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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I love ... GATHERING PRECIOUS MOMENTS …. Being with my family & enjoying each person & situation!

I love the opportunity that comes for growth and learning in family life where we often find our greatest teachers! I love the challenge of learning how to harmonize the energy fields of a home so that we bring out the best in each other, and to enjoy mutually enhancing relationships with everyone! 

As time unfolds around us in this dual-natured world we are now witnessing so many things. Some feel as if they stand in the calm center of a hurricane that is shaking up life around them as they witness huge changes in the lives of many they love. Others, who live in a pool of peace, feel the ripples of great change flow across the surface of their life for they are anchored deep in the Beingness of their own Divine nature. Here they are detached, content yet also aware of the necessity for these changing rhythms in life. 

Thing’s change – this is the only constant we know. What is, is – is another constant that helps us relax and choose pathways of peace to go beyond this dual-natured world.

One of the pathways of peace is the ability to count our blessings, to allow ourselves to feel really blessed by all that is good in our life, the blessings of our family and loved ones and also to recognize and feel what we are being blessed by during our time on Earth here now. Maybe these blessings can be as simple as the fact that we can change the experience of life by changing the rhythm of our breath; the fact that we can all breathe, and slow it down to such a deep, refined, and gentle rhythm, allowing us to access the more subtle planes of peace and love within us, a place we can relax and take shelter from any storm, in life’s ever changing sea. Sometimes true peace is only a few breaths away.

  • To enjoy the family harmonic even more you may wish to apply Peace Paths 1 to 10. Click here for more on this wonderful online course.
  • To help with harmonizing our lives we also offer the Home, Health & Heart Harmonics Discourse

Message Music-Song-Poems:- I am not a trained singer or musician but I have always loved music so it’s been fun to play the bard to facilitate the Journeys-Rhythms and Life & Love albums. Big thanks to all our musician friends who have supported this – it’s been fun to play with these creative rhythms! Here are some fun insightful videos on life, love and friendship in musical satsang, cosmic rock opera type format!

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