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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Prana Program & Third World Feeding with Jasmuheen

Excerpt from THE PRANA PROGRAM Research Manual with Jasmuheen
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Introduction:- Intentions, outcomes and definitions.

Q: What is your intention with offering The Prana Program to Third World countries? What outcome would you like to achieve?

A: After 12 years - as at 2005 - of experiential research and refinement of this feeding system in the west, and with the continuing focus on providing more effective aid packages into countries like Africa, and Third World countries, we would like to add our research as an additional layer to the usual aid programs. Using modern technology of the internet with audio and visual presentations, we can train people to understand and teach a simple program of alternate internal nutrition, and thus alleviate some of the stress of trying to distribute other resources into these areas.

We also hope to reduce mortality rates and pro-actively improve health and happiness levels of those struggling to survive who currently suffer from lack of proper nourishment. With a child dying of hunger related diseases every 2 seconds there is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained by adding The Prana Program to existing aid packages.

Q: Is it your intention that The Prana Program replace normal food supplies in all countries?

A: In the short term definitely not. However increasing the pranic flow, and adding the mindset that prana can provide an additional level of nourishment, can be very beneficial to all. For example, I know of many people who for years have lived very healthily without taking vitamin supplements and whose calorie intake has averaged less than 300 calories per day - myself included. By relying on prana to provide what we need nutritionally, our dependency on global food resources has dropped substantially with no detriment to our health. For example, in a recent BBC documentary where people in Ethiopia were existing only on wild cabbage grass, when their food rations ran out, this would not be a problem if prana can supplement their diet until aid programs were more effectively placed. In the long term the successful implementation of The Prana Program will eliminate the need for many external aid programs.

Q: Wouldn't the correct implementation of The Prana Program also affect the operational status of existing aid programs?

A: Yes definitely. Many aid programs provide water and food and the means of cultivation of both. As community calibrations change and success is activated with the physical nourishment aspect of The Prana Program then we will see an improvement also in community health. Programs with an emphasis on farming and food production will change dramatically.

Q: How can this be most easily achieved?

A: In five ways.

1) Education to understand The Prana Program and the adoption of new mindsets;

2) Breathing techniques based on ancient proven practices;

3) The use of specific internal feeding mechanisms that magnetize an increased pranic flow to nourish and hydrate the physical system;

4) Community support to experience and support The Prana Program first hand;

5) Responsible media reportage to highlight the success and spread The Prana Program methodology.

Q: How do you propose The Prana Program be taught in Third World countries?

A: As this is a pioneering field we are obviously open to recommendations but suggest that it initially be trialed in one village so that adjustments to the model and success assessments can be made. Also with the simple Sway and Tummy Breath test tools people can self assess every step of the way although results will easily be evident by an increase in health and a decrease in mortality rates.

Initially we would also look at training within aid agencies using Audio/Visual and PowerPoint presentations as well as personal instruction regarding our research and tools.

The best teacher of this is obviously someone who is successfully living it and has proven personal results for they are individuals who are free of doubt and fear in this field.

THE PRANA PROGRAM for 3rd World communities

So to apply The Prana Program to Third World countries, there are 3 areas we need to address:-

•Mental attitudes & mindsets

•Community life PLUS

•How to create & utilize alternate internal and external pranic feeding mechanisms including accessing solar micro food.


Introduction: One of the most important aspects of The Prana Program is education into the power of the human mind. This includes the proven power of positive thinking which research shares can increase a person¡¦s lifespan by 20% compared to those who consistently think negatively. Understanding also how to use our higher capabilities of brain power by creative visualization, will and intention, we can improve health and longevity levels in all countries and cultures. By combining mind mastery with ancient yogic practices and modern western research, we can re-educate all to the benefits of The Prana Program.

Q: How would you describe prana to a largely uneducated, Third World population?

A: Everyone has certain beliefs so we may need to find their terms to describe prana. For example, to the Christians we would describe prana as a nourishing aspect of the God force. For many it is not that difficult to understand that there is a force of energy that breathes us all, that loves us and that we can feel this love when we meditate upon it and that there is a force that guides us via our intuition.

