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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Cosmic Colleagues -channeled Messages with Jasmuheen

As many are now aware, I have been in contact for the last few decades with the Brotherhoods of Light, the Intergalactic Federation and the various Interdimensional Peace Councils that oversee the development of our evolution on this plane and I would like to share this message from them that I received in the 1990’s. As I compiled the data for this revised work, I felt the Presence of these Benevolent Beings beaming in to add more insights to this timeless message.

They share:-

“Yours is not the only planet in our stable. There are many active life forms with varying degrees of intelligence in gestation – as above, so below. Your planet mirrors the complexity of universal creation when you observe your realm of micro-organisms and subatomic particles. You yourselves, as a manifestation of the human form, are but a shadow in the scope of creation and yet your gods kindly gave you keys. Your gods are the great benefactors to be sure, yet dissension and separation comes from within your own hearts and minds. Your thoughts divide you and your focus divorces you from each other and from us.

To be an effective force of change in your world, we invite you to learn the mastery of divine alchemy. We invite you to release words of separation like fear and darkness as fear comes from ignorance of the unknown. When you yourselves know the unknowable you will relax and enjoy and fear will be no more. It is fear that will slow planetary progression just as easily as ice will freeze your blood. Your fear of the forces of darkness will no longer be valid when you understand truly that the dark and the light are the dual natures of the Oneness and from the dark, the light was born. And without the light, the dark would die and without the darkness the Light could not be experienced for the darkness is the void – the infinite nature of creation as the quantum field. To fear the darkness is to fear the force of creation itself.

As long as the language of separatist thinking remains in use by your peoples you will not have the unity that you seek for unity is the common factor that binds the fragments of the whole together in one common vision.

Find that which you can use to unify among you and do that first, then ask for the next piece of your blueprint and it will come, for when you seek to unify you will also unify the dimensions of creation unto yourself because that which is the unified part of the One must reveal itself to you. Just know that your pathway is golden. From highways of light you have come, breathed out on a Sigh as creation and into your being you were sung. Life is all about harmonics.

So many in life are so often filled with their own self-importance that they do not see beyond their immediate issues of survival. Personal survival when achieved so that you no longer stress about such things, will lead you to look at global survival then galactic survival, then universal. You are moving rapidly into a time of a more compassionate and community orientated world where human rights will be practically and lovingly attended to and you are the bringers of this change – you are the messengers, the activators, the transformers.

Those still absorbed in personal survival issues may not hear this message. Those focused on global survival are aware of this and have presented re-education packages to re-train and stimulate the remembering of those still struggling just to survive. This re-training surrounds each and every one of you. It comes through the healing arts, the performance arts, and life itself will teach you how to unlock the door to your own heart wherein lives your divine nature. How long it will take for you to master your personal reality is so personal and is just one of the challenges those among you face in this Earth apprenticeship.

The reward of an open and unified heart and mind is the key to universal abundance and harmony, to be able to take your place as honoured colleagues around the table in the game of divine alchemy. Perhaps for some – the knowing of, and experiencing the limitless nature of, your own divine nature is not a big enough enticement.

Nonetheless, choice of mastery of your being is no longer an option.

There is a force arisen upon your plane that is answering your own divine call. The Mother Gaia is igniting by the fire of the Christed consciousness so Her inhabitants can fulfil the prophecy of the second coming which is the Christed nature inherent in all now arising within all to unify and guide you. Know also that your body is the Temple that houses the Christed One, the Buddhic One, the Infinite One who dwells within your heart. It is not the appearance of one special Being but the rising within you all of the Gods that you are.

The second coming is the coming of the Christed ones together as one voice. It is the voices of the Muslims chanting prayers to Allah. It is the chants to Krishna, the mantras to Buddha and the hymns to Christ. It is the songs of farewell from the cetaceans as they hand the mantle of self-responsibility for care of Gaia back to you. This is a great honour. Know this.

Enough of you have pushed the button of your own desire to be of service, beyond the wills of lesser men – to serve the will of your inner God. So much is now unfolding in this time of revelation, resurrection and rebirth.

