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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Harmonics of the Home & Heart with Jasmuheen

The healthier we become in body, heart, mind & spirit, the healthier our world becomes on social, political, economic & environmental levels. Being healthy of heart creates a healthy home.

The idea of home takes many forms - the home of our heart, the home of our soul, the home of the soul of our species, and also the home of all hearts throughout creation as well as our Earth home. And our hearts, when they really open and sing with the rhythm of love are so harmonic, so soothing when we are deep enough in this rhythm, to ignite us at our core so that we can experience personally and globally what a true home really is.

At the Embassy of Peace we know that there is food in these energy streams, that we can all call to emerge more powerfully through our own beings, from the inner realms, to wash through us and feed us with a rhythm that brings freedom.

When this pure rhythm of the heart reveals itself, a shift takes place from within our inner being and we find ourselves in a different world - sweetly singing from somewhere deep within. Some say it's a song from our soul, a response to the love our Beingness feels when we seek to feel our pure heart's dynamic rhythm. Once its pulse comes alive within us, its energy streams flood our chakras and meridian system flowing through our lightbody matrix to eliminate our hungers and enhance us further via association.

While it is wonderful to learn to love life just as it is without wishing to change it; as we move within the matrix of our own creation, we are also constantly adjusting our own life's rhythms and intuitively finetuning ourselves to keep our heart and home harmonics in a certain groove that brings us pleasure and peace.

Interdimensional Field Science explains how harmonics work, how to feel and be part of more nourishing rhythms. It also reveals the science to the Dreaming and how to alter the course of our own evolution in a way that benefits all.

We know by personal experience and the tenants of Universal Law, that what we focus on grows and we have seen in our own lives and felt in our hearts how movies of realities are magnetized together by a common beat and how we all influence reality in so many ways.

We also know now that we all influence reality all the time, consciously or not. The alchemists among our metaphysicians have also now shared the formulas to energy field control so that we can now all move en-mass into a different harmonic within the web of Oneness and Love.

So much has been understood and shared by us all ... for example, we know now that whatever we ask of the UFI - the Universal Field of infinite Intelligence - that is beneficial for our evolution, will be given. This means then that we can ask and receive the keys of knowledge regarding how to enhance life in a way that serves us all.

We can also ask to understand and experience what true perfection is in this world.

We can also ask to experience the flow of unconditional love and the energy of wisely loving compassion and we can then ask that these experiences unfold within us all with joy, ease and grace.

We can also intend to be tuned in such a way within the matrix of creation, that the deepest rhythms of our soul floods through us in the most supportive way, to intermingle with all that we are, to finetune us to the most nourishing harmonic waves so that all of our hungers disappear and we know deep and lasting peace.

And we can also ask to experience true harmony in a Triple Win style so that we have no conflict in our lives or in this world on any level. This means the Win, Win, Win game - for you, your community and the greater field.

All of this we can ask of the UFI, and then experience, as a result of our pure hearted intention.

In HEART HARMONICS we can also hook in to our clairsentient selves via the rhythm of stillness, listening and quiet meditation in a way that adds to the greater field via a game that is non linear in time. Our physical and psychic hearts know rhythms and songs that can transform our inner and outer worlds.

Hence in this series on Interdimensional Field Science & Health, Heart & Home Harmonics we offer the below video data and insights to act as door openers and field drivers to set up a system of magnetic attraction that will propel us all into a new harmonic wave.

As prophesized and witnessed by many, the doors are already open and everything is on a fast track to change and what is not of this pure hearted beat will dissolve into something different so that this new state of BEingness can be enjoyed by all. And because of all of this, collectively we have entered into a time of great peace; a time of contentment of the soul for the soul, is only contented by the purest beat of the heart. The two then create a healthy home for us to dwell in this world and our presence in turn stimulates a sweeter, more nourishing harmonic throughout the surrounding fields.


Because we have collectively entered into an incredible field of possibility, our potential is blossoming almost exponentially as the growth in holistic health and spiritual awareness grows almost in line with I.T - Information Technology - which is being revolutionized by those who dominate the World Wide Web, and therefore our home, in so many ways. Via TV, movies, the WWW and all of Earth's communication channels, we are being irradiated in every moment by so many in so many ways.

Knowing all of this the Embassy of Peace now offers a paradigm to harmonize it all via our Personal, Global and Universal Harmonization Programs so we can step into a new reality that guarantees health, happiness and harmony for all.


