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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Health Harmonics with Jasmuheen

Health Harmonics with Jasmuheen

The healthier we become in body, heart, mind & spirit, the healthier our world becomes on social, political, economic & environmental levels.
By HEALTH we mean health on Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels so in HEALTH HARMONICS there are 3 streams to be considered:-

a) Our Individual-Personal Health.
b) Our Global Health - how harmoniously we co-exist on Earth &; the health of our planet and
c) Our Universal Health - Earth as a healthy planet & our place in the interdimensional worlds.
EXPERIENCING HEALTH ENHANCEMENT:- The first step into enhanced personal health can be as simple as applying and experiencing the benefits of our Luscious Lifestyles Program and the changes this lifestyles brings on both the Personal & Global Health Paradigms. In the Youtube Video on The Embassy of Peace - Luscious Lifestyles Program Jasmuheen elaborates on the 8 point Luscious Lifestyles Program for personal harmonization - as offered by the Embassy of Peace for the enhancement of individual and global health.
BEING WELL INFORMED AS TO OUR CHOICES. Step 2 is about broadening our outlooks and getting educated into understanding the HOLISTIC HEALTH HOLOGRAM



As we have mentioned, one step at the Embassy of Peace to fulfill our projects, has been to understand by living it, the dynamics of conscious energy field fine-tunement. Many in our world have now found that good thinking, good dreaming and pure-hearted living can reveal other doors that beckon us to enter and walk a rhythm that I can only describe as "being love in action".
Personally I feel so blessed in this now moment that all I can do is sing as I fly along these cosmic air waves in a state that feels like the fluid rhythm of love in action. It is a marvel to behold what is flowing through me and all around me now for there is a grace within these subtle realms that one can only behold and then stand in awe of, for it brings an order and a flow, a current of energy that is so pleasing harmonically to my deepest, purest being.

This frequency arises within us all when it is our deepest heart's desire to be nourished by what it brings ... and to be united in the sweetest most succulent rhythm of mutual energy field enhancement.
Many also know that it is a time now to honor our intelligence, to embrace and tune in deeper to that which touches our soul and to let the voice of heaven call our name as it floods us with its essence, as we allow our personal dreaming to be our beacon home.

 We know also that it is a time to do what unites us further and to let harmony be our guide and that it is a time to let go of everything else, every other worry. No chaos can touch the essence of the purest you within, for its light will guide us as each one of us now chooses to enhance the other.
Each one of us is king and queen so let us rise in this moment in the glory of that which we are, united in a greater truth and live in harmony's field, let us blend in brotherhood and sisterhood united in our field of peace for we are the field keepers, the dream-weavers, those who sing and play. We are the poets of life and we know now that we can all exist in the grandest state.
Many now have felt the call to be quiet and still, to go deeper within, to meditate on the highest dreaming and to make our personal existence as harmonious as possible within the fields of life. Applying the steps provided here can only add to it all."


Programs & Projects - Embassy of Peace:- Personal, Global & Universal Harmonization Programs & Projects for the co-creation of unity and permanent peace on Earth. This manual combines the Luscious Lifestyles Program with its 8 point lifestyle plan, with the Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program, and adds the Embassy's Universal Harmonization Program offering finetuning methods for our Ambassadors of Peace.

Designed to promote individual and global health and happiness, these programs also promote permanent peace and prepare Earth en-mass to enter into higher paradigms.

Covering lifestyle practices, world health and hunger issues plus extra-terrestrial realities, and more, this manual also helps in the training of the Embassy's Ambassadors of Peace and Diplomats of Love. With over 150,000 copies of the Embassy's Programs downloaded freely a year, in various languages, we now offer this complete 200 page manual FREE as a download from our website OR via our lulu.com homepage in paperback for those who require it in book form.

Click HERE to preview and order your copy. Print: US$24.50 + postage.

Stay tuned for Home & Heart Harmonics .....

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