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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jasmuheen Travel Journal - September – November 2012

 30th September, 2012 – India

Back at the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists to reconnect with so many beloved people, feeling so welcomed. Busy as usual, as groups continually gravitate to wherever I am to share and bond and enjoy each other’s company. Patriji, as usual, so caring and aware, doing whatever is required to make everyone feel at home. New seminar halls, new bunkhouses for the guests, subtle changes and big ones which are all so good to witness as I return to Pyramid Valley each year. While the pyramid and the energy vortex here is wonderful to bathe in, it’s the people who call me back with their love, acceptance and joy, that creates the energy field of such nourishment that I love to bathe in here.
Here, the days unfold in a blink of an eye with an attending flow of grace and ease that ensures the right people meet at the right time so that the tapestries of our creation are woven exactly as pre-destined.
To surrender our lives fully and to give our hearts fully into service, magnetises us into the most amazing networks of support as I have found not just here but all around our world.
Listening to the wisdom of the Indian Masters that always come to join us, seeing the love shining so brightly from eyes so filled with the light of all those who come to add their energy to the field, all of this is interspersed by the odd face devoid of lightness and smiles. These belong to those who have not yet awakened fully to the joyous nature of their own Essence, and who have come to rest here or to learn.
The layers of reality that are woven through the Matrix of Creation are endless, the weaves and colours so varied in expression as each stream of Essence energy radiates itself out from the Great Central Sun to explore life through all dimensions. Entering the density of duality, taking on amnesia, forgetting its originating Source, a human is born yet sleeps through life, surviving and going through the motions of dealing with the denser weaves of the 3rd dimensional realm. Awakening, we begin to reweave lighter patterns through our existence until we rediscover our vast multidimensional nature which is the very Essence of creation itself. And it is in this discovery that we find our liberation from this world of form.
Today I was guided to sit in the Kings Chamber and enjoy one of the presentations that was happening below it. As I went deeper into mediation, gentle currents of energy began to flow into my crown, swirling through my entire chakra system as if on a gentle wash cycle, so much energy, sweetly pulsing and so I just relaxed into it. As it continued to build and my body began to receive more and more energy, it felt as if I was a woman in labour where contractions would ensure a birthing. Unstoppable, strong pulsations began throughout the energy centres of my body as my visionary field sensed energy flowing out from the Great Central Sun, through the Galactic Centre and down into the top of the pyramid to pass through my body like a bolt of divine electricity before flowing down into the planet, through the ley lines and up into all the pyramids on Earth to form that beautiful perfect torus pattern that seemed to connect them all.
As the energy built I had to lie down and utilise the beloved ones around me to stabilise my body system. For months before this, I had been guided to exercise and get super strong, watching my body get more solid, more grounded just so the system could handle this download without burning out the circuitry. 45 minutes of intensity later, that probably looked to others as if I was having an uncontrollable epileptic fit, the energy stopped and then delivered a series of aftershocks just like an earthquake does.
During this transmission the Divine Mother kept saying “gentle, tender, this is for a gentle transition …” and it felt as if all the pyramid structures on Earth were being energetically realigned to the Galactic Centre in some way.
After this intense energy download I couldn’t walk as my legs felt like rubber. Eventually when I could stand although after each few steps as I tried to walk, my body would collapse, forcing me to sit for a while on the ground. Later an auric field image scan sees my field completely orange with no other colour present, as if my whole system had been held in cosmic fire, my body hot yet not burning; all those around me also flushed, hot and sweating but not burning.
Words are impossible to describe it all yet I know that it was just a matter of being in the right place at the right time and being tuned to the right channel for this download to occur, for such is the power of the Kings Chamber in this pyramid.
The night before more than a thousand people had sat for hours going deep into meditation to enjoy the energies of the full moon – a pyramid, a full moon, thousands in meditation and voila the field was ready, then boom! The weaving process that is happening now is so vast, so deep and so powerful with everyone being called to be clear, committed and focussed as if we are all pawns in a much larger game.
Later I find that sitting beside me is Baba Chandra Shankara who looks after the Ashram of Baba Neem Karoli Ji Maharaji in Delhi. The love that passes between us surprises us both as he tells me I am his mother and his child and we share on so many deep levels. It feels as if we have been together before in some other timeline and unsurprisingly we meet again later at the airport after the Congress. What a sweet sweet man … gentle yet strong and clear … so easy to love.
It is unexpected meetings like these that I feel so blessed by, every time I return to India. The Congress itself is such a special place to gather, an opportunity to meditate in an incredible pyramid, to add to the energy field and to share with such loving, aware and open souls.


