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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meditation Magic with Jasmuheen

Meditation Magic – Presented by Jasmuheen 
& the C.I.A. Cosmic Internet Academy

It is said that meditation is pure and perfect concentration on a pure and perfect point.

People are drawn to meditate for many reasons to enjoy states of deep inner peace, to bathe in the currents of the deepest love that always flows within us, to gain clarity, higher visions and intuitive insights, to become physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthier, to understand and experience the invisible realms of the INNER-NET, some meditate to connect with loving intelligence on the inter-dimensional realms.

Some meditate to download data from the infinite field of love and wisdom, the matrix that supports creation; some people meditate to listen to, and feel, their divine essence, the One that gives us life. Some people meditate to explore and understand the MATRIX OF CREATION with its multi-verses and inter-dimensional realms.

Others meditate to free themselves from limitation via out of body journeying. Via meditation we can reprogram our biological computers and rewire the neural pathways of our brain. Our biological computers are our physical, emotional, mental and etheric energy systems.

Some like to meditate to experience bliss or samadhi ... or to go beyond the plane of thought. Some utilize mediation to harmonize their internal and external energy fields. Meditation can change our brain wave patterns so that we become healthier and happier.

Meditation can provide us with the detachment to act rather than react. Common meditation techniques involve the use of breath, light, creative visualization and sacred sounds. Meditation can also be used to nourish us on many levels and to improve our telepathic abilities.

Focused individual and group meditation can achieve many positive things, including inner and outer lasting peace. Research more to find out how meditation can increase your health and happiness levels; alternatively ask the intelligent and loving universal field to bring you the perfect meditation tools you need.

Meditation forms part of the Luscious Lifestyles Program offered by the Embassy of Peace.

Meditation CD's: Indepth detailed meditations with Jasmuheen can be found at & downloaded from

Book - MEDITATION MAGIC:- Designed to enhance life and stimulate health, happiness and peace, this book offers a collection of 30 meditations with metaphysical author Jasmuheen. From the Love Breath meditation and creative visualization, to self healing, forgiveness, self empowerment, working with Bioshields and tantra's microcosmic orbit technique, increasing chi and pranic feeding, new world creation and more, this work adds another layer to either the advanced or the beginners in meditation practice.

CLICK HERE to preview and order your copy of the above book. Print: US$22.00 plus p&h (to be mailed to you); Download: US$11.00 from lulu.com

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