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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Paradigm of 2012 – Be Here Now with Jasmuheen

The Paradigm of 2012 – Be Here Now with Jasmuheen

During January-February of 2010 I found myself with three members, including two Mamas or Shaman-Priests, of the Kogi Tribe of South America, who like the Mayan and also the North American Hopi Indians, have been concerned for some time regarding the ways that their Younger Brothers – or Western people – are utilising the earth’s resources. In their high Andes Mountain retreat they are seeing the effects of this misuse of resources in many ways that are now also affecting their own culture. An unusually private race, the Kogi’s of Colombia have kept to themselves for a long time, relatively happy for the rest of the world to do what they need to do as long as it did not interfere with the Kogi’s ability maintain their own harmonious lifestyle. This is no longer the case and so they too, like the Mayans, have become vocal with predictions of what will occur in our world if we do not change our ways and seek to live in greater harmony with Mother Nature.

As we are aware, the Mayan’s foretold that around the timeframe of 2012, there would be substantial shifts within the matrix of creation, changes that would occur because of how we have been existing on planet earth in this technological age. Like the Kogi Indians, they say that we need to come back into balance with more natural forces and become givers and compassionate caretakers of our world rather than people who disregard Earth as a living entity and who keep taking without thought of the consequences that this continual consumption of natural resources will bring.

Many metaphysicians, plus those of the indigenous worlds, say that we are individual cells vibrating in one huge energy body and that each one of us is also transmitting signals that influence the whole. The sum total of these signals is like a bowl of mixed ingredients that we use to make a soup. In this bowl there may be many different ingredients, spices, textures, flavours etc that when melded together will deliver a soup that may be spicy or sweet, a soup that we can change and control regarding its flavour. People are the main ingredients in the human soup bowl and each of us has a flavour.

Where we are at energetically with the human life-wave now, is that there are many people saying “Maybe we can change the flavour of this collective soup so that it pleases us all, so let’s be a bit more conscious about how we are each adding to this soup and what we wish to add, because each flavour can be beneficial or detrimental to the collective whole of human evolution.” Right now many have come to also understand that we can control our own flavour emissions and that we can make our collective experience here sweet or sour. We’ve done dour in the past with war, violence, poverty etc so now maybe we can change a few things and do sweet.

The Mayan prophecy with it’s 2012 focus is acting now as a wake up call for us to be more aware that we can manifest our highest dreaming in ways that support the whole or that we can still play the game of victim and people who continue to misuse global and individual resources. If we choose the latter then we will experience a grander scale of devastation in our world.

We say individual resources because each one of us holds within ourselves the most amazing resource, that we can encourage to blossom to the degree that this Divine inner resource can then free us from our need to keep taking from Gaia and allow us instead to be givers and energy transmitters on our planet in ways that benefit the human collective. In other words we can exist here in harmony or disharmony. The choice is ours. The more we focus on inner resource of our own divine nature, the smoother this current transition will be. If we ignore this reality then we will continue to experience chaos, disharmony and the crumbling of any system – economic, social or political – that does not serve our world and support this new paradigm of giving and compassion.

All of it is up to us for we are the creators of it all, here, now. And what the Mayans predicted to occur in 2012 actually began occurring in 2008 as a result of many people tuning to and listening to this divine inner resource which is in actuality our own enlightened nature.

This sector of creation that we call planet Earth, is a grid-point in the matrix of the Oneness that is currently being supported by three Universal Laws – the Law of Love, the Law of One and the Law of Resonance. The Law of Resonance was covered in the DVD/book ‘The Secret’ and is about like attracting like, in other words it says that what we focus on grows. If we choose to focus on a fear filled paradigm of the idea that 2012 will bring huge chaos, the collapse of our sun and such, then via our very focus we can manifest this into being.

However, when the Mayan’s say that the physical sun will die and we will be reborn into the galactic sun all they mean is that our focus on the physical sun as a source of nourishment and energy will be put into a different perspective. It will become instead a very small part or a layer that belongs to the dual-natured world – the world that is governed by the Laws of Karma. However at the Embassy of Peace we interpret this to mean that we will instead become aware of the galactic sun rather than our physical sun, as our true source of nourishment.

