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Sunday, May 2, 2010





We live in the most exciting times as humanity now stands at the threshold of a brand new world. As we leave behind us the chaos of systems that no longer support us, life can seem strange, challenging and tough, yet these changing times can be likened to a woman in labour who knows she is about to birth an amazing child. As our world continues to merge with the higher dimensions of love and light, all that we hold true is being streamlined into a new harmonic wave that serves us all and so there is a very dynamic reweaving of our energy fields taking place on both personal and global levels. Understanding exactly what is occurring and how to weave our own fields into greater harmony is such an aid at this time and so this tour we will also focus on ‘THE RHYTHMS OF LOVE & ENLIGHTENING PATHWAYS and provide tools and meditations to aid in a smoother transition process. So we invite you to tune in and feel if it is right for you to join us as we apply new baseline programming codes to also guarantee very specific and joyous outcomes for us all.

For those wishing to understand our bigger picture agendas, you may also wish to download our Free Embassy of Peace document in your language at http://www.jasmuheen.com/htm/embassy-peace.asp

As many are now aware, metaphysical author Jasmuheen has spent the last four decades studying the rhythms of the field of Divine Love to the degree that in 1993 she discovered its ability to provide nourishment on not just emotional, mental and spiritual levels but also on a physical level. She then toured extensively sharing this with all those open to experience this different way of being nourished. This year she will introduce the music of this field of love and the journeys we make as we experience love’s rhythms and its freedoms more deeply. Jasmuheen will also focus on deep meditations within the field of love, that will align us more powerfully to this nourishing force so that our presence enhances human evolution in ways that benefit us all.

On Pranic living she writes: “As vast multi-dimensional beings, we have limitless access to a source of internal nourishment (prana-chi) that constantly bubbles champagne-like throughout the matrix of life. This pranic stream acts as a type of glue to bind our creations and help with our manifestations to bring more Grace into our lives. Meditation allows us to go deep within the inner silence to discover and experience this pranic flow in all its forms and as we focus upon it we become immersed within it and so find ourselves transformed.” Jasmuheen believes that increasing our personal internal & external chi flow can rid our world of all of all its hungers and bring about a state of global harmony and permanent peace and so this tour continues with this focus.

Another year and another rhythm unfolds as things continue to change around us, harmonizing themselves according to the clarity of visions and the purity of our hearts. Life is easy now for some, more difficult for others as we unify more daily on personal levels with the divinity we are, and on global levels with each other. The current focus for many now is field enhancement – having our energy field, our presence here, enhance human evolution in a harmonious way. All of this can be a fun and inspirational journey when we understand the basic science of it all. Freedom comes in many ways and freedom from our limitations is here now as is the freedom to create wisely and manifest our highest dreaming.”

All of this and more we will share together as we gather with Jasmuheen this year. Currently focused on expressing these visions through music, you might like to go to http://www.itunes.com/jasmuheen
and also to Jasmuheen's YouTube channel and feel some of her energy this way.

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