We arrive on the 3rd October, rest the afternoon then travel to the Life University compound on the 4th to meet the support team there and meditate together in a beautiful blue pyramid, one of 10,000 that the Pyramid Society have constructed in India. Crossing rivers in tractors, with roads washed away by recent rains, the afternoon is a delightful adventure as we later greet the local villagers who have now begun to meditate.
Many of the 400 villages around the Life University compound have reverted back to a vegetarian diet and also to daily meditation which has seen a huge natural reduction in alcohol consumption and the return of honouring the women and more harmony in the home. As usual the results of meditation speak for themselves as awareness of who we all really are changes us on such deep levels so that kindness and compassion to all life prevails. In each village “soul coaches” have been trained so that free courses can be offered to cover 108 metaphysical subjects from dream work to bilocation and astral travel to so much more. Everywhere the children gather to be with us as do the women and men, most with the shiny eyes that come with Divine Self awareness as do their smiles and open, loving hearts.
I feel I could do this forever in India, travelling from village to village sharing of the benefits of meditation, vegetarianism and then the possibility of divine nourishment so that none have fear when the crops fail due to drought or flood.
Travelling with my fellow “light eater” Erika, a tall and gentle 76-year-old woman, also always adds another flavour to the field as they witness two Western women who choose to live as their own ancient yogi’s also did, but then so many on the service path are the Rishi’s returned.
There are of course so many other stories to be told that are so deeply personal that they will remain within my heart, but each time I come into India I am astounded by the love and magic here as my faith in the intrinsic goodness in human nature is constantly reaffirmed.
Today we go to the largest pyramid in the world that while not yet complete, will be dedicated solely to meditation. Bigger than the pyramid in Bangalore, it will be inaugurated in December and so I promised Patriji that I would meditate within it while I am here to add all that we carry to the field.
At Pyramid Valley in Bangalore we will also construct a Darkroom Retreat centre which I have been asked to design and to be able to do so is such a joy! With no restriction on funding and knowing that this structure will be solely used for darkroom and yogic cave-like experiences, it is such an exciting project. Based on Sacred Geometric patterning and design, supported by crystalline structures, there is enough land there to add additional modules as our training programs grow. Two stories or three? Underground or above? And so the tune-in game begins for this dream to flow and become real.
I have always had the dream to invite all world leaders into darkroom space, to strip all back to their human, then Essence nature, free of all distraction. We have been doing this successfully for years in Thailand, gathering with no external light or distractions, taking no physical food, opening the systems to prana only nourishment and increasing its flows through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body systems, being our Zen Master selves and all that comes from this, ahhh … this I see here as India seeks to spiritualise its governments back into Gandhi-Buddha-Rishi consciousness again so that all systems work for the highest good of all!
In the meantime the yogis can return to the darkness and its light-filled ways to spend time in the caves we will offer here next year. Personally, our yearly darkroom retreat has become my favourite of all the retreats we hold and so this project is so dear to my heart as many more will be able to enjoy all that we do in that space. Once built, this structure will be utilised all year round by the yogis here wishing to do this for just a few days and so another layer will be soon added into Pyramid Valley.
I feel honoured to be able to travel this world and witness all the good that caring people do and how they fulfill their inner guidance with so much lightness of Being, especially in India where the work of the Pyramid Society is rapidly growing. This morning as I sat in deep meditation I began to sense again just how vast this network of loving support is all around our world and how much power we all hold to support our world’s transition. Yet this too is just one layer in the Matrix of life on Earth, a layer that flows by unnoticed by many.

5th October, 2012 – Hyderabad, India

The energy of the land surrounding that new pyramid is pulsing with life – such a beautiful power place … as we walk around the inside of the yet unfinished structure I hear the words “Shivas Shakti Show” repeating over and over and later I discover that the pyramid has been dedicated to Shiva. Releasing tones of sounds, meditating and walking the ground, I marvel at the size of it all as workmen busy themselves to make it ready for the December 21 gathering where over a million people are expected to congregate at the pyramids inauguration.
The onsite project manager is a laughing Buddha-man whose smile comes from both his big grin and also his light-filled eyes. Together with Lakshmi his wife, we later explore the land to witness all that needs to be built being built to ensure that those who come will be well taken care of. It feels as if I am witnessing something historical being built as this pyramid is even bigger than the one at Bangalore within the valley.
Hyderabad itself has an energy that is crisp yet potent due to the rock formations and its centralised location. The weekend seminar that we later hold passes in the blink of an eye with a fabulous group attending including the ever beaming bright-eyed Dr Newton Kondaveti who invited me to come and share my work here and also witness their Life University dreams.
Words as usual fail me as the gathering goes from strength to strength with so much love and connection and the event closes with our Light Being friends beaming in with a channelled message that is personalised for the group.
After poignant goodbyes, a day later we arrive in Paris after passing through Dubai with all of its international flavours.

Paris …

It is wonderful to be back in this city of light, to walk the streets and be able to take a long hot bath in the hotel and reconnect with both family and friends after my phone decided not to work in India except for Wi-Fi and emails …
Today I meet with the Génération Tao magazine team to do an interview re chi power, no doubt as it pertains to living on prana, and then tonight we will have our usual evening event.