With the acceptance of all of this, then the idea that this invisible force can also manufacture and deliver into our cells all the nutrition we need to be healthy and self regenerate, is not that difficult. Hopefully then we can also share the idea that this force can nourish us regardless of how much or how little we physically have to eat. With sound holistic education regarding the mind/body connection we can teach how to increase the flow of cosmic particles to our systems in a way that can feed us on all levels.

Q: How can The Prana Program be used as an alternate source of nourishment and hence be of benefit to underdeveloped Third World countries, or even to first world countries, that are suffering from lack of proper nourishment?

A: By the use of simple meditation tools, breath techniques and visualization procedures, we can instruct people how to nourish themselves from within and decrease their dependance on external food. This increases their self reliance and provides them with greater independence from the world¡¦s food resources and allows them to be nourished not just physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Q: Surely people in Third World countries, or even First World countries, who are suffering from undernourishment firstly need access to good food and then education regarding healthy food choices?

A: Holistic education is required to break the cycles of poverty and good nourishment will simultaneously provide the strength to do it. Both go hand in hand. It is important to relieve people of the victim type consciousness that can accrue as they wait for the west to redistribute and deliver resources. The Prana Program allows for personal affirmative action.

Q: You talk in previous chapters about the need for people to have a particular calibration to safely exist on a prana only nourishment. How does this apply in Third World countries?

A: On one level it doesn¡¦t apply as the fact is that people are dying regardless, so The Prana Program may save lives that are already on the path to being lost, due to lack of availability of physical food, so we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by applying this program in Third World countries. In the west calibration levels apply to minimize unnecessary physical system damage.

Q: What about the spiritual reality of karma and souls choosing to incarnate into situations of starvation and poverty for their karmic learning and rebalancing?

A: In esoteric circles, it is well understood that people choose in each embodiment their culture, their parents, their race and the locality of their embodiment. Many believe that some people have entered into environments of poverty and suffering to complete karmic ties and chapters that have been unfinished from other lives. Regardless of this, many are very aware of the apathy that can come when one looks at the game of karma particularly regarding the caste system in India. It is easier to dismiss, and be inactive rather than active, by saying 'It's their choosing - it is nothing to do with us¨.

Apathy separates, constructive compassion unifies.

Regardless of this, karmic learning can still be gained and energies rebalanced while living in a situation where basic human rights are met. As empathetic and aware adults we can work together to at least feed, clothe, shelter and holistically educate those open to this basic right. To do this is a sign of a civilized world.

Q: What about research into the field of solar nourishment?

A: As was discussed in detail in the previous chapter, Solar Nourishment is another way of gaining nutrition that we need by utilizing the sun¡¦s energy and absorbing this directly through our eyes into our brain which again stimulates the master glands and changes brain wave patterns. We will also share a simple solar nourishment program shortly.

Q: What has your research found regarding the role of our brain and our ability to be fed by prana or cosmic particles?

A: There are two levels to consider here.

a) Physical brain stimulation and re-programming and using new software (specific mental commands) for the brain's computer to run, and

b) Master gland activation and stimulation to change basic brain wave activity from Beta to Alpha to Theta.

When these are attended to we begin to utilize the 4/5th's of the brain not normally used so we can tap into other levels of ability.


Q: How can you expect children under 5 or even older, to be aware of the need to hold certain mental attitudes towards their nourishment? Surely all a small child understands is the ache of hunger in their stomach?

A: A journalist once said to me that young children die each minute from starvation and malnutrition and that changing our beliefs and mindset about nutritional requirements of food would not save them. However when we understand the dynamics of energy, we understand that children are linked to their parents’ energy fields, particularly that of the mother, until they are 18 months to 2 years old. They then begin the process of separation, which some schools of thought say is completed between 14 and 21, depending on the individual. Change the lifestyles and beliefs of the parent and the community and the child will change. Hence in The Prana Program we need to educate experientially the adults first who can then hold the field of support for the children.