When you learn to listen to the Supreme Voice of the Divine One Within – that which we call your DOW – then you will need to be aware of your interpretations of your inner God’s message. How you decode the message reflects your own level of awareness in life. So cease to look solely at your scriptures or your books on spiritual matters, and seek the answers in how you live your life from within yourself. We invite you to experience, know and retain your self sovereignty in this coming time for now is the time of the merging of the realms.

Is your work filled with purpose and passion?

Does your life here make a difference to this world?

Do you care enough for others to give freely of yourself while keeping yourself in your joy and in your power?

Are you truly happy and at peace where you are in the world? Not momentarily happy but happy in your soul? Joyful, contented, knowing and trusting that you are cradled in the arms of the God of the Greater Plan. For in knowing the loving heart of the Divine Creator you know that you are safe. You are the divine experiment of a passionate scientist cloning itself, with each version being so perfect unto itself that you will know without doubt that you are made in the image of the Divine.

We care not what you call your gods, just that you call them. For when they have inspired you to remembrance they will remain within your heart permanently – creation having merged creation back into its bosom for once you pledge your allegiance to the Greater Will of your inner God, then your instruction and training will begin in earnest.

When you were first delivered from the Higher Heaven Worlds millennia ago, each of you was encoded with your own treasure map so that you could explore and enjoy all the Kingdoms of Creation as co-creators of the Divine.

Many now have understood that personal happiness depends entirely on the choices that you each make and on the actions you each choose to then take. Will you continue to sit beside each other as mixed races, or as political opponents, or as enemies? Or instead can you be lovers of your gods together by finding that which your religions all agree upon? In all the religions – and now again in New Age thought – we have offered you the guidelines for the new millennium as common points of focus. So use your discernment and take from these guidelines that which feels right in your own heart. Apply them and they will guide you into the happiness that you seek. The true joy that many of you are still seeking, is the sound of your own divine name, for the voice of your God is within you, a fragmented part of a whole, and it longs to tell you Its story, and share Its vision with a far greater goal. As so many now have discovered, the God I AM within holds your complete blueprint, your map for the return journey home, and your assignment which is your reason for being here on Earth at this time.

Additional note from these Beings, September 2008, channelled through Jasmuheen

Yes it is true that Earth’s people hold the genetic influences of 22 extraterrestrial races and for this you are most treasured. In our reality you are a synthesis of the best of us who just require a small realignment, a realignment that you must desire. This heartfelt desire is one to truly know yourself on all levels of your Being. For eons you have experienced your limited nature, that part of you so focussed on survival and the procreation of your species. Yet through this time many have risen in your field to express a different aspect of their own divine nature. For this they have received ridicule by those unaware of the Kingdom of Heaven that lies within all and yet they have also led the way into what we call a new portal of possibility.

The more of you who seek to experience your limitless nature then the easier it is for us to provide assistance to those who ask. This support comes without strings or conditions for we have been where you are now, we have experienced the trials and tribulations of our own evolving worlds, the struggle to survive in inhospitable environments, to be in harmony with the spirit consciousness of each planet, to be in respectful harmony with each other and within ourselves as we sought to be more congruent, more integrated on all levels.

This you face now and as you seek harmonious integration and unification, we stand beside you, like sideline supporters of a wonderful cosmic game called evolution. Beside you we provide inspiration, encouragement, insights and guidance where requested. This is your journey, your time and what awaits you truly is sublime for there are realms within realms that await your discovery, and yet all will unfold naturally within you and around you as you discover and experience more of your own divine nature.

The above is an excerpt from our book
COSMIC COLLEAGUES - Messages from the Masters:- A selection of loving, timeless and insightful channeled messages through Jasmuheen to inspire and support all through these changing times. In this book Jasmuheen shares of her personal relationship with these ones. As Saint Germain once shared with her: The Master discerns which experience, he or she will have while dwelling in physical form in God’s kingdom. The Master, through all realms of expression, creates around them in every now moment that which serves them fully in the awakened state in each now moment … From Mother Mary: Spirit and reason go hand in hand and reason will deliver you to the embrace of spirit, for reason was birthed in spirit. Reason is like the sheep that come back home to the shepherd. Times of contemplation will allow you to make peace with all aspects of your Being; to recognize your humanness and love all parts of you without judgment. Remember that love is the only real power of lasting transformation.

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