10th October, 2012 – Paris

I sit at the window of my Paris hotel listening to the sounds of life below. Green leaved trees, the garbage trucks, traffic, restaurateurs opening up for the day, people below rugged up from the cold autumn weather – it is all so refreshingly familiar.
Our event last night unfolded with a flow of love as the energy coming through me feels so delicate and sweet since my experience in the Kings Chamber at Pyramid Valley as if I have been forever changed.
After a great night’s sleep I am packed and ready for the 3-4 hour drive down to the centre of France to begin our next retreat with those who’ve been called to join us.
Two nights ago I was assailed by a buzzing in my ear and as I sat to listen, I received a clear message from my interdimensional friends, a warning of forces gathering around me that are not operating for my highest good. Tuning in further I assess the when and the where, moving through the list of my upcoming engagements. With civil unrest continuing in Syria I immediately assume the problem may be in Turkey yet no, it is closer than that.
After one attempt on my life in an earlier tour this year, I realise that discreditation of all that we do continues to be high on some peoples agenda as our service work gains traction in this world. Forewarned is forearmed and I thank those over-lighting me for the message, feeling so safe as always, knowing that I have such a protective team. Still I am the one in physical form so I am the one who needs to stay tuned in and aware.
Having travelled our world as extensively as I have for so long, I am thankful that I have done so with such a flow of supporting Grace, always avoiding so many potentially dangerous situations. Yet thankfully we are equipped with the type of knowledge that allows us to also be forever free of fear.
Whether I am in this world or not, so many seeds have been sown, planted and have grown into strong tall trees that no longer need the fertilisation of my presence. Hence, being here is a gift for me, with the ability to witness an historical era coming to a close and to reap the rewards of all that has been sown over lifetimes of dedicated service.
Death also is not an ending but a chance to rest, assess, regroup and enjoy a completely different flavour in life’s streams and none can die unless it is their time. My initial contracted time here has long been complete and I have already enjoyed an additional decade to be the witness and the lover of each moment as life unfolds in this human wave of evolution.
If my transcendence is to come then it too will be of my higher choosing and it will unfold in a way that serves the whole. Freedom of fear of death, disease, poverty, discreditation, loneliness, ridicule and the like, is such a huge emancipation for the human soul and all these tests I have already passed through in some way leaving me with just the raw joy of life and appreciation for all that life in human form can contain.
And yet we know that we are of course so much more. Our life in body here is like the small toenail on a giant body of Beingness, and even if the toenail is damaged and drops off, the vast body of Beingness goes on. To know this experientially from our years of meditation, again brings so much freedom to us all.
And so I bless the forces around me whether they gather to support or destroy, for all are just games of everyone’s co-creation as we can elect what we wish to now support – duality, fear and separation or love, unity and more.
Ahhh  … deep breath of sweet release … this moment now is perfect!

10th-14th October, 2012 – French Retreat

Back in the land of talking trees … such a beautiful place for our group to gather! There are places I have been, where as I walk time speeds up as if I am entering a portal between the worlds. There is a familiar feeling to it all as if I have just passed through a dimensional gateway for the energy of entry reverberates and waivers, fluid-like in motion.
I felt it last on tribal land in Colombia and I felt it again here as I touched one of the ancient trees. It was almost as if the veil had parted and I could enter fully and disappear into a secret world. Yet with commitments to fulfill I did not.
Some of these doors are actually passed through unwittingly and we only know when it is happening by the energy wavering around us, where time speeds up somehow, like swooshing through a tunnel. The sensation is hard to describe as everything becomes fluid and rubbery, then we emerge on the other side where everything looks much the same but is different. These portals are common on ancient land where trees speak loud and true.
There are many new ones in our group again, quality people who are called to look in-depth at our research, or just to be in the energy field. 80% of those attending have already been minimising their food intake naturally as they are intuitively guided to lighten it up and to lighten up life in general. Woven through each group are the regular supporters who come to enjoy it all with me each year, seeing the gathering as a chance to be with loving open people or a place to recharge or rest awhile. I appreciate it all as with each gathering and encounter I am also reminded of the beauty of the human heart and the goodness of each soul.

15th October, 2012 – Paris

I arrive back in to the city late at night, the feeling of another chapter completed. I like to see each event in each country as a chapter in the bigger book of each tour as the cultures and traditions and the people themselves are all so different in their way. Yet when we strip it back, we are all the same at heart.
As I settle down to rest I switch on CNN to catch up with global news. A man has just broken world records for jumping from close to the edge of outer space, free falling an estimated 39 kilometres for over 4 minutes and breaking the sound barrier by travelling well over 1300 kilometres an hour as his spacesuit gathers precious data. At an estimated cost of over 7 million dollars, all went well with Felix Baumgartner arriving back on Earth unscathed.
Across the world people are gathered in the streets in Pakistan to protest the attempted killing of 3 young women who spoke out for the right for an education. As 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai still struggles for her life, her two friends are less critical and so she has become a symbol for people to stand up and say no to Taliban violence and oppression.
Curiosity and compassion continue to rise all around our world now as our people stand up to choose another way of life. The USA elections are also in full force as the usual debates occur among the people and parties. In a few weeks Obama will either continue to implement his party policy or Mitt Romney will be at the helm with the power and the support to do as he has decreed. In the bigger scheme of things perhaps it matters, perhaps not, as the cycles continue on.
This year at the Embassy of Peace as I travel, we are uniting the people to utilise quantum field intelligence for the downloading of new systems of operation that serve the whole, and the programming codes we have designed for this all apply willingly as we open to our next, more unified, step of evolution.
Dominion ...
I awoke this morning by being consumed with the reality of the word “dominion” and what it means to hold dominion over something, to create a dominion … to sense how we are all really creating on Earth a new dominion.
As Essence beings we hold the dominion of our supporting physical, emotional, mental and etheric/lightbody structures so that they operate in health.
As Essence beings we were supposed to hold loving dominion over the Earth and lovingly take care of all life here as wise compassionate guardians.
As Essence beings we are part of a multiversal fabric of existence and can hold peace-filled dominion in this quadrant of our universe.
To hold dominion is to rule over a domain, an area, which we all do naturally by our energy emanations which are always influencing the surroundings fields - both internal and external as we know ...
Some people hold dominion in their homes where one person’s word or rule is law, unquestioned and complete, especially in some strict patriarchal cultures. In other homes people lovingly consult all in their dominion to make sure that everyone’s needs are met if possible.
The commitment to hold dominion in a wise, loving and honouring manner that benefits all, can be applied both personally and on a larger community and global scale.
The decision in some Indian villages to make their domain alcohol free, with a focus instead on self mastery and self knowledge through meditation as I recently witnessed, shows a wisdom and care for all people there. With women free of abuse from alcohol induced husbands, their ability to hold more peaceful dominion in the home is substantially increased thus improving the life quality of the family in general.
Everything right now then is about more conscious dominion and it is wonderful to travel and witness how many are doing this so gracefully now ....

