure the pranic flow and the less we dilute it with physical, emotional and mental toxicity, the more Grace we magnetize to our energy field. Grace brings miracles, magic, synchronicity and minimum effort to our existence as it acts like a wave that allows us to surf through the fields of life with ease and joy and a feeling of just rightness. According to the Oxford dictionary Grace is the unmerited favor of God, a divinely regenerating, inspiring, and strengthening influence.

Q: The Indian yogis say that Grace cannot be captured and it comes to those when it is ready. What have you found?
A: While this is true in essence, a human being can tune themselves – via their lifestyle choice – to the same field of resonance as Grace, which is like putting ourselves on a cosmic freeway where Grace flows so that sooner or later we get picked up by its current. One thing our experiential research has also found is that as soon as a person’s focus shifts from the sole preoccupation of “I” to the “we” paradigm, in that they are more compassionate and aware of how their behavior impacts upon the whole – and so they set their intention to act in a way that is beneficial to the world – then they automatically attract more Grace to their field. 

Q: At what stage of evolution are the people who come to hear of your research?

A: I tend to classify them into four stages. 
    The first group are basically just curious and some of these are also highly skeptical. 
    The second are at the stage of beginning to remember they are more than just mind and body so they are open to the path of self refinement and are seeking to experience their DOW, the one that breathes them, as intuitively they feel it has the key to improving their happiness and/or health levels. These ones often desire to experience more Grace and synchronicity and so are beginning to expand their sense of intuition and higher knowing.
    The third group are experiencing a lot of happiness, much better health and are generally more focused on the service agenda and having their presence make a positive difference in the world. Through meditation they are often exploring the inner planes and generally expanding their consciousness to understand their potential. Their experience of Grace and synchronicity is a lot more regular and they are usually hungry for consistency of this. In this state many start to  work inter-dimensionally where some may come into contact with the Angelic realms and the Holy Ones.
    The fourth group are healthy and happy as they have witnessed of lot of synchronicity and magic in their life and, feeling complete, are now focused only on service. You could say that they have graduated and so they are no longer being overshadowed by the Holy Ones to the degree of group one and two. In this state they often have no more questions, they understand the power of radiation, are generally at one with their DOW, and enjoy the state of Being rather than doing. In my experience it is usually groups three and four who can comprehend more fully the reality that nourishment can come from other ‘invisible’ sources such as prana or Divine Love.

Q: Are people who choose to live only on a pure prana diet enlightened or special?
A: Not necessarily. It is important to note that our capacity to attract hold and radiate more love, light and wisdom is constantly expanding and the more we expand into displaying these attributes, the more gifts we receive from them. Remember like attracts like, so the more we radiate the love and wisdom of our divine nature, the more we attract love and wisdom to us from the universal field which acts as a mirror of our own consciousness. To attract enough prana to be successfully nourished and free from the need of physical food does require us to live a certain lifestyle to attract more cosmic particles, so perhaps we are ‘special’ in how we choose to spend our time.

Q: Is it true that an individual must have attained a certain level in their own personal evolution to even be interested in the idea of prana as a form of alternate nourishment?

A: On one level yes. If we see planet Earth as a school of limitation and accept that individuals as systems of energy constantly change form via the process of reincarnation, then it can often take many lifetimes until the idea of being limited and moving beyond this ceases to fascinate an evolving soul. It is said that many souls come to Earth expressly to experience its density and limitation, to know the joys of having five senses and the fun of eating, drinking water or wine, the joy of sex and procreation and all that Earth offers as we clothe ourselves in physical matter.
    However, there also comes a time in a soul’s evolution here that their two higher senses of intuition and knowing become more active so that we soon long to move beyond duality and feelings of separation and merge back into an experience of being part of a more unified whole. The drive to be harmoniously integrated with all aspects of our being – from lower to higher levels – comes to all souls in time once they have learnt most of what being on the Earth plane has to teach them.
    Consciously rebalancing karmic ties, fulfilling personal blueprints and global service agendas then become more of a focus as does the idea of positively contributing to Earth’s evolutionary process. With this type of drive we find ourselves more open to experiencing the gifts of our higher, more divine essence nature, one of which is its ability to nourish us and free us from the need to take our sustenance from the physical world.  All of this is part of our natural evolutionary cycle as eternal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.

Q: What do you say to people who say, just be in the moment, relax, life is perfect as it is, why try to change the world?
A: This is a valid insight for someone who is seeking, or exploring, the Theta or Delta brain wave pattern realms, however we are in this world to give and to receive. What we can share is our experiential research with holistic education – an educational paradigm that keeps evolving as we do. This is a way of being which can refine our world so that everyone gets to see the beauty of life and move into the state of experience where they feel that every moment is perfect. While it’s easier to relax in the west as our basic needs are taken care of, for people struggling to survive it is a different game and one we can all make less difficult with a bit of compassion and insight.
    Each being is a cell in the body of a Divinely Perfect Being, but as in the human system, some cells can be infected with a virus of disharmony. When this happens, the body as a whole works together to bring everything into perfect health and balance.

    It is true that you can bring your personal resonance into such a state of alignment with your Divine Essence that the universe rolls in ecstasy at your feet. The Austrian philosopher and poet Franz Kafka once said: “You need not leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. You need not even listen, simply wait. You need not even wait, just learn to become quite, and still, and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked. It has no choice; it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.” In this state you do nothing as all unfolds perfectly around you and for you but all of this is dependent on our personal resonance which we can all alter at will.

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