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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quotes - Insights with jasmuheen on love, consciousness & more.

If everything is a reflection of our own consciousness then on one level it is hard to comment on anything. We can only make observations and share any insights in the knowledge that the only truth is the experience we have when we stand in the Heart of the Matrix of Creation and allow ourselves to be absorbed and overwhelmed by its love. Everything else must reside within the mental plane which is then subject to everyone’s interpretation.

I remember many years ago one of the Holy Ones sharing with me that one of the most debilitating energies was judgment – of ourselves and also others – and that one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others is the gift of unconditional love, in the knowledge that the Divine One Within us all is guiding us through many different experiences, so that we can gather and exhibit more virtues and also to give us the wondrous experience of being a divine being living in a denser dimension, with all that this entails. – Jasmuheen

Love is addictive, it is effervescent in its nature as is its joy. It catches us unawares with its depth and rewards. There are the deepest currents of the purest love bubbling through the Matrix of life that in turn then bubbles through us. When we dive into this current via our lifestyle and focus, we receive all the nourishment we need so that we are free to give that love without condition or thought of reward and in this very act of pure intention comes the most amazing gifts. This is the way of the fields where the Master is the best servant and those in pure hearted service discover the master within. – Jasmuheen


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