October, 2012 – Basel, Switzerland

After cold and rain in France and Zurich it is so nice to come into beautiful sunny warm autumn days of 17-20 degrees Celsius in Basel. To also gather again with open minded, open hearted people and focus on the downloading of new systems of operation on economic, educational, political, environmental and social levels plus all the usual work that we do, all of this uplifts and unifies. Yes of course there is the energy of lethargy, the wait and see what the end of this year will bring, but there is also the steady awareness that what we focus on we bring into being and there is also the willingness to embrace positive change.
Quiet time in my hotel here is appreciated after the busyness of tour in India for there is a quietness in Swiss culture as well that can be enjoyed. I love that I can drink water from a tap here and feel the purity it contains and the land itself feels free because of the choices its people have made. The decision not to join the European Union fully, means a strong Swiss Franc and a strong economy, the power people have here to vote directly on all major issues that concern them, this too adds to the energy field here – keeping it clean – almost neutral while another bombing occurs in Beirut and fighting continues in Syria close by. It is hard to comprehend sometimes all the quickly changing and complex rhythms of human life in our world and yet they abound ready to captivate us all.
And so our seminar here completes with an intense message flow of energy from the group collective as the Light Beings who channel through now call themselves. This ‘collective’ represents the guardian angels and Holy Beings that are working with everyone present in each seminar and so their message to each group is always different yet insightful. With this group they affirmed what some here had suspected which is that their major life energy pattern is now complete and it is a time for most to rest and just enjoy the moments of the coming months, spending their time in loving appreciation of life, and that while there were still some energy knots or entanglements in some people’s fields, these were too inconsequential to focus on and would be rebalanced with loving acceptance of just Being Essence.
For me to see also that all of us are beginning or continuing to weave new patterns of more subtle energy flows that are supporting the new paradigms, was so interesting to feel as these Beings scanned and assessed the energy of all present.
Their channellings through me at the appropriate times have become the highlight of each gathering as each time I see and sense something new about each group and also about myself. I see so clearly that all of existence is just patterns of energy that are fluid and change and fit together or drift apart for so many reasons and that all patterns can be changed, rearranged and redirected into new flows.
Today I learnt that my brother has been diagnosed with Emphysema in his lungs and I know too that all disease is also just an energy pattern that can be rearranged. Whether people are willing to do this or not is another matter all together and I doubt whether my 70-year-old brother is interested enough in life now to do what would be required to stay. Yet he may surprise us after all!
Personally I find life on this planet to be fascinating as there is so much that is so engaging. The people we meet are so varied in their looks and natures, yet the human heart is essentially good as all are driven by the desire to not just survive but also thrive and enjoy this life.
And so I pack my suitcase yet again and ready myself for another early rise, another taxi to another airport, to another country and another view of life and to fly into Latvia where even colder weather than here is just a normal part of their life.

24th October, 2012 – Riga, Latvia

Time has flown by with an evening then 1 day event again with a sweet strong group of people committed to the usual paradigms of peace and harmonious co-existence.
At the end of the day I talk to a man who was with us the night before but not for the day’s intensive. He tells me he has taken no food or fluid for the past seven days and has slept only an hour. I asked him what his physical body prana percentage is but he just shook his head and said that he was a Falun Gong practitioner which he assumed was surely enough, yet his energy was grey and I wished he’d attended the day with us so that he could have all the tools for safety checks for this.
He is exactly the example of a person who could possibly have a problem with this – to stop eating and drinking without knowing what his body’s ability is, can be potentially dangerous and can place the physical system at great risk. While his total system percentage of prana may be fine, the physical body percentage is what needs to be measured and also his cosmic hydration levels.
Both need to be at 100% for safety and success with this … arghhh … I don’t like to see people placing themselves at risk because of ego and not bothering to do their full research as it has proven dangerous already for those who were not well enough informed or prepared. For those who are it is easy, but otherwise …
So I awoke this morning feeling a little tired as I have been working or travelling each day without rest and again sleeping so little as my energy levels when touring like this get too high for sleep. Still this is nothing new and with a quiet day tomorrow, my last weekend seminar on Monday, a rest day, then Turkey, then Egypt, I’ll be home before I know it to enjoy my preferred energy streams of silence and solitude again.

