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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cycles with Jasmuheen – January 2013

The sun is out, the sky is blue and the ground littered with the aftermath of ex-tropical cyclone Oswald. I assess the seven beautiful trees that have been uprooted on my land, one dangerously falling into a neighbour’s yard, the others beautiful youths of trees just 4 years old, who once stood tall in my yard, adding their red leaves to Mother Nature’s mix.
As I assess the damage with a view to saving as much as I can – in the background of my mind I also sense the emotional devastation all around the eastern coast where towns were flooded once again and some people lost everything they own.
While I sweep up leaves and attend to fallen branches, others are shovelling a steady stream of mud out of their once pristine homes, hoping to also salvage what they can.
In local cinemas the movie The Impossible recaptures the 2004 tsunami and the havoc that it brought into people’s lives, reminding us again that the most precious thing for many is not material possessions but keeping loved ones safe and enjoying those we love while we can.
Across the planet a dear friend of mine lies in hospital in an induced coma, so that his body can begin its long process of healing after his car skidded off icy roads and slammed into a tree, crushing many of his bones in the process. His heart-broken wife has left her normal life to be at his side, stepping into the reality of doctors and nurse and operations and compassion and care and all that being there for a traumatised loved one entails.
Close by my grandchildren sit in their mountain home that no longer has electricity as their father copes with it all as best he can, keeping spirits high with candles and games just like so many other families.
As emergency services do the best they can to rescue the stranded, get power back to hundreds of thousands of Queensland homes, the storm heads slowly south driven by the cyclone season; it’s cyclical rhythm and new flows.
The human tide has always suffered at the hands of Mother Nature as ice ages come and go along with civilisations with their impact on our Earth.
While the emotional tide has turned once more to more compassion in our world for all who suffer every day, and while this has helped to open doors to new ways of being, physically there is so much to attend to in our world to complete the merge and blend into more unified streams and every thought and feeling flow we give time to either upgrades or stagnates our current evolutionary flow.
In the midst of chaos and devastation it is hard for many to sense the peaceful, more unified fields as our compassionate heart rises with our concern and care for those who may need help, for we are human and we feel.
At times like these I remind myself again of the bigger picture view and step back into detachment. One human life span is a second in the greater scheme, a blink into birth, a blink of a time span until we exit here to rest once more. Whether we live in form for one year or a hundred it is just a blink in the cycle of time of the multidimensional and eternal beingness that we are.
This view also helps release us from judgements of right and wrong, as each individual grows and learns and moves on like the rivers of energy that we are. Each soul must progress through the human life woven in their own way and time, with pre-embodiment goals attained along with virtues and the insights that we are here to gain.
Lately I find myself often expanded out of body, discussing in a class room-type situation, the human life-wave in general, while surrounded by souls who have not yet dared to make the journey into such densities as ours. Their questions about what it is like to be on Earth are endless as is their fascination.
These beings are cosmically fed, fuelled up in life by light, their forms etheric, barely visible to the naked eye yet their presence obvious and strongly tuned to our world, watchful and aware. The concept of needing to take physical food and the pleasure of taste is new to them as are so many of our basic systems of operation and why we allow them to be that way. All eyes are upon our world, all windows open as more and more tune in now to see where we will go from here.
They see us as co-creators, as Gods in form, constantly interacting – knowingly or not – within the quantum field. They find it strange we do not remember our power to effect change for the good of all and how much grace this always brings.
They have been told how easy it is to get lost here on Earth, side-tracked or conditioned into believing that we are limited beings in form and yet they are never judgmental, just curious about it all.
From their viewpoint they can see so easily the blending of the worlds, how we are transitioning ever on; no matter how slowly or imperceptibly it all may seem, especially to those whose lives have been turned upside down and are suffering in some way.

A gentle breeze flows up the valley now replacing the 120 kilometre per hour winds of the past few days, blue sky has replaced black and calmness has returned as people here begin once more to restore order after the storm.
Friends in India face monsoonal rains yearly just as Australian’s rise again and again to handle whatever comes their way. With strength and compassion we rally to support each other giving the best that we can and so the cycle of life flows on as the upgrading of our world continues.

“Take heart,” my inner plane friends remind us, stating that “the weaving of so many realities into the unified field, takes both care and time,” for we have been so fractured for so long, believing ourselves to be so human and frail, at the mercy of forces outside of ourselves, including Mother Nature.
Yet it also leads to assessment; what can we do to re-harmonize ourselves with the natural world, so that environmental damage lessens once again? I see a world laid bare, not from nuclear devastation for that threat has passed us by now, instead I see Gaia spreading her wings once more as trees and vines and her beauty re-imprints itself over cities to return our world back once more to its pre-human pristine state… a blanket of ice to put all to sleep, then the sun and the spring of new life again and all that this parallel view of my meditation contains.
Gaia ... a powerful spirit being of the cosmos, with the power to reclaim, to lay vast, to devastate, to make new and whole again…
And the human species ... with the intelligence to step it back and be more compassionate, not just to each other but to the planet on which we are all so lovingly maintained.
In a blink of an eye of timeless time, we came into being and in another blink it seems we long moved on while Gaia herself changes and reclaims ...
In the blink of an eye we find the secret to live in harmony with each other and the planet that has given us life ...
Yes in the grander scheme of things, all expands and contracts with a cosmic breath as life seems here to also change in the blink of an eye ...

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