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Friday, October 14, 2011

Jasmuheen's Travel Insights - Europe May 2011

15th May 2011 – a reflection written at the French Retreat
So here we are in the middle of France in a ancient land filled with the most beautiful energies, Druidic lore, the energy of Cathars, the energy of the Ancients that is carried through the land of the deep wisdom of Mother Earth and all that she offers through her trees and stones. The forest here is magical and you can feel its energy permeating through the area when you go into subtle energy planes within.
As usual we have a very beautiful group of long term meditators plus a film crew from Supreme Master TV, Master Ching Hai’s lineage, a group  who is now very interested in the next evolutionary part on a dietary level. Long term vegetarians and vegans, their desire is to live in the greatest levels of harmony with the planet, to walk on Earth like many of us now, with steps of harmony, to not be the takers of energy but the givers of energy instead. It is wonderful for us to film with them again and also to have Erika with me who has now been living on prana for over ten years. Even though she is in her mid-seventies, she is youthing energetically in an obvious way for people to really tune to.
It has been an interesting tour for me so far on many levels, watching the assassination of Osama Bin Laden unfold as a story through the news. Sensing, feeling the joy that some people felt from his death and also the sadness that others felt while still others are intent on perpetuating the games of revenge and retribution within our world. Regardless of the reasons this has occurred, many feel now that there must be other systems of operation that we can apply in living together as one people on one planet so that we find more congruent, loving ways to deal with issues, mainly of course by not getting into these types of energy flows in the first place. Preventative medicine is always the best even though we create always for our learning.
As so many know, we promote the experience of going deep inside via meditation, will and intention, to the pure pool of energy within that Jesus referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven, and other scriptures and holy ones referred to by different names. Knowing and enjoying the existence of this pure energy pool within us, allows us a great measure of peace because then it’s just a matter of taping into this divine resource, experiencing its flow, peace, love and wisdom and operating from that point of awareness. Many have now experienced that when we are anchored in this energy pool then conflict resolution, with solutions that benefit all, are much easier to find. This then allows us to attend to the things that need attending to in our world in a more loving, compassionate and beneficial way, rather than stimulating the limited games of separation and duality.
A few days ago I found myself in the energy field of a Swami Lakshmana Charayulu who is one of these Swami’s that I’d heard about but never actually met, who’d spent 92 days living underground with no food, no fluid and no oxygen. For him it wasn’t an issue because he breathes like we teach people to breathe, which is through the very atoms of their being. We know, as Nassim Haramein has now proven, that every atom is a door to an inner universe. Through each deep inhalation we can draw this pranic energy through the atoms into cellular structure to nourish cells, and then let that energy flow out through the pores of our skin into the world to nourish others open to this. We call this the Love Breath technique and this is how the yogis breathe when they are buried alive for periods of time to prove the power of this inner force and its ability to sustain us regardless of whether we have food, fluid or even oxygen. Meeting him and talking about my journey and also his, with living purely on prana, was like a meeting of old souls and both of us were very comfortable enough to exchange gifts and information that touched us both deeply. I know that this is somebody that I will meet again in India when I am there for we still have much to share together and it is beautiful to know that he has this connection to so many people around the world as he teaches Ashtanga yoga and other yogic practices. Yet Swami Lakshmana like many, is now looking to retire from the global field having held the energies here and done what they’ve done for so long. A medical doctor in his training Swami renounced his material life and then lived in the jungle for over 12 years receiving deep initiations from that pure Mother Nature energy. Watching wild life and tuning more to his shaman self while also applying Vedic and yogic tradition, he learnt how to feed his body from prana in the forest. He also learnt cosmic inner plane travelling, and how to free himself from physical form. As we feel and experience that we are infinite beings, who exist throughout the whole matrix of creation, we can move our consciousness beyond the confines of physical form to move through all realms, enjoying and exploring, before coming back as guided and be the bodhisattva, and do the service we’ve come to do with joy and clear focus.
So many beautiful people in our world are doing so many incredible things that we can all benefit from, as we come together in the gatherings like we have around the world, and share as the masters that we are, through the blending of energy and information and intuitive understanding. To be able to meditate together in silence, and open to the flows of wisdom that silence holds, as we support each other energetically in the field of love where all wisdom lies, this too is a wonderful gift and opportunity at this time. For me it is a great gift to be with spiritual family where we open to allow these energies to coagulate, blend and mix together. To move around the world and do what needs to be done with others, who are open to these flows of love and wisdom, that are held as baseline frequencies throughout the matrix of creation this is also a great gift.
During this tour time I have been watching the videos of Nassim Haramein, and it is so interesting to hear his journey and the things that he has undergone to discover the quantum understanding of energy flows to prove Einstein’s Unified Field Theory and take it to another level, to also prove the mathematics of the Law of Synchronicity. All these things are so interesting to witness for a metaphysician, for there is so much that we know, without really knowing why we know or how we know. We just know from bathing in that inner pool of peace and purity where all wisdom lies, waiting for us to recognise and experience once more, as the flow of deep intuitive knowing.
Night after night I find myself waking in the middle of the night undergoing deep training in understanding universal flows and so much more that I don’t recall in the morning and yet I know it has been imprinted so deep within me, so that I can continue to do the things that I’ve been guided to do in my own life, and write about, and capture and share with others, when it is appropriate to do so.
And so the game goes on as we continue to travel this world going where invited and enjoying the different flavours that exist in Earth’s energy field. France today, Germany tomorrow, Russia last week, Lithuania before that. All of it, each experience, flows into the other, allowing me deeper understanding and access to stories that are so worth telling as people step forward to share with me. Brain tumours shrinking and cancers clearing through the application of some of the techniques we share, people’s lives changing so that they are filled with joy and happiness, people being given the choice, and applying this choice, and the understanding, of how to free themselves from external resources and depend more on the divine resource within, and all the gifts and happiness and freedoms that this brings. All of this is a joyous thing to witness in our rapidly changing world.
This is Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace reporting on the road as we continue to travel and gather and be with so many beautiful people in the world.

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