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Monday, March 3, 2014

PRANA PROGRAM BENEFITS - part 2 of Chapter 2


Q: What are some of the personal benefits of increasing the pranic flow through the body?
Physical Benefits:-     Body operates differently so we can gain the freedom to:
a)    Cease to create dis-ease on all levels;
b)    decrease our dependancy on the worlds food resources and no longer need to take     physical nourishment from food if this is our inclination;
c)    decrease sleep dependancy and so provide us with more time;
d)    decrease our dependancy on world’s water resources, even to the degree of eliminating     our need for external fluid;
e)   stop the aging process as our body is fed by a purer source of nutrition.
Emotional Benefits:-
a)     Increases emotional sensitivity; feelings of Oneness, joy, inner and outer peace;
b)    increases feelings of passion and purpose and feeling fulfilled and fed on deep     emotional     levels;
c)    increases feelings of an internal, limitless, unconditional love which eliminates     feelings of fear, loneliness and separation.
Mental Benefits:-
a)    Increases mental clarity;
b)    increases creativity;
c)    increases consciousness and awareness of the bigger picture in life,
d)    provides easier access to our inate wisdom, knowing and intuitive power.
Spiritual Benefits:-
a)    Increasing the pranic flow can provide the experience of Oneness and     interconnectedness of life;
b)    increases our experience of enlightenment – being filled with light and joy;
c)    increases our intuitive clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities;
d)    increases our respect for all life;
e)    easier to recognize the Divine plan and purpose to life and all roles within it;
f)    easier to understand the true essence of the teaching’s of all spiritual messengers Christ, Buddha, Mohammed etc.

Q: What other benefits did you personally experience when you learnt to be nourished purely by increasing your internal pranic flow?
A: One of the first benefits that I felt was incredible lightness of being, feeling vast, highly energized, expanded, multi-dimensional. These are the characteristics of the Divine spark within and, as we is allow this Divine limitless spark within – and without – to sustain us, we then take on its qualities.   Having also existed now for over a decade on an average of less than 300 calories per day I have gained a greater appreciation of exactly what my body is capable of particularly as I have also experienced all of the benefits of the previous questions and so write from experience.

Excerpt from The Prana Program research manual

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