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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Love ... Creativity – the type that bubbles within us & around us, that is fun to capture and beneficial to share!

Receiving cosmic poetry, or channeling data in poetic form, is also something that I now love. It may not be word or rhythm perfect but it’s all been great fun as entering into any new field of expression can be. You can enjoy some of our poems here.
I love strong creative flows where you find yourself pulled into a current of energy that is mesmerizing.
I love when a vision pops into my head, arising gin my brain to cover it fully until I begin to paint and let the vision flow. To choose colors, textures, movements and rhythms while allowing something pure to come through to touch or titillate in some way as art has always done and to do it all for the sheer joy of it! Click here to view some of our art.

  • I love …. Tuning in & receiving; downloading & enjoying; bringing into form – creating then sharing; then letting go & moving on to the next flow …
  • Enjoy some of our satsang message videos that we have created for fun! OM Namaha Shivaya; Field of Zen; plus so many more on our YouTube channel.

You may also enjoy our two artistic coffee table books:-

  • Sacred Scenes & Visionary Verse is a collection of sacred art by Jasmuheen and visionary prose by Eltrayan. Covering a vast array of esoteric topics, this beautiful full color coffee table book is a thought provoking visual delight. With more than 70 years of metaphysical research between them, Jasmuheen and Eltrayan now combine their talents to provide insight and an inspirational glimpse into the lives of the Holy messengers and more. Click here for more data on this book.
  • Cruising Into Paradise with metaphysical author and artist Jasmuheen, is filled with humor, insight, good visuals and practical life enhancing exercises to amuse people of all ages. Designed as an esoteric coffee table book it will prompt introspection, reflection and discussion amongst those interested in the science of successful holistic living and the paradise reality. Click here for more data.

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