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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gaia's Song with Jasmuheen & Sacred Retreat

GAIA’S SONG - as given by Gaia to Jasmuheen

Once upon a time in the middle of the Milky Way universe sat a big blue planet inside which lived a being of great love. The being was called Gaia and eons ago, Gaia had been given a great blessing. This was the ability to hold a space of love for life to grow and prosper.

For millions of years Gaia lovingly supported whatever was called forth from within her by the rhythm of love which flowed so purely from the creator’s heart. A multitude of mountains, trees, oceans and rivers soon sprang forth from within her as Gaia provided the elements and molecules of her own being to create a landscape that would in turn bring forth its own life.

In time creatures of the land, air and sea were also born in Gaia’s world, which was soon teaming with a myriad of colors and sounds. Time rolled by like an ocean whose waves continue to crash in a never ending fashion upon a shore. Cycles came and cycles went and then a new creature was born, a creature who like Gaia was born to feel the rhythm of love and all that the rhythm of love could do.

Gaia called the creature human-kind and gifted them not just with physical form but with the ability to create just as she’d been shown so very long ago. The human-kind grew and flourished, they went forth and multiplied and at times used their powers to create wisely. At other times they forgot the voice of the rhythm of love and in the busy-ness of their creation, could no longer feel it in their own hearts.

As time unfolded, the creations of human-kind changed and were no longer kind at all. Many suffered, their children went hungry and many walked the earth with hearts that were hungrier still.

Gaia watched like a mother will do, aware that her children were learning. She watched their rhythms change as their hungers grew and their creations became darker. Raging war upon each other Gaia’s children played with games of love and also greed and power as they tried to find again a way to quell their rising hungers. Gaia knew that only the rhythm of love that came directly from the heart of their creator could restore the peace her children sought and so she lovingly tried to remind them.

She whispered to her children when they walked in silence within her forests or ocean shores, or when they sat in stillness on her mountain tops so grand, yet few could hear her voice for few took time to listen.

Within Gaia’s world walked the ancient ones that she called the Dreamkeepers and because they also walked between the worlds they always felt the rhythm of love which pulsed so sweetly within them.

The Dreamkeepers were also the dream weavers, those that keep the dreaming alive and they could change the rhythm of a world and also change its direction by listening to the purer harmonies that come from deep inside all life. And so they dreamed for all of human-kind and through the dreaming things began to change once more for those open to love and wisdom.

The dream weavers knew also that all upon Gaia, and even Gaia herself, were due to enter into a brand new time. They said: “This is to be a time of joy and celebration where all can feel again the rhythm of love that always runs through life.” And so they sang with voices pure and true, of stories old and new, that had always peppered time. “What stories are you weaving?” Gaia called out again as she joined the dreamers in their songs as more remembered to feel the rhythm of love within them.

“Stories make the world go around …,” Gaia sighed, “and around, and around, and around, and around in a never ending cycle …. So let go of your stories of sorrow and pain, of war and despair, of loss, or anger and betrayal.”

And as the dreamers sang out loud new stories began to be written, of hope and peace and of light filled times that would bring all into a new time of great joy and celebration.

“Awake all hearts,” Gaia sang as these new dreams began to free her. No longer bound by cycles of time the dreamers called for all to rise and join her and so the rhythm of love grew strong again as hearts began to feel it more and minds expanded to listen. As voices shared with love of hopes and higher visions, dreams were dreamt then kept alive by those who felt compassion’s calling.

“Ahhh…” Gaia sighed again as all upon her were moved once more by a sweeter rhythm and for the first time in a long time Gaia’s children’s hearts felt whole.

End of story

For those interested in these type of rhythms you may wish to join us as follows:-
Bavaria, Germany - 10am, 10th July - 3pm, 16th July - 7 day retreat - Organiser: Maria Agostini http://www.mariaagostini.de/ email: info@mariaagostini.de ; Ph: + 49 (0) 8806-95 95 26 Fax: +49 (0) 8806-95 95 27.

RHYTHMS OF LOVE - 7 days of deep meditations, painting, dance, song & music with Jasmuheen


After the brilliant success of the 2009 Sacred Art Retreat in Germany, Jasmuheen has decided to take this retreat to another level by working with some of the Sacred Power objects for fine-tunement of frequencies on various planes. This retreat there will be more inner plane energy work, dance, movement and meditations plus the creation of sacred art using wood, clay and other forms.

In 2010 we invite you to come and tune with Jasmuheen, to the Indigenous tribe the Kogi’s of South America … learn how to do deeper inner plane energy weaving with their energy fields to support their visions of a unified harmonious world … meditate with Jasmuheen on ALUNA – the Kogi’s quantum field where they bring higher dreaming into manifestation and help to keep Gaia in a state of equilibrium ….

In January and February 2010 Jasmuheen met with 2 of the MAMAS (priests) of the KOGI tribe in South America who left their homes in the Sierra Nevada and came to her seminar in Colombia where they gave her permission to share their message with the world. Now working with the Mamas in Aluna, in her German retreat she will work with their energies on the inner net via painting, clay work and meditations, song and dance. Jasmuheen says: At the moment our lightwork is all about harmony, harmony, harmony. Inner harmony and outer harmony - harmonizing our own internal rhythms with the Cosmic Heart & Gaia’s heart and working with our indigenous people in the web of Oneness and love. A normally very private tribe, the Kogi’s have just begun to seek out people in the world that they can connect with to work together in mutual support as our earth birth’s herself into more harmonious, unified planes. These people are so pure in their energy fields and their work is so refined that we can all learn from what they have to share.”

More data on the Kogi can also be found at: http://www.labyrinthina.com/kogi.htm

During her 7 day retreat in Germany she will also combine the creative layer of expression through painting which will form part of this journey through the more subtle realms of love. Jasmuheen states: “Music, dance, creative expression through art or writing, there are so many ways for us now to access these powerful yet subtle energy flows that can take us into more continuous and profound feelings of joy and celebration which are a dominant part of the new matrix of creation.”

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