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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Channeled Message: Arcturius: The Doorway of the Heart through Jasmuheen

Arcturius: The Doorway of the Heart

“Salutations ones of Light; this is Arcturius with your gathering. Tis such a simple understanding is it not – that one has within them the power to move beyond dimensions and through dimensions, beyond space, beyond time.

We have shared with your gathering that your being knows expression upon all dimensions for you are connected, are you not, to the Source of Creation. All beings were birthed through the fire, the energy and the love of the Mother/Father Creator God and you have within you the knowing that you are not separate and that this Mother/Father God resides within your being and is not external to you.

You have glimpsed the understanding, and some have a deeper knowing, that the access to the greater part of your expression lies through the doorways within.

You have understood that you are Masters, that you are co-creators and that in the co-creation comes the creation; that you can create the experience your heart desires through your focus. It is simple, for example, every day that you focus on simply giving yourself, your physical being a shower of the inner Light so you will become Light.

Understand the vastness of consciousness. The consciousness that is I, Arcturius, is individualized yes, it has a note of knowing, but it is the same consciousness that resides within the vastness of the All That Is and that is you as well.

It has been a long while since my consciousness has identified with our star system. It is like an aspect of my being that oversees such, that resonates to the energy beams of that within the hearts of all upon that system. It is an aspect of my consciousness that has been drawn by the Light of the God I AM within your hearts to your grouping for you hold within you a desire for a little understanding of the Arcturian energies.

The consciousness is so elastic and is governed by the Divine Intelligence that resides within; the ability that you have to move into, that state of All Knowing. It is that aspect that the Light within will awaken, to allow you to simply shift your perception, your focus in this journey for reconnection to wherever you desire. If you desire to be once more upon the Sirian system you simply intend to be there.

It is like a fisherman that casts his line out into the vast oceans. It is the hook, the sinker, that lands so much further from the shore but it is the intention of the fisherman to cast his line, is it not, that creates that possibility.

And so it is where you move your consciousness across the galaxies and universes of this dimension to another. It is your intention, your focus of what you wish to achieve, of where you wish to go. There will be an aspect of your consciousness that will arrive thus. That aspect is like that hook, that sinker. It has the weight to emerge into that sea of energy that resides where you direct it. For it has the power of your thought, your focus, your intention, to send it winging across time and space.

Your inner plane meditative journeys, your inter-dimensional travel we achieve simply by that; the desire, the recognition that you are in essence, multi-dimensional beings and it is this thought, this knowing that will propel your energy through the realms governed by your thinking. It is your thinking that you are learning to bring into discipline is it not? For you can think that you are limited or you can think that you are unlimited, you can see yourselves as one day being ascended or recognize that ascended part within you now.

Our star system is a system of Ascended Beings. All beings that move upon and within the energy fields that are known as the Arcturian system, understand the Divinity within. They understand the power of the mind to create and they understood the harm that was created when the mind was filled with impurities. When, through discipline, the mind was focused on the purity of creative expression of the Mother/Father God then we moved into the Ascended state.

We understood that we could ignite the Light of the Divine Being within, allow it to grow within our cellular form, creating a new matrix of energy – you term your Lightbody – and dissolve the molecular structure of solid form into Light. This we did eons of time ago and this is the challenge for beings upon this plane in this point of your linear time.

This is a journey you have all undergone before and you hold within you the cellular memory of having done so - where you were beings fed from the ethers, from the higher planes, from the Universal Force, before your base changed from what you would term your silicone to your carbon. And now you reverse the process and when you reverse the process, you once again become the purity of the energy of the silicone substance.

‘Tis the same substance as your crystals for those beings that are refracted in these energy beams known as crystals, hold unlimited power. They are conduits for energy. They light great cities; they balance the energy beams of great cities in complete harmony and alignment with the thought-forms of the masses of individualized sparks of consciousness and energy that reside within the higher realms, in expression and acknowledgment of Divine Power. And the key to the doorways of the higher realms is simply the desire within the heart.

It is interesting to watch your planetary system for many are exploring new ways of energy, from the fusion, the fission, the splitting of the atom, to the desire to explore your space; to create vehicles of metal. Know that any civilization that works with the vehicles of metal have not yet understood the Divine energy matrix within their being for it is the vehicles of Light that will allow you freedom to access all the dimensions and travel so freely.

It is not until your physicists and scientists begin to open up to the Divinity within that they will be able to understand and then create these vehicles of light move beyond the limited technology they are currently exploring.

The gifts of interdimensional travel are so simple yet you have been trapped within the physical plane for so long you have forgotten the simplicity. Has it not been shared that it is the children that will create this heaven and inherit this heaven? It is symbolic. It is symbolic in the sharing of humankind to embrace the child like innocence within and be again the Gods that you are – the Divine sovereigns of yourselves and this world.

To understand simplicity as being the key, to understand that it is purity of heart, that it is the ability to love each other unconditionally; that the Higher Light Science is simply the ability to move energy through your body, the energy of Light and Love, for it is that alone that will propel you; hook you in to the next dimension.

