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Monday, June 25, 2012

Transcendence and Transitions

After nearly two months on tour I return to a sunny Australia my heart glad to see the kangaroos grazing in my backyard and to hear the familiar bird-song in the trees that surround my home. Inside my grandchildren play and enjoy the lunch their grandfather has lovingly prepared them, a man who becomes more precious to me with every passing day. I often marvel at just how easily love can blossom and continue to grow when we care and open enough to let it. Making the commitment to ourselves and each other to exist in a state of Divine Marriage also helps I’m sure, as this clear, pure-hearted intention opens up many supporting and enjoyable doors.
A few days home and I receive the phone call that my beloved sister-in-law Erin has finally passed on, after years of dealing with debilitating cancer and all the traditional medical treatment that one can engage in to be free from this disease. A brave and well loved woman she did all she could to stay alive for the now adult children she adored. Upon hearing that my husband’s youngest brother was to be married, Erin decided she had to live long enough to attend the wedding and so she came looking as glamorous as she could, making us all believe that perhaps her treatments were working, yet inside of her too much radiation had begun to collapse her vascular system. Still she breezed through the night lapping up all the compliments we gave her for she truly looked like a regal queen.
Upon hearing the news that her son’s young wife was pregnant, she managed to stay with us just long enough to hear of the babies birth doing whatever she could to will herself to live just that little bit longer.
Attending her funeral this week was almost like a light-filled celebration, for everything had been so well presented and planned and many who loved her were happy that she’d finally made her transition so peacefully in the end. Before I’d left for tour we’d spoken on the phone and she’d asked me, “how to let go of life and how to die” but I had no words to tell her except to trust it would all unfold in the right way and time.
Over the years she’d read all of my books, utilized all of the meditations I’d passed onto her and was one of my greatest supporters and a great friend. Even though she was also a staunch Catholic, she was able to take all that I am and all that I do deep into her heart and truly love it all; and so we were close as sisters can be, married to blood brothers. Yet she had this skill with all, the ability to make everyone feel important and well loved. In a crowded church, in a traditional catholic funeral service, all who came attested to the beauty of her heart and soul feeling strangely happy that she no longer physically suffered.
As I write these words my step-daughter Angelene lies in hospital under palliative care waiting to transcend her cancer riddled body while the supporting medical team do all that they can to lessen the pain she is feeling. Barely able to cope with the shock of it all, her husband and brother ride the emotional roller coaster of all that transitioning on through cancer delivers. Yet as my husband and I support them as best we can, our beloved Angie is peaceful and happy to move on, aware of all that awaits her.
Having had to rebalance the cancer energy myself a few times in my own body systems, I am all too familiar with its frequency and cycles and how it can rise and fall, always there like a dark monster ready to consume us. For some reason every body produces cancer cells which usually run in the system in a balanced way. For some people this frequency at times gets out of balance and begins to defy the immune system to consume the surrounding cellular structure.
As we wrote in the book Harmonious Healing there are so many reasons that this cancer frequency can rise in a human system and so the methodology required for rebalance back to health is unique to us all. For some health can not be regained for some of our beloved Light-worker friends and family members who are destined now to transition from this plane to a time of rest and rejuvenation in a different realm and way.
Every time I travel I meet so many others who are coming to terms with this disease, either in their own systems or with those they love. This year in Brazil I met a young man who proudly shows me how much his brain tumour has shrunk. It is now barely evident yet 18 months ago when I last saw him it was a huge bulbous growth on his forehead. Applying the things that we had taught him with a visit to John of God was helpful and so now his face is beaming, full of light and joy at the miraculous results. In Romania a woman comes up to hug me, having also had great results in diminishing her cancer through the 8-point Luscious Lifestyles Program. While her left arm and shoulder have been amputated by doctors, still her health has much improved. As I arrive in Belgium, the grief of a beautiful woman whose husband had also passed on, is also there for all to see, as she opens to heal just a little more through the group’s love and support.
And then there are the myriad of emails that we constantly receive as people ask for our prayers and guidance to help them through these trying personal and global times as their loved ones move on or they themselves deal with debilitating challenges or disease.
For so many, this is a time of transcendence and transition. The transcendence of all our suffering and pain and the transcendence of the systems that can cause this plus the transcendence of our attitudes and attachments to life and to how we think things should be or could be. It is also a time of the transcendence of our concerns into the supportive energy of care and compassion for all those who are transitioning now.
