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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Peaceful Fit of Wisdom’s Glove - Insight with Jasmuheen

The Peaceful Fit of Wisdom’s Glove - Insight with Jasmuheen

What would I give, to all I love,
to see our lives from high … above,
the flows, the weaves, the bigger games,
that rule us all beyond time frames.
To know this life, as just a speck,
in a grander sea of calm respect,
to align, allow and trust it all,
to go beyond amnesia’s thrall.
Yet each small speck is so required,
as one small part of wholeness spied.
Without each speck it’s not the same
and each must choose this Holy game,
to find again that all is one,
that none are separate in God’s sun,
Its rays so vast, extending out,
as each one journeys, far, about,
forgetting this, remembering that,
eternal, endless, many hats.
Yes here we are, as specks of dust,
but also …
vast, pure, consciousness.
It all makes sense, in pure loves flow, 
where wisdom can light up and glow,
to lead us through creation’s space,
aware, fulfilled, divinely graced.
What would I give, to all I love?
The peaceful fit of wisdom’s glove...

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