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Friday, May 21, 2010

Global Wellness with Jasmuheen

GLOBAL WELLNESS with Jasmuheen

For Global Wellness we offer The Prana Program as discussed above plus The Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program as a free e-book at http://www.selfempowermentacademy.com.au/htm/Embassy-Peace.asp#MF-peace-program

C.I.A. WORLD WATCH - for Instigating, Recording & Summarizing humanity's co-creation of paradise...To successfully co-create paradise on earth we need to fulfill the Queen's Agenda...

THE QUEEN'S AGENDA Video - an overview of our work at the C.I.A.

1. We also need to be clear about what we really want for ourselves, our children, our future. We need to have Visions & to make Decisions to attain what we desire / require.(We need to reprioritize & focus on the most important issues.)

2. We also need to have good Solutions that will provide the Outcomes that we desire, outcomes that are beneficial to all.

3. We also need good Support Systems & conscious aware Colleagues to co-create with us plus Resources ...

VISIONS &DECISIONS: For our dreams and higher visions to be made manifest, we must first be clear about what we want. What do we want for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our future? Once we have honestly assessed our own lives to determine what we want, it is then recommended that we look to see if our belief systems and wants are also beneficial to the world as no man is an island and we co-exist with 6 billion others. Co-creation means doing it together, no longer motivated by the 'I' but focused on the unity of 'we'.

Questions worth asking are:

• a) Do we, and how we live our lives, have a beneficial impact on the whole?

• b) Is this idea of global harmony & happiness a reality and if so how can it be attained so that WE ARE ALL healthy & happy, peaceful and prosperous?

• c) What is Paradise? Before we can determine IF and HOW we can CREATE PARADISE FOR ALL; we need to ask ourselves WHAT IS PARADISE?

• d) Is Paradise a Utopian state where all beings live in a manner where all their needs are met, from our basic human rights, to our higher dreams and goals?

This means taking the time to be honest with ourselves, spending silent time in contemplation... evaluation... assessment of the joy factor in life...

We all want love, health, wealth, passion and purpose and great relationships with family and friends. When we feel fulfilled on all levels of our own being, we become more compassionate and more aware of how we spend our time. In Biofield Science, attaining fun and also fulfillment is just a matter of biofield refinement and the HOW to's are covered both in the HOW section of this site and also in the C.I.A. manual "FOUR BODY FITNESS : BIOFIELDS & BLISS". Before making decisions, we need to be well informed. Holistic Education is the key.


Feed the children and all the hungry people of our world the nourishment that they need with the limitless resource of prana. Increasing our internal pranic flow can eliminate all of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hungers and create world peace. HOW? See THE PROGRAMS AT THE EMBASSY OF PEACE

EXERCISE: DARE TO DREAM. Make a list of five headings. LOVE ; HEALTH ; WEALTH ; PASSION & PURPOSE ; FAMILY & FRIENDS. Under each heading list what you want and don't want. Then convert the 'don't wants' into wants by writing the opposite. With a clear vision of what we want we can then make decisions as to how to manifest it.

THEN spend time visualizing what you would like for the world, for its people and your loved ones.

NEXT: Chant 3 times "I ask my DOW* to guide me to bring into manifestation, fullfilment on all levels of my being, in a manner that supports the creation of paradise for all on earth." Say it with sincerity knowing that your DOW is all knowing, all powerful, able to manifest anything if what is being requested is beneficial for all. (DOW=Divine One Within)

Know that only three things block successful manifestation... a) It's not in our blueprint; b) the timing is not right or c) we have an internal sabotage program running. (We cover these issues in detail in the C.I.A. retreats.) It's also good to know that successful manifestation can be done with joy, ease and grace provided we stay tuned to C.N.N. - the Cosmic Nirvana Network channel of Divine Grace, and that we can stay tuned to C.N.N. via our desire, discipline and lifestyle. Many successful manifestation tools can be found at http://www.selfempowermentacademy.com.au/ & also throughout our YouTube channel various Playlists.


RECIPE 2000 with its re-programming tools, has the potential to eliminate all war, all violence, all poverty, all hunger and social injustice as it transform's people into more compassionate and altruistic beings. It also allows us access to the one power every human being has in common - DOW POWER. This means we can be guided by the only incorruptable source known to man, a force so loving, so wise, so powerful, that longs for us to remember It and invite It to successfully guide us through life.

Go to the MADONNA FREQUENCY PLANETARY PEACE PROGRAM to access practical projects and programs that will guarantee paradise on earth.


Once we have decided what we want, and that we want our lives to make a positive difference, we come into the realm of service. Harmonizing this planet cannot be done by sheer intellect or desire alone. We need both. We also need to all plug consciously in to the never ending Source of love and wisdom and power, the Cosmic Computer that many call God. When we do this via our DOW, we can be guided as one harmonious group to co-create beneficially with all for all. We just need to fine-tune our channels and make frequency adjustments using specific programs and commands.

DOW Command: "I ask my DOW to bring me all my support crew NOW, my earth team, my cosmic colleagues PLUS all the resources we need to fulfill our parts in the Paradise Plan NOW. We ask that when we meet, we complete all our karmic learning with joy and ease and grace." CHANT with sincerity 3 times KNOWing that our DOW is all powerful and will serve us as we serve for the greater good.


Stay tuned for more on Global Wellness

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