Q: What research statistics can you share that may inspire this change.

A: The facts are that malnutrition contributes to nearly seven million child deaths every year – more than any infectious disease, war or natural disaster, according to the 1998 State of the World’s Children Report released by UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund.

No less than half of all children under the age of five in South Asia and one-third of those in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as millions of children in industrialized countries, are malnourished. Three-quarters of the children who die worldwide of causes related to malnutrition are what nutritionists describe as “mildly to moderately malnourished” and show no outward signs of problems. Consciously adding prana as an additional nutrition source can only be beneficial especially when we consider:-

 The approximate number of children who starve to death every day: 40,000

 How frequently a child dies of starvation: Every 2 seconds

 The number of people who will starve to death each year: >60 million

 The number of pure vegetarians who can be fed on the amount of land needed to feed 1 person consuming a meat-based diet: 20. (This number could be closer to 150 if you’re talking about pure Rawfood-vegetarians.)

 The number of people who could be adequately fed by the grain saved if Americans reduced their intake of meat by 10%: 60 million.

 Number of people who can be nourished by prana: limitless

 $ cost of pranic nourishment and production = $0

Q: How do you hope to address the challenge of educating adults in these communities and inspiring them to adopt the prana mindset?

A: When adults are exposed to the reality of many individuals worldwide being able to live on prana, they will lose their fear and change their mindset. This will lead to a modification in the frequency and quality of the energy they emit, and their children will respond accordingly. Everything is interconnected. The secret is in the understanding of the power of the mind over our molecular structure and although those who have not felt the power of their DOW may not understand the experience of feeling interconnected to everything, nonetheless education with practical tools will help.

It is also important to keep our focus clear. The pranic nourishment solution is a bridge to freedom only because it is one way to unlock the majestic power of our DOW. It is not about whether we eat or don’t eat, but whether we need to. It is about being free from the erroneous fear that says, “If we don’t eat food we will die”, and it is also a wonderful skill to have in times of famine from war or Earth changes. This is part of the new mindset that needs to be offered into communities that are dependant on external food resources in a way that is detrimental to them.

Q: What do you mean by ‘dependant on external food resources in a way that is detrimental to them’?

A: If food resources are being sent to these countries but they are not being appropriately distributed – as has been the case with some of the African aid – then it is imperative that the local population are taught to unhook themselves from their dependency on the performance of others and in this way education into The Prana Program can help as it promotes self reliance.

An Indian guru I knew once said: “Never be dependant on anything outside of yourself” and now that we have experientially researched prana’s nutritional aspects then we can offer this also as an aid. Providing tools and education to move beyond victim consciousness is a very beneficial evolutionary program.

Q: You touched on this in Chapter 7 but can you share more regarding how The Prana Program will combat world hunger issues, particularly re resource redistribution?

A: The success of pranic nourishment in combating global hunger is dependant on a massive re-education program into self-responsibility and self-refinement that honors all our bodies from the physical to the spiritual.

How long until eating for pleasure rather than for need becomes an everyday possibility in the west, is up to each one of us, and as more of us allow our DOW to sustain us, then the sooner the idea of not needing to eat food can move from the miraculous into the everyday and into Third World countries.

It is actually the 8 point Luscious Lifestyle Program that if adopted by more, will bring the most dramatic change. When this lifestyle is applied in the west many people will naturally become more service-minded and more active in compassionately addressing the problems of others. So much can be taught freely to change what is happening in Third World situations by the re-education of all. As we find our emotional and mental nourishment moving from beyond greed for material things, we can effectively redistribute needed resources.

Q: You stress the need for holistic education, so exactly what do you feel needs to be taught in countries with hunger and lack of nutrition challenges?

A: Firstly as all people can breathe and breathing is free, this is the first tool to teach people regardless of where they now live. To do pranayama, means to do particular breathing exercises that feed and nourish the energy fields of all the human bodies.

Pranayama breathing exercises and even qigong can easily be taught to young and old to improve their health and vitality levels. Coupled with programming and mind power techniques, radical transformations can be made regardless of our circumstances. All can use the breath techniques in Part C daily and feel the difference.

