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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MEMORIES & MOTIVATIONS - Breatharian Pathways - Introduction

MEMORIES & MOTIVATIONS - Breatharian Pathways

Introduction - excerpt from Jasmuheen's new book

All around the world people always ask me the “why” and the “when” questions.

Why did I decide to live on prana (as a nourishment source) and when did this begin for me.

Other people seem to think that at some point I decided to make a claim that people – including myself – could be free from the need to take physical food and live from prana alone, and that the making of this claim was motivated by a desire to gain attention, sell books, make money and generally defraud the gullible. To this I can only sadly smile for if this was my intention I would have never have chosen this particular ‘prana as nutrition’ pathway.

Still people have a right to be sceptical, critical and disbelieving until re-educated. As we all now know, education is the key to relieving ignorance and fear.

Motivation, intention, purity of heart, a higher calling that is beneficial for the world, these are things that often determine our success in life and so in this small booklet Memories & Motivations we hope to provide another layer to this story of “the when and the why.”

With our place already recorded in history – via various viewpoints – and with the movie In the Beginning There was Light currently making its own headlines, we add the following insightful stories of the breatharian pathway.

While I am not what I call a true breatharian this life, it is still a subject in which I have gained great learning. Yet in the following pages we will simply share stories and minimal insight to explain the “how it is possible,” as this has been well covered in our previous research manuals, particularly in the book In Resonance which looks at telepathy, cellular memory, past life phenomena, light beings, Universal Law and more plus the Prana Program manual and the book The Food of Gods.

The following pages will instead focus on the story of my own personal evolution with this pathway and the pathways of peace that followed.

With love, light & laughter, Jasmuheen

The Why and the When

My journey with Pranic Nourishment

At no point in this life did I ever decide that I wished to stop taking physical food.

This was never an interest or even an inner call for me. And yet it happened.

This ability or gift simply came about as a natural by-product of a spiritual initiation I did in 1993.

My call – or motivation – in undergoing this spiritual initiation was about ascension, to merge more deeply and to become one with the divine essence within, to experience Buddha’s pure land, the “Kingdom of Heaven” within, that the teachings of Jesus spoke about when I was 7-years-old, imprinting me with the desire to experience this Kingdom first-hand.

Yet the universe reflects our own consciousness back to us, just as our dominant thought forms and heartfelt calls rearrange energy fields within and around us. So somewhere in time, I must have been personally interested in the “living purely on light (prana)” reality.

So when did this interest begin and why?

For more you can download this book at this link.

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