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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Converting Life's lemons to lemonade ...

I spent some of the recent Christmas season with a man who was in the celebrated 2% category of surviving a massive heart attack that usually kills 98% of those who undergo it - hearing of his life changing experiences was enlightening especially since I had also recently been in the presence of a very dear person of a similar age, who at times considers suicide due to continued extreme back pain from vertebrae deterioration. 

Being in constant physical discomfort is a huge challenge that many undergo so it was wonderful for me to watch the very funny TED Talks video below and how humor can help us all rise above many issues in life - being able to see the up side of any challenge can take time as the saying goes - when life hands us lemons we can learn to make lemonade ...   

Click to see Maysoon Zayid in action!

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