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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Love ... Planet Earth – Being here, now, alive today!

Like our indigenous friends, I have come to love and honor Mother Earth, to feel her as a living spirit being, present throughout nature and our cells. To exist in harmony with her is addictive as making the commitment to exist in harmony with all life, brings great Grace into our lives.
We know we are well aligned to purer energy channels when synchronicity abounds and nature continually seems to surprise us – we just happen to be on a beach at sunrise when the dolphins come to play; or the elements converge somehow to take our breath away – with a breeze or a sunrise or a bright blue sky day.
Or perhaps Gaia’s spirit comes to us as bird song among a myriad of swaying trees, or in the still silence of a mountain where we are drawn to sit and reflect for awhile. Here we sense more subtle waves of energy that seem to take us into itself to make us feel divinely embraced as we melt into something much grander than what we may usually know.
Mother nature dwarfs us by her magnificence, by her power and her rage as storms, hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes rise to claim the land, to clean it and wipe slates clean. And for this we stand in awe as she reveals her Kali power. She dwarfs us with her infinite oceans, her vast expanse of deserts and volcanic lava flows as she refashions herself to create new forms. I love that she provides so plentifully in so many ways – giving us bodies and food to feed them, giving us the ability to create shelter and to reproduce and play! I also love being able to give back to her by minimizing our use of her resources and becoming more dependent on our inner resources within!
Being in nature re-energizes us, strips away the illusions of our world, lets us slow down, relax and rest awhile for times are changing so rapidly as human consciousness expands to open to more mutually beneficial paradigms. Being fully present in each moment, choosing to exist in the field of love rather than entertain paradigms of fear, all of this is required of us now. To be the yogis in the cities and to be able to be anywhere in any situation and be in harmony with all!

  • Video message from Mother Earth:- Gaia’s Song
  • To change our relationship to Mother Earth, Peace Paths 1, 2 and 9 are beneficial. Click here for more on this wonderful online course.

Many on Earth have now shifted their personal focus to look at new rhythms and ways of being. Data regarding prophecy and scripture, on 2012 timelines and more, now floods our internet, along with ‘future humanist’ discussion, advanced nanotechnology, robotics, genetics and more. Ancient tools, mystery school insights, awareness and futuristic views, all of this is also blending to inspire and open us all to higher views.
Being conscious, aware of who we truly are, by stripping back layers to find the pure essence of our own Being, to find and feel something pure and free, to bathe in this force that is so pure that it can change the course of our own evolution with grace and style, all of this is available to us now as this force is pure, unpolluted and perfect and it flows within us all.
And it is this force that we have in common – regardless of the rest – the trials, the tribulations and the daily living tests. Yes being human for so many is hard but simultaneously being a divine Being in human form is a blessing there for us all to know.
Being fully present with our hearts beating to the Divine Rhythms in our chest, being flooded by this love pulse and feeling what it knows; being open then of inner eye to see the universal flows all of this is here for us now for there literally are so many rhythms to tune to, so many songs to know and so many familiar feelings that will set our skins to glow. Matching, merging, blending, being, revealing, relaxing … all here now.

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