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Friday, May 14, 2010

Personal Wellness with Jasmuheen


At the EMBASSY OF PEACE our fine-tuning and training programs begin with basic PERSONAL HARMONIZATION where our Diplomats and Ambassadors are provided with pragmatic tools plus holistic education that is based on Inter-Dimensional Field Science. When applied these will allow us to harmonize our own internal energy flow and also have our presence harmonize the world.

• There are three aspects to discuss in this section of personal attunement.

1. The Luscious Lifestyle Program to get us fit and healthy on all levels from the physical to the spiritual – i.e. the efficient and effective use of time as discussed in the Biofields Series.

2. Attitudes & Intentions - fulfilling our potential on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Understanding and utilizing the Science if I.D.

3. Designer outcomes – conscious co-creation with incredible results..

Research conducted by Peace Ambassador Jasmuheen over some 44 years has found that a way to have our presence nourish our world is by increasing our Chi flow. This in turn will increase our personal health and happiness levels and so we will look at this in detail in the Global Harmonization Prana Program section. Her research has also determined that one of the main ways to increase our health and happiness levels is to become physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually fit and that we can achieve this fitness by how we spend our time and the lifestyle we develop as a consequence.

In her presentation on happiness at:

“The secret to happiness is how we spend our time. Spending Time is a resource that is controllable, a resource that determines our frequency. Frequency controls our happiness levels via how the Universal Field of Infinite Love and Intelligence – U.F.I. – responds to us.”

Consequently we recommend that an individual begin to prioritize how they spend their time after they have assessed if how they are currently spending their time is enhancing their life or not. For those interested in becoming more active, in the co-creation of permanent peace in our world and fulfilling the Embassy’s agendas, we recommend the immediate adoption of the 8 point Luscious Lifestyles Program – L.L.P. – as outlined in the book Four Body Fitness: Biofields & Bliss and The Food of Gods.

FOCUS: World Health & World Hunger.  "If we can eliminate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hungers in our world we will also find that planetary health en mass will be substantially improved as most dis-ease comes from a lack of either physical, emotional, mental and / or spiritual nourishment. The Prana Program has the ability to provide the perfect system of internal nourishment to harmoniously achieve health on all levels, as prana (chi, Divine Love) is the purest and most perfect nourishment for all life." The PDF file Enjoyable & Effective Evolution has various Questions & Answers on this topic plus more on both global and personal ascension issues with Jasmuheen.

THE PRANA PROGRAM e-book covers: Prana Program Benefits; Prana & the Bio-system; Prana & The Brain; Prana & Darkroom Technology; Prana & The Heart; Prana & The Cells; Prana & Field Science; Prana & Inter-dimensional Life; Preparation, Physical Changes & Preprogramming; Calibration, Testing & Comfortable Conversions; Social Scenes - Prana & Social Scenes; Prana & Parenting; Prana & Other Family Members – Harmonizing Households; Prana & eating Disorders; Prana & Sexuality; Global Issues - Gifts & Growth - Past, Present & Future; Prana & Health; Prana & Religion; The Prana Program & the Environment; The Prana Program & Politics; Skeptics &; the Media; plus Solar Nourishment, Bigu & The Bigger Picture are in Chapters 2 to 8 of THE PRANA PROGRAM. Chapter 9 deals with a pragmatic simple nourishment system for both first and third world health and hunger challenges.

Additional recommended reading for eliminating global hungers: The Food of Gods; The Biofields & Bliss Series. Stay tuned for new book on this called THE FIELD OF LOVE.

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