More can also be immediately taught about the amazing capabilities of the human bio-system including the mind/body connection, and how to effectively reprogram ourself to be free from limiting beliefs. We need to understand mentally how prana is a viable alternative source of nourishment that is available now and for free.

People die from starvation because they have not yet been taught about this alternative nutrition source, or about mind mastery and the power of their focused thought to create a different reality. Many have not yet discovered the true power of the Divine Force within and how breath techniques can nourish them on all levels as they are too busy trying to survive. Being able to live without food from the physical realms becomes quite simple when we understand how and it will make the survival game easier for many.

To reiterate: Breathing is free and breath techniques can be taught to gain increased nourishment and health and longevity. Thinking is free, so mind mastery programming techniques can also be taught immediately. The power of prayer and healing through song can be taught as well as a basic understanding of universal law. It all just needs to be delivered in an easy to understand conceptual framework with simple pragmatic tools.

Q: You often talk about reducing the expenditure on weaponry, can you discuss this more?

A: Definitely, before the war on terrorism, the World Bank released statistics that showed that just one third of our annual global military budget could be redirected each year to eliminate global poverty. We also know that warfare has been the most common human cause of famine for in addition to destroying crops and food supplies, warfare also disrupts the distribution of food through the use of siege and blockade tactics.

Our proposal for eventual global disarmament will eliminate this problem of warfare and many of us are now in service pragmatically creating change for global civility. With pranic nourishment we do not need to grow crops, so famine from drought will not be a problem. With pranic nourishment we do not need to slaughter animals or even eat a ‘balanced diet’ and we will not get malnutrition, as all that our body needs can come from prana when we learn how.

Simplistically our global expenditure on weaponry is because we live in fear; and increasing the pranic flow eliminates fear and makes us more compassionate so we have no need for such destructive weaponry.

PART C & PART D are covered in THE PRANA PROGRAM Research manual


Q: You say that the qigong community have done a lot of research into Bigu, can you provide more data on this?

Answer with Eltrayan: Yes, on page 286 in the book Scientific Qigong Exploration by nuclear physicist Lu Zuyin, he shares further about the state of Bigu and also about the experiments conducted on people who have not eaten for up to 6 years. “Bigu is a state in which a person maintains a normal life without taking any food. Standard Bigu means very little or no intake of water. Basic Bigu means only drinking water and juice. Non-standard Bigu means ingesting water, juice and occasionally juicy fruits and vegetable soups.”

Q: Are there any documented researched cases of Bigu?

Answer with Eltrayan: Yes a Chinese girl in New York has been in a state of ‘Bigu’ since 21 October 1987 when she attended a prana emitting lecture by a prana master. At that time she was aged 10. After 10 months from the start of her Biju, the Chinese Military Academy of Medicine organised 8 medical experts to conduct a month long investigation of her. They reached the conclusion that in spite of her extremely insufficient intake of calories and nutrition she had maintained her normal life and growth and the stability of internal physiological conditions. A light duty worker normally needs 2,200 kilocalories each day, but her daily nutrition consumption was only 200 to 300 kilocalories each day, and calculations showed that according to her daily activities, that she needed at least 1500 kilocalories per day. These facts seriously challenged modern physiology.


In 1998, a journalist called Stephen Janetzko gave me an article that I believe was published in November 1976, by Germany’s Esotera Magazine. It contained an in-depth article called “Sei wurden zu menschlichen Pflanzen” (or “They Changed to Human Plants”) and it appears to have been written by Von Dr. Albert A. Bartel.

Focusing on the work of Dr Karl Graninger, it also reports on Maria Furtner from Frasdorf in Bavaria who lived 52 years drinking only water from the mineral spring near her home. Maria underwent a three week observation period in Munich University Hospital to prove she didn’t need to eat. When released from the hospital she walked the 60km home in three days without problem.

