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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Paradise

Like so many, I have been guided to make our work simpler and simpler in this world and so we present our new "OUR PARADISE - Codes, Tones & Meditations" CD.... love Jasmuheen
click here to buy and listen to the complete series. 
  • B.E. Law of Love plus Meditation - click here for MP3 from iTunes.  
  • B.E. Prayer Power - click here for MP3.    
  • B.E. Peace and Paradise Codes - click here for MP3. 
  • B.E. Perfect Communication - DOW Match. Click here for MP3.   
  • B.E. Essence Guidance System - video still to come. Click here for MP3
  • Breath test system. Click here for MP3. 
  • B.E. BEing ESSENCE Meditation - a wonderful 15.51 minute ESSENCE meditation - click here to buy to this meditation and enjoy the complete album.
Other YouTube videos on this series. Click here for playlist. 
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