Many of you know within your heart what this promises for you have journeyed there before. It brings with it the ability for all beings to live honouring the Light within and the rewards this brings via the Law of Resonance are unimaginable to you now.

On the Arcturian system all of the beings look the same. We do not have the desire for recognition on that level for we tune, as we do with your gathering, to the emission of energy, the emission of signals of Light and Love that emanate from the heart within all. We do not focus upon your physical form; we simply read the energy patterns of Light, the depth of Love that comes from each heart centre as it is the heart that is the doorway to the higher dimensions.

As with your system, the Arcturians are continuing to evolve back to the completeness of their being. Now that system is fifth dimensional. It is beginning to move into the higher octave of the fifth bordering on the sixth yet there are Beings among us who also have free access to dimensional layers way beyond that - all here intermingle freely as we work with both Ascended Masters and the other Light Beings that move within all dimensions of expression.

Among us there is free communication, telepathically and via using the languages of Light for the languages of Light are beyond your telepathic thought imprinting. The languages of light are the languages that allow you to recognize the vibration of the Light emanation of each individualized soul, of each individualized unit of consciousness.

From the fifth dimension, blending into the 6th and the 7th, consciousness moves from an individualized state to become a mass consciousness that works in unity and harmony beyond the individualization while retaining some uniqueness.

Your planetary system, and that of the 4th and the 3rd, has been a system of duality and of individual units of consciousness trapped in a limited form that is often run by ego and your lower mind. Still you are now beginning to awaken to the Supreme qualities within you and to the unlimited nature of your being and you are becoming aware that you are not just one being but many who are learning to play in harmony like an orchestra. As individual instruments you are feeling great change upon your planet as you learn to tune, work and harmonize your energy. There is a new song to be sung, a new tune to be played upon this Earth and the words of this song, the feeling of this song is one of harmony, of unity.

Some of you have spent so long in judgment, in the reality of: “This is the only way, this is my way, and you must do it my way, and if you do not you will be punished...” and yet to stand in judgment of one another has created only separation and pain.

The gathering here is a gathering of unified hearts that long for peace within and peace without; of hearts that long to know once more the greatness of your being, the unlimited nature of your being.

Often on the night realms you are freed from your physical body to go to the higher dimensions of Light, to other planetary systems for great learning and knowing and you are remembering this more. You also often find upon your return to your physical body that you still feel you are somewhere else – for you are. You do exist in every dimension of expression and with every breath you can know more and more of the God within, until you are consciously that. And on every level of dimension of expression you have the power to move freely through each level via the focus of your thinking; through the power of your intention of your thought and yet the inner plane doors open only in response to your individual resonance which you constantly alter by what you think and feel.

In order to embrace your Ascension all you have to instruct your being is with the power of one focused thought, to chant to yourself with your heart and your soul and with the power of your intention, that:-

“I AM an Ascended Being of Infinite Light and Infinite Love” and thus you will become!

There is nothing else that you need to do in essence. And yet it is fun to play these games along the way is it not? ‘Tis a process of rediscovery...

Arcturius on: The Wizard’s Magic

‘Tis it not truth, that in the beginning was the word, and the word created all. The word was the vibration, the sound of the creative force as it expanded and pulsated through all the universes, creating as it expanded.

Many are now collectively seeking magic within the heart of hearts and is it not magic that you are also seeking in your life upon this plane? Not the magic of tricks and potions but the magic of Grace where your life unfolds in a way that you feel awe and wonder and contentment…

The Merlin that you know of in legend was a multi-dimensional creature who was aware that form contained but a spark of Divine consciousness, that the form was not restricted, that the form was simply one aspect of a vast expression that was manifesting on one plane of reality into physicality while existing in many parallel realms.

The magic of the Merlin came about simply because the being was tuned to all levels of awareness simultaneously and that is where the magic lays, the magic that you seek. And now we witness upon this plane the awakening of many and their quest for magic. You are going through what we would term stages of evolution of rediscovery of the magician within; for you are master alchemists are you not?

Look around and witness what you have created and know that the wizard within is the One who is the witness. That is why many have been guided for so long to do your meditation for it is the practice of your meditation that allows you the detachment to become the witness in life as life expands, evolves and changes around you.

‘Tis an art to be developed, this detachment, for detachment frees the unlimited nature of your being, frees the witness within and the witness within is the wizard. And it is the wizard within you and the wizard within all that will form the common bond that will set in place a new pattern, a new paradigm for your Golden Age, as it is time for the magic to return upon this plane.

What is the magic?

The magic is as unique, as individual, as you are individual sparks of consciousness.

As the Masters have shared so often, you are an orchestra, and you all carry a note, a resonance, that reflects your uniqueness and the ‘one’ that carries the note is the witness within, the teacher within and it is the joy and passion in the heart that allows you to know when these notes that you carry are ‘on key’ or not. When there is passion in your heart there is magic in your life; when there is joy in your heart there is also love to be felt in your life.