For some it is the ending of their contracted time on Earth and so their bodies will shut down via their weakest genetic line. For others their bodies cannot handle the frequencies coming through to our Earth plane and their work here is now complete. As we are all aware, so much is beaming through our physical sun which is receiving energies from the Great Central Sun to aid and support Earth in her own experience of transcendence and transition.
In order to transition smoothly through this new evolutionary phase, there is so much that we may still need to transcend – from our attachment to our loved ones; the idea that someone is too young to die, or that it is not right for a parent to bury a child and how wrong it feels for a child to die before you. This list goes on regarding things we may still need to transcend, for we have entered a time where ‘it just is what it is’ and the mettle of our humanness, the real test, is in how we deal with the ‘what is’, whether it drags us down, consumes us or enlightens and uplifts us.
There is so much to swallow us up emotionally, bringing us into the very frequency of emotional and mental dis-ease that can lead so easily to physical disease until we too become victims of our own creation simply by what we choose to focus upon.
I was 14 when my 18 year old brother died and I vowed then to love fully each person who was important in my life, knowing how precious life is and how easily it can be taken from us. Having regrets can also be very debilitating so living fully present, enjoying all we are and have, loving fully and showing our love – all of this helps to keep us free from future regrets.
And as I witness all of this, I claim for myself again that “I remain in the frequency of the rhythm perfected health that my essence always carries.” And support this via my attitudes and lifestyle. To maintain our focus and alignment on our perfected essence nature, allows it to be a strong pulsating force within our bodies and our lives, keeping us in the rhythm of health and harmony regardless of what is unfolding in our lives and world.
As nine other members of my family deal with the life threatening Lyme’s disease with all of its associated problems, I turn my focus within, taking the time to bathe in the energy of the purest most healing river of love that I always carry within me, and to also spend time to share this love with those I love around me. Well supported by this love we find the strength to give and support in whatever way is required at this trying time.
In all of my travels I have met so many brave and courageous people who have personally been so challenged in some way. I remember the woman I met in India whose eldest son was ‘accidentally’ drowned and whose brother then killed himself in grief shortly after, providing her with the experience of the loss of two beautiful adult children in one year, an experience that she never thought she would live through, yet she did and is stronger for it appreciative of all those in her life that she loves.
In Syria, many mourn the senseless slaughter of others that they have loved and all around our world, somewhere someone is in mourning for things and people well loved that they are not quite ready to let go of or release.
As my son-in-law pours out his heart in grief knowing his beloved wife has days or at best now a few weeks to live, I find again how words are so inadequate and that so little can lessen the impact of this natural cycle of disbelief, anger and grief – except time.
Acceptance, allowance and letting go are such powerful tools in this process of transcendence and transition.
To love each other enough, to respect the choices made, to rise above and lovingly support choices that deliver outcomes that we would rather avoid, just to be there without judgement, to be fully present for those in need and to put aside all ideas of the how and the why and just accept the natural cycles of transcendence and of transitions that our people and our world and the human heart are always going through – all of this is an art that must be lived through, as people come into our lives as family and friends to share in so many ways.
And so I go within and prepare the way with my angel friends, to receive my daughter by marriage, our beloved Angelene. She is at peace, surrendered into a state of quiet contentment, as those who love her struggle to come into the same place that she has already found. Yes at 43 she seems too young to be transitioning on and yet I know that what awaits her now is all that she has longed for in her life plus more.
Soon she will join her beloved mother who passed from us last year and I know that many other loved ones will be there to welcome her back to the health that comes to all spirits when they finally transition from this worldly plane. While her father and I, plus her husband, sisters and brother will grieve for her, we all know too that life flows on for those we love who will continue in a different form, free and unrestricted by the constructs and limitations of this earthly realm. And in our meditations and our dreaming we will meet.
Like so many, I have lost so many that I have loved and yet I have found that they were never lost at all, just transcended into another plane. And in the stillness of my meditation, in the field of love within, their essence joins with mine and here we connect with love again. And so the game goes on.

May all our loved ones rest well in the light of this inner most peaceful plane.
May love and light be with you all – Jasmuheen and staff at the Embassy of Peace.

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