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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pranic Streams

Pranic streams for nourishment happen magnetically with like attracting like with a flow coming that is strong enough to provide all that the body needs to be without physical food, or with a magnetic flow that is not quite strong enough to do this. Changing our lifestyle, particularly attitudes, mind-sets and beliefs, can easily change our magnetic attractor patterns since the Universal Law of Resonance governs all of this.

It is thus the same for everything else in our life that we are open to experience. Awareness and education opens the field of possibility, and then a clear intention begins the flow towards us of the new energy stream that we are open to be nourished by, merge into, or be melded with. The strength, attributes and power of this stream can only be a direct match with our own capacity to handle it and match frequencies with it.

So intention and breath must also be matched with personal field resonance, to receive the complete quotient of what each wave in the matrix can carry to us. Intention opens the door, breath determines the directional pull and begins the magnetic flow to the thinker of the intentional thought, and then as the wave passes through us it can only deliver that which we are able to match with, the rest will then flow on.

For me it is so beautiful to lie in stillness in the middle of the night and be instructed in all of this, to do it and feel the flows of energy passing through me, depositing into each cell that which I am open to and able to receive.

To breath, inhale, “I AM JOY” delivers waves of joy; to inhale a stream of pure love with “I AM LOVE,” or a stream of courage or clarity; whatever our essence wishes to strengthen through the personality field so that true sacred union can be entered into by the blending and merging with such pure, undiluted energy flows. All of this is food for our emotional and spiritual being, healing, rebalancing, recharging, redefining and more.

Smiles - Jasmuheen

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