True magic is the joy that you feel in the witnessing of life, of being thankful for having the embodiment that you have. It is also a time of magic as many of you are beginning to understand that you are creative beings that you are vast, unlimited, multidimensional beings and many of you have opened the inner doorways to the vastness of that which you are you are. Others have found that by allowing, inviting and beckoning your higher awareness to rise up within you that this pure consciousness flows more powerfully through you and magic then makes itself manifest through your life in so many ways.

This is the key, the secret ingredient, to go within, to tune your being more to the heartbeat of the Mother/Father Creator God for you are a Divine being and you pulsate with a rhythm. You all carry an individual frequency and yet you are united by the creative force that created the uniqueness of all notes.

We talk in terms of music and we talk in terms of light for light is the visual aspect of the creative power and music its beat. Everything you witness upon this plane of existence is simply a reflection of light and it is the creative force that has arranged itself in dense molecular structure to give you the body and to give you the mind. Yet the mind is filled with rambling thoughts and it often feels as if you have no control over your thinking, and thus you have no control over your life’s experience. Learn to master your thought flows and you will master the creative streams of the cosmos. This too is alchemy...

What else is this alchemy? It is the ability to turn base metal into gold – but how do you interpret such? The baseness and the coarseness, the reflection that you see when you witness humanity – that is the true transformation and humanity is now being asked to activate itself to its’ full potential and you as the light workers are here to teach by example. When you find the alchemy within, the ability to transform your lives into gold, to ‘walk your talk’ as you often share, then you will be fulfilling your life’s purpose. So your lesson and your challenge is to turn your life into gold so that it shines so brightly, so that it sparks the gold within the heart of another plus their desire to witness life’s magic.

We have shared often with you, that all is in layers and that every dimension is overlaid, but within this room you have a third/fourth dimensional frequency beat. The physicality is dense but you also have a fifth, a sixth and a seventh dimensional energy beat, all housed within each atom, within each cell here now. And it is the energy of the higher octaves, the higher beats that bring the magic for they are the energies most tuned to universal law, and it is the Universal Law of Grace that brings the magic. The finer your frequencies have been tuned, the closer and more in resonance your frequencies are to the Mother/Father Creator God, the more you will see this Law expressed in your reality. You may, as creative beings, create any reality your hearts desire and yet the magic comes when you align yourself to the heartbeat of that which created you.

You are here to know magic.

What your heart’s desire to know once more is simply magic and, because everything is overlaid through all planes of existence here now, you may tune to the magic that is ever present, or you may tune to the lack, or the density, or the lack of magic, for all exists together in the Matrix of One.

We ask that you see yourself connected to the cosmic circuit board and that you program that your sharing with all beings always unfolds in a way to bring true Divine magic into play in every moment.

There is other programming that you may do for it is like writing a computer program and setting it into motion so that it runs within a loop for ever, drawing to you that which you have programmed and yes you can refine it and re-align it all as much as your heart desires.

So this journey is simple. You are here in embodiment, you are seeking magic, so you program for such and as creative beings you choose to accept no less in your waking conscious reality. If you seek brilliance, Universal Law decrees that brilliance must reveal itself to you, if you seek magic, same applies, and if you seek perfection the same applies.

The test, the challenge is to create simultaneously as a collective group consciousness in a manner that benefits the whole. When you have done your programming, then what? ‘Tis it not simply a matter to relax, to enjoy and, as you would share, to ‘let go and to let God.’

You have operated within the reality of limitation for so long, that there may be a transition period where you need to keep vigilant awareness to your thinking. Your thoughts are forever creating, and while your programming has been put in place you are simply moving from one paradigm to another. You must be aware of thoughts of lack and of limitation that present themselves upon the canvas of your mind.

You may imagine that as a thought comes in and you stand there in the robes of the wizard, that when this thought brings limitation, you wave your magic wand and turn it into limitless thinking, for it is the limitless thinking that will also help to bring the magic that your heart seeks.

In the beginning when the Creative One expanded it came purely from light. When this light fragmented through all expression, you eventually found yourselves in physical form so you have an old pattern of still seeing things fragmented instead of seeing wholeness, but the wholeness will appear as you seek it.

Instead of wishing to become that which you already are give yourselves permission to be and to feel that the divinity within you is within all. Then when you look into the hearts of your brothers and sisters you can also seek to see Divine perfection. As you seek the Divine perfection in all then it must be revealed and so wholeness becomes a reality upon this planet and binds the fragmentation through the intention of the collective beat of the Masters that you are.

Are you initiates, are you apprentices or are you masters? Remember that the way to becoming the Merlin, the way to become the wizard, is to act as if. In the acting as if, you are giving your inner alchemist permission to reveal itself to you and so it must for that is Universal Law.

So our message is simply ‘seek the magic from within your being’, to simply: ‘Seek the magic all around you’ and you will find that as you seek it, it does reveal itself to you. That is how you as the ones awakening will bring through the magic of the time of Merlin once more upon your plane. It is the most powerful aphrodisiac for there is not one that beats with the human heart that does not seek true magic. Magic is the common key and while you find that you have different labels to express your understanding of Divinity, the common desire is for a life filled with Grace.

Stay tuned for more ... love Jasmuheen

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