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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Because I Love You

Sometimes we enter into an understanding in life that appears to be a revelation. A new way of Being or seeing things that then takes us into a new direction, a new experience or mode of operation.

“Because I love you …” did it for me.

In the game of divine marriage we surrender all aspects of ourselves to the command of our already ascended nature, the master computer controller of the one I call the DOW – the Divine One Within. This act of sincere surrender releases a power of love and wisdom within us that then slowly rises to flood through our bio-system and out into the surrounding energy fields.

The process that unfolds this can be toned up or down at will just via our attention, focus and how we choose to spend our time on a moment by moment basis. This merging and blending within us is an interesting thing to witness as the chain of command changes and anchors itself within to the deep pure stream of the enlightened pulse that has always beat within us as pure prana.

The rising of this pulse so that it becomes our dominant beat brings many changes that while subtle can be life altering and profound.

For example, I have led an active, sport-filled life indulging in track and field, diving and ball sports from cricket to basketball and even a little golf when I was much younger. As a young mother I turned to yoga, tai chi and later qigong for system energy boosting plus to reduce stress levels and keep my immune system strong. As I got slowly older, I found myself at the gym and also doing yoga often with an idea that I wanted to prevent something. Prevent illness, slow the signs of or prevent aging, prevent the body breaking down by living a more holistic lifestyle. Eventually we realised that the 8 Point Luscious Lifestyles Program was a wonderful ‘preventative’ package. The word ‘preventative’ I realised is actually based in fear to greater or lesser degrees.

For me I exercised also on one level because I didn’t like what happened when I didn’t exercise. I have also kept a strong pranic pulse as I didn’t like my life as much if I didn’t. The strong pranic pulse of our DOW brings or sets in place a magnetic attractor pattern that keeps us in a field of grace which is also quite addictive.

I realised today that there is a big difference to say “I exercise or live a certain way because I don’t like who I am or my life when I don’t” or “because it’s good for me” to the attitude of “Because I love you I will …” ‘I’ in this case is our DOW, the integrated us, when the chain of command has been given, you are in Divine Marriage – there is no separation between ego and lower nature – our ascended nature and you clearly feel that and know that the physical, emotional, mental bio-system is here only to serve you – as the pure Divine Spark that you are.

As a master, what sort of experience is then sought? Can it be just to enhance and be enhanced? Whatever is chosen, a master who is loving and wise then in a loving and wise manner will take care of the bio-system operation so that its performance is peak and problem free, a smooth ride to be in.

I saw myself then lovingly walking on my treadmill, talking lovingly to my body, existing lovingly in my body, enticing with love and watching the body system changing to become strong and pure in its operational mode just because it can and is supported with love to do so. An energy stream changed within me when I saw this vision and another rose beside it of me stepping onto the treadmill, there because I was wanting to prevent something life lack of fitness etc.

My inner Beingness had begun to sing to me then to say …

Because I love you

I will design the

perfect day for you …

a day I know that would support the bio-system perfectly that would enhance it and thus enhance the world in turn by its frequency emanations which would of course have a stronger pranic pulse.

To really love something or someone is to enhance them, to do the best for them, to support them without judgement or threat of fear or emotional blackmail or control and intimidation.

To really love the bio-system that supports us as we serve and enjoy this realm, means lovingly attending to its needs, making choices and spending time in ways that enhance the whole system and allow it to run at peak performance rhythms, harmonious with other energy systems around it.

Yes it is also about unconditional love of all aspects of our own Beingness, about acceptance and enjoyment of how things are, the perfection of the now and all of that as well. This is a given and not the focus here. The point of the “Because I love you” paradigm is the allowing.

Allowing the God I am within, our Atman our DOW to create moment after moment of flows of support so that we may play throughout all realms with joy, unrestricted by streams that no longer serve this new way of Being.

Free, fluid, flexible, no hiccups in energy flow, no digression from the field of Grace, no more feeling as if we wander in and out of this channel and are yet to stabilise within it.

The channel of Grace rises also within and around us in response to our pranic pulse and how strongly it beats within us. When its beat is clear and pure we stand as one, united and harmonised within locked in the rhythm of something pure, perfect and profound. When its beat is weak we are living in the beta brainwave patterned world of various limitations.

True surrender into the Oneness paradigm comes in its own way and time and is dependent on many factors. Life experiences, virtues gained and understood, choices made, attitudes held, lifestyles maintained or fashioned according to it all. All of these are like ingredients added to a bowl that we call our bio-system. As we have long known, when mixed together, blended and merged they transmit a resonance or keynote that set up magnetic attractor patterns to which the universe then responds in turn. If we change the ingredients mix, we change the experience we have in life.

Because I love you … adds another beat to it all … because I love you adds a flavour of freedom, an invitation to step into a new way of doing and being that has another musical note again, a note that adds another flavour to the bio-system bowl.

Perfect days … perfect ways … because I love you … we enjoy exercise each day, and time to be strong and healthy.

Because I love you, each day we enjoy resting in??

Because I love you, we enjoy each day in Mother Nature’s bosom.

Because I love you, each day we blend with music’s pure rhythms.

Because I love you, we exercise each day, loving each moment we do so …

Because I love you, we rest in silence to know Peace’s deeper rhythms.

Because I love you, we are prana fed for then life is just much freer …

Because I love you, we have cosmic sex; know tantra at its ripest.

Because I love you, abundance flows, providing perfection to each moment.

Because I love you, you may, now rest and enjoy life’s sweeter rhythms.

Because I love you … and so the song flows on.

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  1. Hi!Dear: I´m Candra from Argentina and I practicing with presence moment to moment i found so easy, joyfull and alive! to fed less and healthy!, unlike the cooked food, crude food give me energy and help me to focus on the present space-(prana´s energy?)so more of me is alive!! and expansive!!, It allows me to keep focus and connect, then I observed that point you touched here and YES! everything that comes from this place of harmony, of love and silence is welcome to embrace!, whatever name the mind want to call it!, is´t just god playing, having fun of its creation! and YES! in my experience all that comes from giving me time to rest in silence, giving the priority eyes closed -eyes open...

    Jasmuheen, it´s an honor for me to find you and to keep growing at your side, you emanate the potencial hide is in me and i´m learning to exposed it!, give it! and flow with it!

    All my love to you!!


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