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Thursday, August 4, 2011

I also LOVE … The Path of the Bodhisattva!

In The Dreaming … 
Finally the human heart is determining its own course of evolution and the purity contained within each heart is fulfilling our common desire for peace and true civility.
Finally the paradigm of one harmonious people united in compassionate action is one that has become so much more real. We may be few but the strength does not lie in numbers. While two thirds of Earth’s people struggle to survive still they dream of better times and better ways of being, of better worlds for those they love and in the dreaming we unite.
It is in the dreaming that the seeds of change are born and we with power, those who no longer struggle as much, can water the garden of hope, until its fruit is known. Through the process of self mastery and self sovereignty we can co-create a worlds that operates for the highest good of all.

Below are some ideas for this.
High Level Buddha Steps – from the book “Becoming Enlightened” by the Dalai Lama
Base idea – Equanimity – treat all as equals – friends, enemies and strangers – favor none, honor all. So free yourself from bias.
Step One – Find everyone dear – who knows when they may have nurtured you and in what time line.
Step Two – Being aware of how everyone helped and appreciating this support.
Step Three – Reciprocating the kindness of others – so many have been so kind so be kind to all in turn. See the loving mother in all.
Step Four- Cultivating love know that all want happiness, pray they receive it and do what you can to help them achieve it. Do this with all friends, strangers and perceived enemies.
Step Five – Compassion. Be aware of all the suffering of all life and do what you can to alleviate this. Be patient with those who cause harm as they will suffer karmically from their actions. Pray that all are released from ignorance and suffering. Do what you can to ease another’s burdens by being patient and compassionate.
Step Six – Total commitment. To take upon yourself the responsibility of bringing help and happiness to all sentient beings – this is supreme altruism make sure all actions benefit all.
Step Seven – Aspiring to enlightenment. In order to be effective you must attain perfection in body, mind and speech. By becoming Buddha enlightened you will then know the right way to help others to the path of happiness and what is required to alleviate their pain.
This double aspiration to help others and attain your own enlightenment in order to be of highest service, reveals your own Bodhisattva nature.

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