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Monday, August 9, 2010

“Synopsis, Keys and Solutions” - channelled data

from the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds Council,
Channeling thru Jasmuheen – June 2010

“There comes a point in the evolutionary process of every planet, that its people begin to ask,

- Surely we can live in peace?
- Surely we can find a way to exist in harmony together?
- Surely we can find better solutions than waging war upon each other?
- Surely we can provide a better future for our children?
- Surely we can find better systems of energy that do not deplete our Earth’s resources?
- Surely we can …

“And so the questions and ponderings go on, building and building until that planet begins to send a collective pulse of thought-form that contains these questions, out into the quantum field, with such force of enquiry and deep hearted desire, that the planet and her people attract the attention of streams of consciousness that held the answers to such ponderings. And this Earth’s people have done.

“With this sincere desire leading your way, Earth came under our spotlight, you could say, in a manner that has coincided now with the fulfilment of prophecy.

“The Intergalactic Federation of Worlds Council is like your United Nations but on a cosmic level. One of our jobs, so to speak, is to oversee the rising of the worlds and when your collective frequency has matched the frequency that is required for this rising to be complete, then it will be so; and your world and her peoples will never know war, loss, loneliness, fear or separation again. It is time to put these things behind you if this be your desire.

“Your first key to this is to make the children of your world your number one priority rather than the creation of weapons of war.

“When you collectively decide to make the children of your world the number one agenda, to which all resources must go, then and only then will your world know permanent peace.

“It is time to reform the education systems on your planet, to provide holistic understanding, including the knowledge of Universal Law. It is time for the adults of your world to match frequencies with the new children who are arriving and help support this transition and consequent rising. The only way to match frequencies with, and thus understand the needs of all your children, including the new souls now arriving, is to strip away the illusion that you are anything but beings of great light and love. Yet this knowledge can only be a truth for you when it is a real experience rather than a spiritual ideology or goal.

“There are of course many pathways offered on your world for this to be an experiential truth and thankfully you hold within you the perfect guide to lead you deep into this experience of Oneness, of your divine light and your supreme capacity for love and compassion, so that you will find the perfect solutions to harmoniously unify your world and provide a future for your children that you can be proud of.

“We state again,

“It is the time of the children. Peace will come to Terra when you make your children your main focus. So it is and so it always has been.

“When you know the pure essence of that which you are only then will you see the pathway home and provide what your children need, so that your planet can ascend and be permanently anchored once more in the realm of light.

“This, then, becomes the second key to your ascension to a higher light; the experiential knowledge of your own Christed nature so that the time of the revelation and the rapture can come to pass in a way that unifies you all.

“The ‘Christed’ nature is your infinite aspect of love and wisdom that all carry within in the Kingdom of Heaven as once was told.

“As your planet shifts and changes and old systems crumble, it will become apparent that the only non-changing, completely nourishing reliable source, on which you can rely, will be this already ascended, pure part of yourselves that is awaiting your marriage with it.

“Forces have convened now both globally and universally. There is no stopping this train of movement that you now find yourselves upon.

“Your transition into this light-filled path with its days of revelation and ways of rapture is unstoppable yet you do control both the timing and the intensity. You control this via your collective vibration.

“When you step out from the rivers of fear and separation and into the currents of love, then all will unfold smoothly as has been foretold so often before.

“It is time to marry your intellect and logic with your intuition and your heart. This too has been said so often before and this too is another key to the rising of your world.

“Meditate not then on things that separate and divide you. Meditate instead on that which will unify you all. This can only be, has always been, the force within that has given you life upon the Earth.

“So it is and so it always has been.”

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