Then there was Resl – Theresa Nuemann, who I mention in my first book. She lived in the Bavarian Forest in Konnersreuth. Her only food each day for 17 years was a consecrated wafer. X-rays showed her bowels to be pencil thin.

Then there was Anna Nassi, who was the child of a farmer from Deutenhofen in Bavaria. Her teacher told the researchers for the article that Anna lived for 6 years on only water.

After the First World War in Europe, Austrian specialist Dr Karl Graninger noticed that although people had become prisoners of war, not all returned from the war camps unhealthy. For some the fasting, fresh air, meagre diets and non-smoking was very beneficial physically.

The idea that some had starved and were quite ill after imprisonment while others were healthier fascinated him. Consequently from 1920 to 1940 when he died, Dr Graninger conducted research into the phenomena of “inedia paradoxa” – or living without food. Finding 23 cases in the west of Europe, his test subjects were mostly women and children who were observed to live without food for both long and short periods of time. All subjects were found to have character attributes of patience, devotion and godliness.

In Summary:

I share the above research in this section to show that:-

a) People can healthily survive with minimum calorie intake as in Bigu.

b) People in war torn areas can find inner resources to sustain them regardless of their circumstances although faith and trust cannot be taught as they come naturally to us through the trials of life.

While we have no proven track record as yet at applying The Prana Program into Third World countries, I personally believe that we can achieve success using a combination of:-

 Breath tools including pranic Breathing;

 Solar Nourishment – where applicable;

 Lifestyle tools;

 Mind mastery & re-education re mind power;

 Specific Internal Feeding Mechanisms that access alternate internal nutritional energy.

No doubt the program may need refining as we apply it experientially but the basic keynotes for success are here.


The positive impact of The Prana Program on resource sustainability and also on environmental pollution cannot be ignored. These statistics share the difference between a meat based and vegetarian diet. The statistics for the impact of a prana only nourishment are obviously not available but will be far more beneficial again. Regarding health and hunger challenges in Third World countries, research shares that today we have enough resources to feed everyone easily on our planet – we just need more effective distribution systems. However in another few decades even with effective resource distribution systems, we will not have enough resources unless we move to a global vegetarian diet.


 Historic cause of demise of many great civilizations: Topsoil depletion

 Percentage of original U.S.A. topsoil lost to date: 75%

 Percentage of U.S.A. topsoil loss directly associated with livestock raising: 85%

According to Harvey Diamond a vegetarian lifestyle will save seven hundred million tons of top soil each year and “one hundred and twenty million acres of land, choice land, could be made available for more prudent use”.


 Amount of U.S forest which has been cleared to create cropland to produce a meat-centered diet: 260 million acres (1.05 million square kilometers)

 How often an acre (4,047 square meters) of U.S.A. trees disappears: Every 8 seconds

 Amount of trees spared per year by each individual who switches to a pure vegetarian diet: 1 acre (4,047 square meters)

 Amount of tree acreage cleared for prana only nourishment: 0


 A driving force behind the destruction of the tropical rainforests: American meat habit

 Current rate of species extinction due to destruction of tropical rainforests and related habitats: 1000 per year.

“The tropical rainforests of the world are probably Earth’s most precious resource, offering refuge to three quarters of all living things on the planet. This lush green belt of forest that circles the equator is frequently referred to as Earth’s lungs.”


 User of more than half of all water used for all purposes in the United States: Livestock production

 Water needed to produce 1 pound (.45 kg) of wheat: 25 gallons (95 litres)

 Water needed to produce 1 pound (.45 kg) of meat: 2,500 gallons (9,465 litres)

 Water needed to produce prana: 0 gallons

 Cost of common hamburger meat if water used by meat industry was not subsidized by the U.S.A. taxpayers: $35 per pound ($77 per kg)

 Current cost for 1 pound (.45 kg) of protein from wheat: $1.50

 Current cost for 1 pound (.45 kg) of protein from beefsteak: $15.40

 Cost for 1 pound (.45 kg) of protein from beefsteak if U.S taxpayers ceased subsidizing meat industry’s use of water: $89 (Harvey Diamond says the cost is US$35 a pound and that “in California alone the cost of subsidizing the meat industry is US$24 billion per annum!”)

