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Friday, December 31, 2010

Stages & Grace

As I have shared so often before, there are various stages we go through in our journey through the fields of life, when we are open to manifesting the divinity that we are and these are described in many books including my own. Eventually we come into that space of absolute perfection where all we see is the good in all and the God in all and all our hungers disappear. It is a space of Being, not doing, as our own personal radiation beams out whatever is required into the world, effortlessly and with Grace.

Our personal energy emanations are also influencing the world around us regardless of what our reality models are, this is just a natural system of magnetic attraction. Hence the emphasis on being aware regarding what we are radiating and the copious amount of tools to retune ourselves as given out by the indigenous shaman, yogis and metaphysicians.

Grace is one indicator that the way we are living our lives is beneficial for the greater whole and we know if our spiritual realities and lifestyles are working for us by how the universe responds to us and how much Grace is in our lives. Grace can be a steady flow – a powerful stream that carries us effortlessly through life as the Creator Gods that we are, or it can be a now and then event that, when we see it and feel it, leaves us hungry for more.

In the deepest currents of the purest field of love, there can be no hungers or desires for all we feel is the deepest contentment and peace; when Grace abounds in our life, we lack for nothing, we are free.

And yet?

I say and yet, because for many now this life is not about personal realities anymore but about global. For others it is also about universal. Once the personal reality has been locked in effectively enough to attract a constant flow of Grace and inner plane support, and we lack for nothing in our mastery, for we understand the workings of the fields, then our time here becomes one that is dedicated to service, for the upliftment of the whole. Not because we suffer from a ‘God complex’ or the need to save the world, but simply because it is time for earth to enter en-mass into a higher paradigm and we all control the timing of when this happens. – Jasmuheen

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