STEP 1: Choose to enjoy health & heart harmonics in a way that benefit us all. Be responsible for your personal energy emanations and how they affect all worlds.

STEP 2: Understand Interdimensional Field Science & Universal Law. Link to ENERGY FIELD SCIENCE videos - free on our YouTube channel.

STEP 3: Download the free Embassy of Peace Manual and apply in your life what feels right for you from this manual.

Assess and discuss the projects and programs this manual contains among yourselves and finetune and adapt any of our recommendations so that it all feels good in your heart.

Take from The Queen's Agenda that which instinct says is good for you. The rest ignore or add to with your thought and heart beams so that the field grows from its embryonic state. Remember there is an incredible shift occurring now and so many have aided in its birth via their selfless service agendas.

STEP 4: Apply the New Millennium Guidelines for Peace - video link.

STEP 5: Experience the deepest currents of the purest streams of love that constantly flow through the Matrix of creation, including through us.

The Love Breath Meditation will allow you to do this as will the video on The Embassy of Peace - Luscious Lifestyles Program as both will change your personal frequency field.

STEP 6: Apply some BASELINE PROGRAMMING into your own energy fields.

As all life is an energy pattern, and all is interconnected, and all has come into being by the Law of Love and the Law of One, then as an intelligent species we can apply what we call Baseline Programs to drive our evolutionary path into specific directions. E.g. permanent peace and the paradise state of a more refined dimension.

Baseline Programs such as:-

• The Triple Win Code

• Perfect Harmony All Fields NOW Code

• Divine Self Connection NOW!

Will all help with this and are discussed in our YouTube video WHAT ON EARTH ... IS GOING ON?

While we stand at the threshold of a new era, and while many metaphysicians have entered into a new dimension of Being, we still need to bring the collective into this new state and also attend to a few political, economic and social fine-tunements.

While the Embassy of Peace offers various programs and projects to pragmatically attend to this, as we have already discussed, we can also apply individually into our own energy fields specific programs - or field drivers - to magnetize ourselves more smoothly into this new dimension.

HEART HARMONICS allow us to experience the deepest currents of the purest streams of love within us and so we recommend applying the followings meditations at our YouTube channel where you will find short guided meditations with Jasmuheen. For more complex meditations with Jasmuheen you may wish to purchase her MEDITATION MAGIC book from http://stores.lulu.com/jas-1 or amazon.com


During this last year we have also been focusing on Divine Marriage, which in simplistic terms, is the merging of our higher and lower natures as they exist within the plane of duality. When this occurs - due to our lifestyle choices and desire - we find that we enter into an experience of personal paradise.

Global paradise and the state of permanent peace occurs when we all choose to exist in a state of divine marriage; first within ourselves and then with each other.

Divine marriage can also apply to the merging of higher and lower worlds.

To enter into Divine Marriage personally, globally and universally, first we need the awareness that this state of being of Oneness is possible, next we need the desire to do so and finally we require simple, pragmatic tools and programs as outlined in our Embassy of Peace manual to ensure this comes to pass globally.

Once this has been done, then what?

Then we will find ourselves in a new space, a new time, connecting with the type of realities we mention in the Universal Harmonization Program, experiencing Divine Marriage on all levels of our Being.

And all of this occurs step by step as we unit in common vision knowing that pure hearted compassionate people can achieve so much.


Programs & Projects - Embassy of Peace:- Personal, Global & Universal Harmonization Programs & Projects for the co-creation of unity and permanent peace on Earth. This manual combines the Luscious Lifestyles Program with its 8 point lifestyle plan, with the Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program, and adds the Embassy's Universal Harmonization Program offering finetuning methods for our Ambassadors of Peace.

Designed to promote individual and global health and happiness, these programs also promote permanent peace and prepare Earth en-mass to enter into higher paradigms.

Covering lifestyle practices, world health and hunger issues plus extra-terrestrial realities, and more, this manual also helps in the training of the Embassy's Ambassadors of Peace and Diplomats of Love. With over 150,000 copies of the Embassy's Programs downloaded freely a year, in various languages, we now offer this complete 200 page manual FREE as a download from our website OR via our lulu.com homepage in paperback for those who require it in book form.

Click HERE to preview and order your copy. Print: US$24.50 + postage.

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