 Current cost for prana protein production: $0

Petroleum and Energy

 Length of time world’s petroleum reserves would last (with current technologies) if all human beings ate meat-centered diet: 13 years

 Length of time world’s petroleum reserves would last (with current technologies) if all human beings ate vegetarian diet: 260 years

 Percentage of raw materials consumed in the U.S.A for all purposes presently consumed to produce the current meat-centered diet: 33%

 Percentage of raw materials consumed in the U.S.A for all purposes needed to produce a pure vegetarian diet: 2%

 Percentage of raw materials required to produce a pure prana diet: 0%
Sewage Systems

 Production of excrement by total U.S.A. population: 12,000 lbs. (5443 kg) per second

 Production of excrement by U.S.A. livestock: 250,000 lbs. (113,400 kg) per second

 Amount of waste produced annually by U.S.A. livestock in confinement operations which is not recycled: 1 billion tons (907 billion kg)

 Relative concentration of feedlot wastes compared to raw domestic sewage: Ten to several hundred times more highly concentrated

 Where feedlot waste typically ends up: Human water supply

Obviously by the above statistics, anyone can see the radical and positive impact that living on prana only will have on our planet in the long term. No need for sewerage systems, no more animal slaughter, no need for such comprehensive systems of waste elimination, no need for such huge oil reserves, and no need for deforestation … the list goes on.

  • working holistically and harmoniously
  • combining emotional, mental, spiritual and physical resources
In a recent speech on human rights and peace, the Dalai Lama said:-

“If we are serious in our commitment to the fundamental principles of equality which, I believe, lie at the heart of the concept of human rights, today’s economic disparity can no longer be ignored. It is not enough to merely state that all human beings must enjoy equal dignity. This concept must be translated into action. We have a responsibility to find ways to achieve a more equitable distribution of the world’s resources.

“We are witnessing a tremendous popular movement for the advancement of human rights and democratic freedom in the world. This movement must become an even more powerful moral force, so that even the most obstructive governments and armies cannot suppress it.

“It is natural and just for nations, peoples and individuals to demand respect for their rights and freedoms and to struggle to end repression, racism, economic exploitation, military occupation, and various forms of colonialism and alien domination. Governments should actively support such demands instead of merely paying lip-service to them.”

The Dalai Lama continued: “As we approach the end of the 20th century, we find that the world is becoming one community. We are being drawn together by the grave problems of overpopulation, dwindling natural resources, and an environmental crisis that threaten the very foundation of our existence on this planet. Human rights, environmental protection, greater social and economic equality and peace, are now all interrelated. If we are to meet the challenges of our times, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility.

“We must all learn to work not just for ourselves, our own family or own nation, but for the benefit of all humankind. Universal responsibility is the key to human survival and the best guarantee for human rights and for world peace.”


Many people have held concerns for some time about the effects that an ever increasing population growth may have on Earth’s future and yet we really have little cause for concern, provided we learn how to effectively redistribute the resources on our planet and take personal responsibility for our lifestyles by working on a holistic level. If we do this then over population should not be a factor of major concern as our resource consumption will be minimized especially as we apply The Prana Program en mass.

Many of us are focused on creating positive personal and planetary progression, not just for ourselves, but also for our offspring and the idea that we can live in harmony and unity as healthy people who respect and honor each other is not just a pipe dream. Yet in order to have healthy, happy and productive adults in society we need to have healthy, happy and productive children.

Q: How do you suggest that we achieve this?

A: This is achieved in three ways – home education, school education and life education. Hence it appears that we have a great need for resources to be also redirected into more holistic education programs that provide people with the mental, emotional and even spiritual food required for self mastery, compassion and self reliance, education that promotes compassion, virtues and respect for all life so that resources can be shared more equitably.

Q: So what do you recommend to an individual regarding minimizing their resource usage? How does The Prana Program help with this?