26th October, 2012 – Tallinn, Estonia

I woke this morning to see the harbour covered in snow, trees bending to gale force winds and zero degree outside temperatures! My skin is dry again as my body struggles a little to deal with all the quick weather and atmospheric changes it has to go through … still the snow is beautiful as it covers everything and makes it all look pure and pristine and Estonia also has that strong devic energy that I feel and love.
I am at the point in my tour where I am so anchored in the moment that my other life of being the silent yogini, wife, mother and grandmother who lives in Australia, has disappeared, fading into the background like a dream to be visited now and then. Now I am in another hotel, listening to some Heart Sutras by Osho devotees, snuggled up in bed and writing in my journal as the trees dance wildly in winds outside.
At times it is hard to believe that 20 years ago I was a corporate woman with a career in finance and working also as a computer programmer. It was 20 years ago that I was given the channelling of Erik Klein that introduced me to the Ascended Masters and brought the 21 day process which then brought the living on light reality to my life … 20 years of intense focus on this gift that our Essence nature has for us, finding out how it works and what benefits it has for our world and presenting it all in an easy way for others to understand and utilise, plus nearly 20 years of dealing with scepticism and the anger of disbelief from challenging the status quo with this reality. 20 years of meeting amazing, loving, aware, open-hearted people who know the intuitive truth of this and nearly 20 years of constant travel and hotel rooms and airports and dramatic adjustments to climate changes and all that a gypsy travelling life also contains … 20 years that feels like days at times … and so today it is a day of just doing absolutely nothing but snuggling down with a good book in my bed and letting the world flow by with all of its energy patterns and weaves.

27th October, 2012

At every event, our Light Being friends are coming through with specific messages for that country. Today it was about the power of song, for some here to allow the angelics to sing through them which is something that some here have already been guided to do so today’s messages was just reconfirmation with a deeper explanation as to why.
For me it is fascinating to see how these ones work with every different culture and group and how it all weaves together so beautifully to support these global changes as our Light Being friends stress the need now for us to be in the compassionate heart and to also celebrate just how far we have come.

31st October, 2012 – Istanbul, Turkey

After flying over snow covered Estonia, I finally arrived late yesterday into Istanbul via Helsinki. A beautiful city by night, with a full moon hung low in the sky, the sight of the old Ottoman Empire buildings with Roman aqueducts still standing, denotes this city’s ancient heritage. Said to be at least 5000 years old with a population of over 13 million, the city is very cosmopolitan even though 99% of its people are also Muslim. The city’s energy is deeply spiritual with its Sufi roots supporting all that transpires here and I look forward to exploring it further over the next few days.
Across the world both New York and the east coast of North America is battling “Superstorm Sandy” as it displaces thousands and leaves over 7.5 million people without electricity and shocks others to the core as they lose all that they have and find themselves homeless. Intense cold, deep snows and fierce winds claim lives and shut down airports and Wall Street trading as people struggle to deal with the ferocity of it this storm.
And so I sit in prayer in meditation thousands of miles away as our world continues her often chaotic pattern of change that is bringing wave after wave of compassion to be felt by all.

1st November, 2012

The World Peace Day Congress unfolds in splendour with each of us being assigned a particular person to take care of all our needs. It’s a nice system and the whole event is one of the most efficiently run that I have attended. The energy is beautiful as we open to understand each other’s work and one by one each panellist shares more about their service in the world. It is beautiful to witness the connective weaves between the networks and how each one is following the guidance they have received for so long that has culminated in this now moment. With around 700 flying in from all over the world and perhaps 2000 or so from Turkey, the group is peaceful, open and supportive and we end the night with a concert of talented singers and dancers who also inspire the audience to move into that relaxed rhythm that only music can bring.
Throughout my stay I liaise as much as possible with those connected to The Book of Knowledge, asking questions to correlate the work we all do in this world. Even though The Book of Knowledge came to me in 1996, arriving unexpectedly at my door one day and even though it has sat beside my bed for the last 6 months for me to read and absorb its energies, still it is different to talk to those whose studies with this book are more involved. All tell me that The Book of Knowledge is a living energy field that has been encoded to release or withdraw its energy according to the consciousness of the viewer and also that what is transmitted from the book changes over time according to what humanity as a whole is able and ready to perceive.
I feel like such a baby in relation to the Muslim world for all here are not just of this faith but they carry that beautiful Mevlana Sufi energy and also now the frequency imprints of The Book of Knowledge, so their imprinting is so interesting to observe and be a part of. The whole experience for me in Istanbul has been so uplifting as our networks blend and share in the ways that are required. To step back and see it all on the inner plane reveals all of our amazing weaves and energy patterns that have now been united in the most tender loving way.
I can only see good for our world but perhaps my view is limited as my exposure these days is usually only to kind, compassionate people, whose focus has long been to serve and aid in the co-creation of a harmonious life with all.
Even though our language and expressions are unique and our reality models sometimes quite different, this tour more than ever, I have witnessed a solid process of blending unfolding as each of us tunes deeper to the same pure-hearted rhythms that have the power to truly unify our world in profoundly peaceful ways.
And so my heart sings for our future as a species. We have come so far and there is still much more to be achieved so that our systems of operation do eventually benefit all life in ways that enhance the whole. Yet in the greater scheme everything unfolds so perfectly as we play together upon this stage of life on our Earth. So it is and so it always has been.

YES, YES, YES - Personal and Global Peace & Unification Codes ... the below is an extract from our Peace Day Address in Turkey ...

