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Friday, July 1, 2011

Jasmuheen on the Embassy of Peace - free e-books & great programs!

Founded on the 07-07-07 by Peace Ambassador Jasmuheen, the Embassy of Peace is dedicated to providing pragmatic programs to co-create permanent peace in our world. This is achieved by the pragmatic application of the Embassy’s Personal, Global and Universal Harmonization Programs and Projects. We believe that it is now time for united, compassionate action and the Embassy of Peace programs have the power to:-
  1. Unify the people of our world by increasing individual health and happiness levels.
  2. Utilize our resources more effectively and substantially reduce global warming and also significantly reduce and perhaps even eliminate global political tensions.
  3. Help create a more balanced economic model that because of it’s altruistic and educational focus, will attract powerful forces of interdimensional support.

  • FREE Embassy of Peace Training Manual a 200 page PDF document that is filled with pragmatic tools & insights.
  • For ease of reading and absorption, the Embassy of Peace manual is now available in three parts: -
1) Personal Harmonization Program (Free PDF), this includes the Embassy’s Luscious Lifestyles Program PLUS additional personal fine tuning data added in 2010.
2) Global Harmonization Program (Free PDF), this includes The Prana Program – Third World Feeding Project; The Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace program – in English & other languages.
3) Universal Harmonization Program (Free PDF) includes new data added in 2010.
Personal Harmonization – this includes the Embassy’s Luscious Lifestyles Program PLUS additional personal finetuning data added in 2010. Basically those at the Embassy believe that each individual holds within them the perfect teacher who is all knowing, all loving; an inner guru who can guide us perfectly to achieve any proposed agenda that serves the whole. We also hold that this energy – in its purest expression – is the same force within us all as it gives us all life via our breath. Hence it is the one common factor that binds, wisely guides and also inspires us. We also propose that when this inner force is stimulated to express itself more powerfully within us, that it can then gracefully flow through us to unify our world. We stimulate this via our Personal Harmonization Program. The free e-book is offered to all who are interested in experiencing an increased level of personal health, happiness and harmony; and also to those who may identify themselves as Ambassadors of Peace or even Diplomats of Love, which are people who support the Embassy’s Programs.
Global Harmonization:- Global Harmonization becomes easier when individuals are harmonized within themselves and also within their own families and communities. Once this occurs an individual is far more effective in their service work and how they operate within the world. Over the past few decades the Self Empowerment Academy P/L – with it’s online representative the Cosmic Internet Academy – has been developing effective, pragmatic programs to address not just health and hunger issues in our world but also programs to bring our world into a state of lasting peace by attending to basic human rights. Based on the ancient wisdom of various esoteric traditions plus inter-dimensional field science, the following programs are now offered at the Embassy of Peace as an aid to harmonize ourselves into a new paradigm of reality. With common visions and goals we can unite in pragmatic, compassionate action to achieve all of this and more. The Embassy of Peace has three pragmatic Global Harmonization Projects which are:-
1. THE PRANA PROGRAM – this is a project that is designed to minimize and eventually eliminate any limiting health & hunger issues – individually and globally.
2. THE MADONNA FREQUENCY PEACE PROJECT – 9 specific projects & lifestyle skills to minimize political, economic and environmental conflict by attending to basic human rights.
3. THE INTERPLANETARY EDUCATION PROGRAM – Understanding and applying both the Pathways of Elysium plus Universal Law so that we may all come into a permanent state of expanded consciousness and peace.
Universal Harmonization:- The Embassy of Peace with its Universal Harmonization Program:- This program is being offered so that people can be aware in a clear way of what will occur to our planet once we harmonize ourselves on both personal and global levels. Many metaphysicians know that what earth is going through is a very normal cycle in evolution that many planets have already undergone. In this section of our manual we do not wish to discuss the validity of the idea of life on other worlds – or planets that exists in the multi-verses – for there is enough scientific research now to attest to this possibility. Instead we wish to offer data to contemplate plus links to videos that you may wish to watch and a step by step pragmatic process for Universal Harmonization as it is said that Earth is rising through the dimensions to join more civilized realms. Let’s assume we all somehow magically get tuned to and experience the reality of personal and global harmonization as outlined in this manual, then what?
Will we suddenly find ourselves existing in another dimension with other beings of advanced consciousness? If so who are they? What are the Universal Nations? Who are the Lords of Peace? What is the Intergalactic Federation of World’s Council? How evolved do we need to be to attract the most supreme Cosmic Colleagues to us from within the web of life? Is there a science to explain the existence of Beings of Light? What is the paradigm of Divine marriage and how does it help to create a peace-filled world? Also as Extraterrestrial existence has now been acknowledged via many sources, then:- What is Exopolitics and what has C.S.E.T.I. discovered? What are portals of possibility? What is the difference between wise Beings of Light and Extraterrestrials with advanced technology? How do we integrate peacefully with each other on Earth and within the interdimensional realms with extraterrestrial intelligence? All of the above and much more is discussed throughout the UHP.

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