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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Love ...Pranic Living via our Divine Inner Energy Resource pool …

I love pranic living because it gives me great freedom! To be fed on such deep levels of my being so that all my hungers disappear, leaving me free to just enjoy our world and all that she contains, is a great gift! 

The force that loves us enough to give us life is not only loving and wise but it is also the most powerful resource of transformation that any being has access to. It can instantly transform our world if we open the inner plane doors to its well and ask to receive all its gifts and of this I have no doubt.

There is no other resource that can do this, that can create the harmonics of unification and peace that many seek and yet this must be experienced to be believed.

It is the one energy flow that unifies us all into a common frequency where all hungers disappear; it is the one energy that holds the keys to resolution to all the conflict in our world, no matter how insurmountable the problem may appear.

Breathers of God

Feeling fit, and fabulous, knowing now another path,
fed from an inner house, Divine breaths, freed at last.
Walking, in peace on earth, enjoying, that bright light swirl,
deep union, a slimmer girth, free from food’s ancient whirl.
From meditation’s many years, light, then love, then, truth sincere,
we find the peace filled inner seer, seeking only, to feel much freer.
Subtle gifts we find, a sweeter flow of mind,
as we soon unwind, from the game of time.
Yes, breathers of God are rare, to no longer dwell in fear,
living in, love’s path of care, always open, to that inner ear.
Taping into pranic forces, discovery, divine resources,
now making other choices, open, tuned, to other voices,
our inner spirit now rejoices, breath slow, superb discourses.

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