Take a deep, slow breath ... Now as I share these programs, if you like what you hear just say sincerely from your hearts of hearts, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

­        As a citizen of planet Earth, I claim my birthright to exist in the rhythm of peace, to know this world as a paradise plane again NOW!
­        I open to experience and enjoy the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony within myself and with all life NOW!
­        I ask my Essence to connect me Essence to Essence with my family, friends, colleagues, and all beings open to this, so that all our sharing from this moment unfolds for the highest good of all!
­        Again, if what you just heard feels right just say aloud or silently, Yes, Yes, Yes!
­        We ask that perfect resolutions that benefit all be downloaded into the hearts and minds of everyone involved in any area of global conflict now!
­        As Ambassadors of Peace on planet Earth, we also ask for the perfect political, economic, educational and environmental systems of operation that benefit the whole, to be clearly revealed and harmoniously anchored and implemented throughout Earth’s energy fields NOW!
­        Essence of Creation, within me and around me and in all life ... I ask now to be tuned even more deeply to your channel of infinite love and wisdom, to peacefully fulfill my divine blueprint in a way that benefits all. As Essence beings on Earth, we open fully here now to the Grace-filled transition of our world into the perfect paradigms that nourish us all! We proclaim perfect Peace on Earth!
­        Again, let us state with great feeling ...
­        We proclaim perfect Peace on Earth! We proclaim perfect Peace on Earth!
Take a few more deep, slow, breaths ... and just open to sense how these programs are being brought into fruition by our Essence ...

4th November, 2012 – Cairo, Egypt

As we prepare to leave the hotel, I take a few moments in silence and hear and sense the voice and presence of Isis on the inner planes who says “Welcome back to Egypt and to the completion of this cycle in time, a journey that began so long ago that now comes to an end …” I wait to hear more but no more comes for now.
A city of over 9 million people, Cairo is densely populated, dust covered from desert sands and has the usual traffic, noise and mix of people busy in the game of survival and while it reminds me of the Indian city of Delhi, there are other energies present that I feel are bubbling here left over from their revolution.

5th November, 2012 – Alexandria, Egypt

After a few hours’ drive from Cairo we find ourselves at the seaside city of Alexandria where we bathe in the energy field of pure sea breezes that instantly seem to purify my auric field.
At the ruins of the Roman Amphitheatre my guide hands me a booklet on Women in Islam written by Dr Sherif Abdel Azeem which I later read in my hotel room. It is insightful in its comparative studies regarding how Judaism, Christianity and Islam (through the Quran) view women and while the writer admits that he may not be totally objective, the scriptures quoted – when analysed – would show the Quran to be the most supportive religion towards the rights of women … However there are also difference’s to be considered between the cultural realities that are Pagan Arab traditions, that come from the past, and the Quran’s religious scripture recommendations.
Yet the texts are clear with Christian and Judaic Biblical teaching casting Eve as the sinner who was seduced in the Garden of Eden by the serpent and Eve who then seduced Adam to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and therefore Eve and all her daughters are seen as sinners and temptresses who must be kept under control by the males – either fathers and then later husbands – and so women became their property with minimum personal rights.
However in the Quran, both Eve and Adam admit to being at fault with neither one blaming the other and both seeking forgiveness. With a compassionate God granting both of them true forgiveness, unlike in the Biblical texts, women in the Quran are never then seen as sinners. To repeat all the insights here would take too long but this book is recommended reading for anyone interested further in this topic. On the basis of treatment of women alone I can see why the Islamic religion is one the fastest growing in the world today. The author admits that unfortunately not all follow the true teachings of the Quran, and what he calls ‘Pagan Arab’ traditions, are sometimes woven into Muslim society in a way that is not always honouring of women, yet this is a cultural reality separate from what the purest teachings of the Quran itself suggests.
There are of course wonderful people all over the world who treat everyone – men, women, children, animals and all living creatures – with the love, honour, kindness and respect that we all deserve, however this brief comparative religious study on the matter of women, is very revelational with the Quran proving to hold very supportive insights in gender equality.

6th November, 2012 – Cairo, Egypt

A traveller can be sometimes guilty of carrying a romanticised, idealised version of a city and the world, especially from our exposure to various literature or films that portray certain periods of time. Having recently read Margaret George’s portrayal of Cleopatra (The Memoires of Cleopatra), I entered Alexandria expecting to see lots of white, clean streets and open walkways, forgetting that the city like many big cities on our world has grown so fast with its population that the infrastructure cannot keep up. Rubbish is everywhere and the young people tell me that as much as they try to keep the streets clean the older generation have not been taught not to litter and even if they were more conscious, the city does not provide enough bins for all the rubbish to be disposed of, or the bins provided also sometimes get stolen.
Lack of supporting infrastructure is a big issue in India, Brazil and many Third World countries where the people also tell me that they are reluctant to pay taxes to governments that are corrupt and do not use the taxpayers money in ways that support the community. All say that if the taxes went into infrastructure, education, better medical, greening and cleaning their environment, and things that truly benefit the people then they would be happy to pay taxes if they could. Yet many also live way below the poverty line and struggle to pay the basics like food and shelter or to keep their kids in school. And so the cycles continue.
As I discuss this with my travelling companion I feel at times that it would be great to set up an independent body that receives 30% of the global military budget that is then used to support city infrastructures and holistic re-education, with wiser and cleaner resource usage programs and preventative medicine programs. I would also love to see that no government official can take positions of power until their consciousness levels have reached at least 500 and that this has been tested via the calibration methods that David Hawkins discusses in his book Power vs. Force. Yet even if this were so, people have an intrinsic mistrust now of politicians who in many countries are basically seen as self-serving or who do not have the ability or the wisdom to deliver systems of operation that benefit the whole. Some leaders of course are wise but even then many lack enough party support to implement good programs.
Sometimes life on Earth and the way we operate seems so complex and vast in what needs refining to achieve true unity consciousness, with systems that do actually benefit not just the people of our planet, but all kingdoms here including Mother Earth herself.
To look at it all from a purely mental plane of comprehension can be overwhelming. Yet when we expand our view to encompass the limitless wisdom of viable solutions held in Quantum Field Intelligence, then we can breathe a sigh of relief for the support that we know is available there. Yet access into quantum field solutions requires the expansion of each individuals consciousness and a certain purity of heart that embraces the ‘we’ agenda rather than the limited ‘me’ agenda that so many often still carry.
If the pattern so many are holding now for a smooth transition comes to pass, my light Being friends tell me that the door to busy Beta frequency duality will finally close and we will operate with the more clear creative Alpha pattern so that we can harmoniously reweave and help with the many things in our world that will still need refinement. As much as many like the idea of a shift into a new dimension where all is instantly operating in love and light and kindness, just how deeply we can hold and experience this is again dependant on both the weakest link and our highest dreaming. It will be our collective consciousness that determines the next step in our evolution and many may be surprised to find that the big changes expected were just a little yet lasting step after all and also the beginning of a new chapter from which we can only flow forward like a river returning to the sea.
As we flow back to this infinite ocean of love, only we can determine the speed at which these alignments and refinements occur. Still it is our weave and there are still knots in the patterns to dissolve and untangle it would seem and yet from a higher perspective all is perfection regardless of how things may appear.