A: As we utilize more of the pranic stream to nourish us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, we naturally find ourselves consuming less resources. Western civilization consumes many resources to satisfy deep emotional and mental hungers and many find that materialism fails to deliver true satisfaction and yet we continue seeking fulfillment for these hungers.

Metaphysicians and yogi’s have long realized that the only source of true nourishment for all our hungers comes from within and when this occurs our lives and consumptions are simplified for we have different drives. The Prana Program and its lifestyle satisfies our deepest hungers thus unhooking us from rampant consumerism, allowing us to live in greater fields of harmony and respect for resources and the needs of others.


Summary of The Prana Program:

a) Increase internal pranic flow and external prana radiation from our beings and decrease our dependence on the world’s resources as we get healthier and need less.

b) Do this via mindset changes, will and intention and the use of alternate internal feeding mechanisms.

c) Promote holistic education programs that allow everyone to be nourished on deeper levels from an alternate source that is free and non-biased.

Outcome: Minimal (if any) health and hunger challenges on Earth.

Q: Is there any final statement that you would like to make to complete the last decade of your research as summarized in this manual?

A: Using the science of the fields to change life, to be more honoring and harmonious for all, to me is basic common sense as it’s just utilizing our innate abilities more consciously and effectively. We have experientially now had intense and prolonged exposure to the micro-food of life and have begun to understand many of its aspects. We have seen what it can offer to our evolution and how micro-food nourishment can radically improve the quality of human existence. To ignore it, and to deny respect and support for those who research it so that we can share its gifts globally, would greatly lessen both the enjoyment and effectiveness of our evolutionary path. Prana power is a powerful peace, healing and feeding tool for our world and its benefits are destined to be legendary.

Q: What is the simplest procedure a person needs to adopt for gaining The Prana Program benefits?

•Firstly, become educated in The Prana Program and its power;

•next learn breathing patterns and understand all you can about breath power;

•also understand mind power and how to use it to attract and absorb cosmic particles.

•In addition, apply the internal feeding mechanisms and program outlined in the last section of this book;

•and bring yourself into a state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness via your lifestyle, perceptions and belief choices.

•Finally, understand about and then adjust your personal calibration.

THE PRANA PROGRAM Research Manual by Jasmuheen

Everything you need to know about prana. Alternate Energy for the New Millennium, including a practical Prana Program for eliminating hunger in Third World countries.

•Can we eliminate all health & hunger challenges on our planet?

Is there a way of satiating everyone’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hungers and do it in a way that creates peace and harmony in our world?

•After over a decade of experiential research in the field of alternate nourishment utilizing chi or prana – also known as cosmic particles – Jasmuheen as leading researcher in this field, now puts forth a program to do just that. Specializing in Third World countries, THE PRANA PROGRAM e-book is an encyclopedia type compendium of ‘everything you always wanted to know about prana and more’. Styled in Question & Answer format this book covers alternate methods of nourishing and even hydrating the body using an inner energy source already produced in the body thus freeing us from our dependence on world’s food resources and changing the economic status of our world.

Compiling questions from the last decade of her travels, this latest e-book also offers details on: Prana Program Benefits; Prana & the Bio-system; Prana & The Brain; Prana & Darkroom Technology; Prana & The Heart; Prana & The Cells; Prana & Field Science; Prana & Inter-dimensional Life; Preparation, Physical Changes & Preprogramming; Calibration, Testing & Comfortable Conversions; Social Scenes - Prana & Social Scenes; Prana & Parenting; Prana & Other Family Members – Harmonizing Households; Prana & eating Disorders; Prana & Sexuality; Global Issues - Gifts &Growth - Past, Present & Future; Prana & Health; Prana & Religion; The Prana Program & the Environment; The Prana Program & Politics; Skeptics & the Media; plus Solar Nourishment, Bigu & The Bigger Picture are in Chapters 2 to 8 of THE PRANA PROGRAM. Chapter 9 deals with a pragmatic simple nourishment system for both first and third world health and hunger challenges.

•THE PRANA PROGRAM is now available in paperback HERE from lulu.com

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