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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Way of Love

Mid July, 2010 – The Way of Love – Bavaria - Jasmuheen Travel Journal Insights

I learnt of the Way of Love when I walked the Earth in the time of the Christ.

I came again to be with the Cathars and live the Way of Love.

And now we come to teach of it.

The Way of Love is pranic living.

It is a divine romance of the purest love with our own enlightened nature until all we are is a pulse of its pure love and in that pulse there can be no hunger.

And here we are at our Sacred Art Retreat in Germany walking the Way of Love, talking about the ways of love and the Sacred Union of Heros Gamos.

There comes a point in every Sacred Art Retreat – and also in our Darkroom Retreats – where people harmonize and gel in the most perfected manner. Because we invite them to spend regular periods of deep silence, to let the creative process unfold as we listen instead to sacred music, because we begin the day with Qigong, then meditation, to move the chi, increase it and change brain wave patterns, because all are fed pure food in a highly charged pranic environment of nature, and because they are together with pure-hearted like-minded people; there comes a point where the energy field hits a note of resonance and peace becomes our partner.

Smiles fill eyes and faces, and serenity sets in, and the rhythm of a purer pulse rises from within us all to harmonize all who attend and fill the room with such peace.

It truly is wonderful to witness. - Jasmuheen

Excerpt from her travel journal - Enjoying the Rhythm of Love in Our World

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