6th November, 2012 – Aswan Island of Philae, Temple of Isis, Egypt

My body begins its spontaneous release of tears from the moment we see the well-lit temple coming into view across the bay. A quick mooring of the boat and we find ourselves seated, awaiting the Sound and Light show to commence. It’s all so surreal and as the story of Isis begins with its accompaniment of special music, I feel as if I am about to undergo a wonderful re-initiation. I have been in this Temple before, lived on Philae, and even though the Temple has been moved after the building of the Aswan Dam which flooded the old island close by, all of this is so familiar to me in so many ways. As the evening unfolds I see and relive my life here in another time as a Priestess of Isis.
The Goddess of Love, the Egyptians say she is the Source of all, and her story is told eloquently on the Temple walls in images and hieroglyphics. What many do not know is that it is Isis who later created the line of the Magdalene’s that later captivated many Essenes.
The presentation is so touching and as it comes to a close beneath a star-filled sky, a shooting star falls from above us leaving its comet-like trail sparkling behind it. Heartfelt initiations like this are impossible to put into words and again are too personal to share and like most unexpected initiations, our cellular memories and response confirm and consolidate it all exactly as each one requires. It has been so wonderful to reconnect with Isis again in this way, to hear her clear sweet voice and feel her Presence on the inner plane and to know that another cycle has come into completion just as she had said.
To be the awakened Queen of the Divine Mother and be reconnected with all the Queen’s and Priestesses who have also awakened to their roles as representatives of this infinite flow of love, to know we are all so well placed in the world in this supportive web of love, all of this is such a joy to to feel so much a part of in this modern day.
However time, place, culture, and country – all of this is irrelevant for none of us are confined by these things anymore. An awakened one is free, for life is seen in its sparkling multifaceted diamond-type expression as a beautiful ongoing tapestry with its multitude of weaves.

7th November, 2012 – Aswan, Egypt

Obama has been returned as President of the USA and there is dancing in the streets as he takes his second term in office with hopefully a little more power to implement much needed policies that can rebuild what is required to stabilise things here again. As we board our boat for a few days sailing on the Nile, we meet a group of jubilant African American’s who share this news with those who seek to know.
Yet before we boarded, we spent the morning talking to the local Nubians and guides who shared of their own sacrifices for the good of Egypt, where some 400 villages were relocated to make way for the large Aswan Dam project that now supplies so much of Egypt’s electrical power.
The tourism industry in Egypt came to a grinding halt immediately after the Revolution in 2011, affecting the livelihood of some 10 million people involved in the hospitality industry; nearly 2 years later it has climbed to 20% of it pre-revolution time and every tourist dollar is pursued with sometimes overwhelming vigour by the street vendors many of whom are still struggling to survive, hoping and praying for tourist return.
People everywhere here question what the revolution has brought for everything is still unstable on the political front. As usual with great change, there are benefits and losses to be found as energies are rewoven again into new patterns. Clarity is imperative as are good systems of replacement which often aren’t in the wings ready to take hold when a spontaneous uprising happens, as occurred in Egypt.
Again complexity rules as is evident by the general populations viewpoints and again to work only on the mental plane brings limitation, for the type of solutions required can only come from the heart of the quantum field where the flows of wisdom are infinite in expression. Again to seek solutions that benefit the whole are a required part of the equation for lasting change to come that addresses the concerns of all.

8th November, 2012

A gentle breeze, the beautiful Nile, 100 relaxing tourists, supportive staff happy to serve, perfect blue skies, desert landscapes beyond the palm tree ringed river, quiet villages, soft music, a sun filled deck and life is filled with wonder.
My body sighs, relaxing deeper with it all, another tour complete with the Embassy programs temporarily forgotten, left to weave their own way in this world and thanks to the World Wide Web, things can flow unhindered, leaving a presence, or an imprint as required, no matter where I am.
To sleep in peace last night, with just the gentle lapping of the water, was another bonus to it all after nearly 2 months of being in the noisy cities of our world. Again I sense the power of Mother Nature and her ability with sun, wind and water to rebalance everything so quickly and gently in just the way that each requires. And in this magic stillness, the following comes …

Poem to me from Isis … received 8th November, 2012 – Egypt on the Nile

Aqua aura crystals, tuned with holy sounds,
imprinted with great love, released to holy ground.
Two to do the work of one, united in their aura,
connected by celestial songs to energise each other.
Star systems gates, a Central Sun, a heart’s galactic centre,
refracting light and wisdoms way, to call the pure to enter.
The Priestess and the Queen of love, united, twined together …
the King reclaimed, the son then born, to wisdoms path are tethered.

