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Friday, March 25, 2011

Ch 1 - Excerpt from Jasmuheen's new book, "Memories & Motivations"

Ch 1 - Excerpt from Jasmuheen's new book, 
"Memories & Motivations"

End 1993 ... Brisbane, Australia

It has been maybe 6 months since I have needed to take any physical food and while my physical body has adjusted easily, socially and emotionally the journey has been harder.

People react so differently when it becomes obvious to them that I am not eating. Fear, anger, disbelief, worry and concern for my health, curiosity, awe and admiration, suspicion and scepticism – the list of reactions is varied and vast.

Over the last months I have begun to withdraw, to speak less of it all, to arrange social interactions away from meal times so that this way of being remains undetected if possible. I find myself spending more time alone, meditating in my room, adjusting my energy fields, talking telepathically with the Light Beings who always seem to be beaming in, sending a clear ringing in my ear when they want me to be still and listen, to tune in to their channel.

In their world all I feel is love and peace, acceptance and a gentle guiding, an encouragement to have faith and stand tall, regardless of human reactions, and to rest regularly in the field of love within via meditation. Here I learn so much and begin the art of dematerialization and rematerialization, a topic that intrigues me.

I send my consciousness out of my body and call my molecules to follow, I feel my right foot disintegrating, disappearing. I open my eyes; look down, my foot has gone. Startled and surprised that it worked, my total awareness comes fully back into my physical form and then it happens ...

Saint German is beaming in. The energy in front of me is crackling, violet in its hue, a beam of pulsing light that every cell of my body responds to, intuitively knowing that this master of alchemy is one who has been telepathically hooking-in for some time.

He is just a beam of light, dancing energy with a specific form that firmly but gently says: - “It is time to choose.”

“Choose?” I telepathically respond.

“The path of service or the path of self mastery,” he states, referring to my recent reclusive meditations and interest in mastering the molecules for dematerialization practices.

“Umm ... service?” I quietly state.

I sense him smiling at my presence as he adds, “The path of service leads to self mastery and the path of self mastery leads to service.” It is a circle and either choice is fine, yet I have chosen and I know that this choice has brought an assignment. I wait.

“We invite you to speak about this to the global media.”

My immediate reaction is one of overwhelming no way – you’ve got to be joking! It’s hard enough living this way among friends, family and in our spiritual community – the media will rip this to shreds! All of this I think and feel, horrified at the thought, while this gloriously loving being of light patiently waits for my initial reaction to pass.

“I have a question,” he states, again speaking mind-to-mind, where our communion is the clearest. (Having been in communication with a ‘dead’ brother since age 14, then Biblical figures Elias and Elijah during 1987, then the Ascended Masters from 1992 on, clairaudience has become familiar.)

I listen ...

Saint Germain gently asks, “Is this truly possible for you?” he is asking if I know with every fibre of my being that prana alone is nourishing me.

“Of course it is, you all know this!” I know they knew, the question seems redundant, until he says something like,

“So if you know this as truth, then as you also know every second second a child is dying of hunger related disease, and knowing what you know, can you live with yourself morally, and not share this information?”

I feel as if I am in the middle of a rock and a hard place. The question is loaded, a trap from which I cannot escape and so another choice is made. I have no idea what awaits me and yet I know it will be a challenge. I feel unprepared, ill-informed; I am still trying to understand it all myself. At this point all I know is that the 21 day process that I underwent months before, had taken away all my hungers. The ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of it all still remained elusive.

No more was said that day and while I felt dread as to what may come from this commitment, having witnessed how easily that some media could turn truths into lies and misinformation, I also was left feeling somewhat divinely protected and blessed. Somehow I just knew that I was not alone, and that I was also extremely well loved and supported.

And yet there would be times to come in the following years where I would come to feel completely incapable of fulfilling this commitment. Yet somehow the strength and courage would come, along with the light of understanding.

Stay tuned for more ...

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