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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Love ... The inner planes! Connecting with our Cosmic Colleagues & the Zen of it all!

Our Cosmic Colleagues and inner plane light being friends come in friendship, aware of our evolutionary processes, as we have called them forth whenever we have prayed in an hour of need. They have walked in our shoes, been among us in other time lines and so they know the challenges of existence in dense, dual natured reality planes like earth. They have also risen above it all, often leaving the legacy of religions behind, with words and ideas to point the way to more enlightening experiences.

“Learn to love ourselves by knowing who we really are in essence,” they tell us, “learn to see the good and god in all life, open to the highest paradigms you can envisage”, they also add to it all.

I love those times that I have met with them, always unexpected yet enjoyed. I love the way they seem to radiate an energy that makes my own essence rise and ignite more powerfully within. I love who I am in their presence and in their field of love it is so easy to love this world!

To be surrounded now, through all the planes,
by beings hooked into these same games,
brings its own deep peace and pathway of reward;
rewards not sought, but given none the less.
Yes… Like so many now, I have also experienced what it’s like to feel blessed,
to know the master within me, to be fed by its caress,
to be guided by its light, its wisdom and love,
to feel its awareness, how it fits like a glove.
It knows pure pathways that can only bring peace,
new ways of being that bring sweet release.

  • To connect with and enjoy these inner plane beings you may wish to apply Peace Paths 9 & 12. Click here for more on this wonderful online course.
  • Here are some wonderful YouTube Videos that pay homage to, or bring messages from our Light Being friends … The InvitationYes; Message re Earth’s Children; Future Worlds Future Humans; OnenessSynopsis, Keys, Solutions & Earth’s Children; Descension & Ascension
  • Also enjoy our free Video Playlist on:- Beings of Light & Holy Ones – Educational Videos for the Universal Harmonization Program & the Embassy of Peace
  • Here are some meditations to open more powerfully to their energy fields:- Love Breath meditation - a free 10 minute meditation.
  • Also we have longer meditations for you such as:- the Angelic Support Systems Meditation; Akashic Records – Book of Your Life Meditation; BEingness & Blending Meditation; Christed Healing Initiation Meditation; Cosmic Connection – Galactic Kin meditation; Holy Ones Connection – Beyond Religion; Love Breath Meditation; Life Purpose & Promises Meditation. All of these are designed for enhancing our inner plane connections. Click on the above links to find out more about what each one does.
  • To enjoy a little more of my experiences with these beings you may wish to read – Divine Radiance – On the Road with the Masters of Magic.  Somehow in the course of my life I have been blessed with both witnessing and experiencing pure Divine Radiance. When the Radiance reveals Itself we are captured by Its Splendor as we intuitively recognize Its power. It has taken me decades to discover how when Its illumination enters our energy field, our bodies become irradiated by a laser beam of such perfect sustenance that all our appetites are fulfilled. This book is my attempt to describe Its delights. For more click here.

Peace Seekers

We come from the stars, and yes we’ve known war,
yet here we all are with hearts that are pure.
We’re seekers of peace and so we’ve grown strong,
as we rise once again to sing out this song,
For peace seekers find, rhythms way beyond time,
where life once began, in a true state of mind.

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