On the 12th November, 2012 we leave the energies of Egypt behind us, having spent a final day and night in Cairo to watch the Sufi Dancing and enjoy a relaxing sunset near the Pyramids. Egypt, like all evolving countries, carries a multitude of energies that dance and blend with our own to reveal whatever is required to those that travel here. Desperation and aggression form part of the vibrating urge of survival that is also overlaid with a richness of colour and ancient culture, plus the complexity of consciousness that everyone carries here.
Every country, and our planet as a whole, carries a variety of facets of reality that reveal themselves uniquely to each viewer. It is all so relative and subjective. Travelling this world in the service stream is very different to travelling as a tourist, just as travelling alone is very different to travelling in a group, yet every moment of interaction we have with each other brings another opportunity to observe and grow and learn.

18th November, 2012 – Australia

When I return to Australia after a day to relax with a friend in Dubai, I realise that a lot of the energy that I felt in Cairo was also the bubbling in the field of the bombing that has now begun in Israel and Palestine as Egypt’s current president steps up with his own support and involvement. The energies of the Middle East continue to be unstable and this is what I felt when I was there, as if a powder keg of energy was gathering and was getting ready to explode.
As I sit once more on my sunny veranda, all I hear is the wind and birdsong in the trees. The energy currents are so peaceful here as Australia remains relatively unaffected by the current Global Financial Crisis and life continues on here much the same. Yet here too people continue to live in so many complex rhythms as some struggle to make sense of this changing world while others remain detached and at peace knowing that change is a constant.

22nd November, 2012

A day of rebirth and revelations! I lie face down on the massage table relaxing deeply as the therapist applies her intuitive skills. Angelic guides tell her to tell me that “the pressure is off” and that “a new energy is coming up through the core strength” that I carry, “a softer, gentler rhythm.” I confirm the truth of both statements and find myself relaxing deeper again, surrendering into a new harmonic that is rising through my system.
I sense huge angel-type wings embracing me through my auric field and then somehow locking into my etheric system as if my own Angelic-nature-template has been revealed, then refitted back again. Another cycle complete, for I came as a fire-angel-plasma-being to this world so long ago now so it seems fitting that I will complete my time here in this way.
I find myself captivated with the image and idea of being an angel on Earth, thinking about an Earth Angel’s diet and find deep patterns of energy within me releasing. I realise that I am truly free now just to play and enjoy this world via a rhythm of lightness that lies now within my heart and soul.
I find myself identifying more each day now with my own angelic Beingness and each night the angels sing such beautiful melodies through me as I dance for hours, weaving specific energy patterns through the fields to strengthen the bridges through the realms. It is fun and it is freeing to serve in this way without the external constraints that can come when we travel and connect with the power of words. In this new dance all is known heart-to-heart as Supreme mind radiates its wisdom via a flow of endless love.

3rd December, 2012 – Australia

18-20 days – as some people say that everything will shift on the 21st, and others say the 23rd – till the final lock-in; the long awaited alignment with the Galactic Centre core and the completion of a 26,000-year cycle predicted by so many.
Here in my part of Queensland, Australia, a heatwave has begun with many areas being placed on high fire danger alert. Across the world many countries are covered in snow and the polar ice thaws to release even more methane into our air. While many deny the idea of global warming, others push for environmental change or serve diligently to contribute positively in whatever way they can.
Mainstream news covers it all these days including what the Mayan Elders have been saying and so the debates rage on with many also taking appropriate action, following instinct and guidance.
Time will tell of course as time will always do and I realise as I attend to the final edits of this journal, that all is always perfect with all weaves within the Web of Creation no matter what we say or do for who we are on Earth and what we do is so inconsequential in the bigger scheme of things for there are forces so immense at play right now that will ensure a new harmonic that so many hunger for and it is this deep collective human hunger that is driving our evolutionary pattern right now.
Our inability to see the wind does not negate its presence for we can feel it on our skin and see its effect around us as the trees dance to its rhythms. It is the same with our Essence, that invisible force that breathes and moves us all, that is either a weak or strong flow within us according to our focus upon it.
Our Essence provides us with access to a myriad of planes of existence, each one with a slightly different octave of expression. To be able to explore them all and then choose which dimension we wish to be anchored in, while still retaining the joy of physical form, is truly a unique human blessing!
And so the time of choosing goes on and with each choice comes the miracle of experience then revelation and while some doors will close, others will open, allowing our species to grow.

Nonetheless I stand here at this point in my own life, in awe at what I have experienced. To know without a doubt, the truth of the teachings of the Holy Ones, that all Kingdoms exist right here, right now; that the paradise plane so many seek is to be found deep within us and that when we are anchored there, what emanates from this plane through us rearranges our external reality to match the internal and this in itself makes the experience of our existence here both empowering and sublime!

The end … for now … *smiles* …

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