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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Love ... Meditation

I see meditation as a companion in my life, a space to enter into willingly, aware of the rewards that it brings. To be able to be still and silent and surrender into a deep place of rest and rejuvenation; a place to be stimulated or recalibrated or re-energized somehow; to be able to do this at various times in my life and day is also something I have come to love.
I have found over my years of meditation that we can beneficially align ourselves, or bathe in, some very pure, nourishing and powerful energy streams, that are constantly bubbling through the matrix of life. Lately two particular frequencies have been rising more powerfully than usual through this matrix, and when we tune to these many gifts and insights are given that can only be described as heavenly.
Meditation puts us into an energy field of great depth that is multi-dimensional in nature, a field of possibility where magical meetings can occur. Magical because in this energy field we are transformed. Being in the energy flows of our inner plane Light Being friends is uplifting and inspiring.

  • Meditation Magic – Video Introduction to Meditation, visuals, music by Inspiritualization and insights as per below ….
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  • You may also feel inspired to apply Peace Path 9 – the path of the Guru Within – for more on this click here.

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