As we expand our consciousness via the practice of meditation, we become aware that we are like a rock that has been thrown into a still pool from which ripples then flow out through the pool, ripples that have come from our presence, our Beingness. We can focus on our immediate existence in this energy pool – i.e. the area around which the pebble entered the pool - and just surviving, or we can expand our awareness into the global energy pool and make sure that our ripples are actually enhancing the whole.

Do our individual energy emanations allow us to experience harmony and peace, health and happiness or not? Do our energy emanations add to the global energy pool or the universal energy pool in a way that feeds us all, including the earth or not. These are questions many have been asking and this is also something that the Mayan, Hopi and Kogi tribal Elders have asked us to look at. Many from the indigenous worlds, having observed how we operate individually and collectively, would say that we tend to create too much dis-harmony in the natural worlds and that we take too much from Gaia and do not use our resources as effectively as we can.

We’ve talked a lot about this in our YouTube videos for the Embassy of Peace but let’s bring it back to energy field science. All that is happening for many on earth right now is that we have become aware of another power source that we connect into which is the grid point of the galactic centre, the galactic sun that the Mayan’s are talking about. As we give recognition to this point of power and the love and the wisdom that it is radiating through this point, and as we learn to work with it and tap into it and have it nourish us, we then become freer so that the dual-natured world is just not part of our reality anymore. We then move from the ‘me’ game to the ‘we’ game in such a powerful way that we are suddenly in a state of both the ‘revelation and the rapture’ that the scriptures talk about. To tune to these higher paradigms that the Mayans and others have discussed is just about frequency matching. Enough people on planet Earth have been holding certain frequencies for us to move into a new membrane of reality but to do so en-mass requires us to be very aware of the power of focused thought and also the power of collective dreaming.

As we have mentioned, what we were expecting in 2012 actually started to happen in 2008. This speeding up of time occurred because again the collective frequency of human consciousness merged to a point that has allowed various interdimensional doors to open. So we’ve been receiving a lot of what people would call pure photon energy, which a metaphysician would say is a band of pure Christed consciousness. The word Christed just means an intense flow of love which carries a particular flavour in an energy field mix. So we have entered into an energy field of the most intense frequency of love, so any reality we are existing in that is not supporting love, that is not in alignment with this love field, are just being given a tweak now to get them into alignment.

So if you are having a hard time on any level in your life, ask to experience the highest of that situation; ask for perfect resolution for all conflict in your life; ask to live your life in a way that totally enhances your own BEingness, the expression of the true BEingness that you are in its pure and perfect levels; ask to experience the mutual enhancement of BEingness with all people that you spend time with, to have mutually enhancing relationships; ask to live your life on planet Earth in a way that is enhancing for the human life-wave here so that we may experience the purest nature of our being and live in a true heart, united, but also really enjoying the diversity that we offer and the flavours we offer as different frequencies in this bowl of soup we call the human life-wave. Ask to experience the true heart of our planet and how to live in harmony with all life upon her and with the earth herself. Ask to experience universal harmony, internal and external harmony and to also understand the purest teachings of our indigenous people and how they managed to live in harmony with the natural world for so long.

Remember also that the new energies that are coming through these inter-dimensional doors are about joy, celebration, fluidity and flexibility. These new energies that the Mayan spoke of are not about stress or fear of what’s happening or has been prophesized to happen. It’s about “Wow, look what we’ve created, finally we’ve stepped into another energy field that is just so nourishing, it can take away all human hungers so we have no physical, emotional, mental or spiritual hunger anymore and finally we can be in harmony with all.” Remember also that when we ask with a sincere heart for something that is beneficial for human evolution then the data and support must and will come simply because it is time now for us to understand what harmonious existence is all about. Planet earth is being birthed into a new realm of consciousness. This is a fact held by many. The question is only whether this birth is a smooth or rough transition which is something we can all control.

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