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Monday, March 10, 2014


Excerpt from The Prana Program research manual


Q: Exactly what effects does The Prana Program have on health?
A: To me health means being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy, and radiating frequencies that feed both ourselves and the world in a harmonious and beneficial manner. In 1900 the average western person lived to be 47 years old. Today it is approximately 76. Once people hit 40 they enter the zone of heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. These seven illnesses will be responsible for the preventable deaths of more than 2 million North Americans in 2000. A well tuned bio-system with a strong pranic flow acts as a preventative medicine measure freeing us from dis-ease.

Q: How does a person maintain health on prana only nourishment if this becomes their choice?
A: It is all to do with flow. Everyone’s bio-system produces prana naturally, how much it can produce, attract, hold and radiate through the system will determine how healthy they remain on a prana only nourishment program. For people whose systems are overloaded with toxicity maintaining health on a prana only food regime would not be possible.

Q: Why do we have a stomach and teeth if we are not meant to eat physical food?
A: Our current digestive system has evolved over time to mirror our beliefs and as these change so will our digestive system. The fact is that we can do anything we choose when we merge again into the stream of our DOW’s power, for we are the masters of our own body, and as such every cell of our body is constantly listening to our thoughts, words and actions to which the molecules and atoms then adjust themselves in response. As we are the first generation of light eaters in the west we are also dependant upon the process of evolution for the inner system to change. However in time the future generations of light eater’s internal circuitry will end up quite different so the short answer to this question is that it is just a matter of evolution, and time, and our body’s ability to mirror our beliefs and practices. Those who continue to eat will keep their current digestive systems and those who choose Divine Nutrition will eventually have a digestive system that reflects this new way of being nourished.
It is said that when we first took form on this planet we had a different bio-system that was self-sustaining and needed neither food nor fluid; we have evolved over time to our current system and our future bio-system evolution depends on our lifestyle and choices. With re-education and experiential prana program awareness, over time our internal feeding structures will evolve differently, and eventually the new Prana Program feeding mechanisms will merge from the etheric to the physical and we will see biological changes to support our new way of feeding.

 Q: How is prana transformed into gross matter to support and sustain the body’s anatomy and physiology?

A: Prana is to God like sunshine is to the sun; both are natural by-products of something Radiant.  It’s everywhere already existing as Earth prana, air prana and cosmic prana and doesn’t need transforming – it feeds everything anyway. We just forgot that it does so. Over our evolutionary process we have come to expect food to do the job instead.
    Because the body already knows that prana is its natural source of food, it gets quite relieved when we – as masters of the body – know this also. It’s kind of like sacking a dish wash person to replace them with an automatic dishwasher. Eating pranic light is just easier and quicker and cleaner. Also the body prefers it as it can then stop the complicated process of digestion and redirect its precious energy for other matters. All food has prana and when we eat, we absorb this into ourselves, but we can also learn how to by-pass the middle man and go straight to the Source.

Q: How does a prana only nourishment affect life expectancy?  Is it a fountain of youth or does a person still age? 
A: I cannot speak for all pranic nourishers, only of my personal journey, where in my reality physical immortality can go hand in hand with the pranic nourishment issue. Giri Bala of India, and Therese Neumann who bore the stigmata of Christ, were both pranic nourishers who aged gracefully and died. Being a pranic nourisher does not guarantee physical immortality unless one reprograms the pineal and pituitary glands to only produce life-sustaining hormones and also release limiting mortality patterns. 
    Also in order to be physically immortal one needs to let go of the belief system that one has to die, and release from the energy fields of the bodies all toxicity of thought, emotion and dietary substance. It is a path of purification, and being the most sublimely tuned instrument in the orchestra of the divine, and manifesting this into physical reality. Therefore accessing the fountain of youth depends on one’s mind set and the release of our mortality patterns.

Q: Why are so many people focused a physical immortality?
A: Many people see themselves as the masters of their body and not slaves to it. It is their intention to fulfill their life purpose and then take the body up into light or drop it when they have completed their work rather than have it breakdown and then die from neglect or abuse. 

Q: How does it affect physical beauty?  Does increasing our pranic flow change our appearance?
A: A small number of people have the shamanic shape-shifting ability and can change the physical appearance at will. To me physical beauty is not the issue, vibrational beauty is and the most beautiful people I meet are those who are radiating the love and wisdom of the Divine force that breathes them. You can tell how strongly the pranic force is flowing in a body by the light in a person’s eyes for our eyes are the windows to our soul.

Q: Why do people’s sleep requirements decrease when they are anchored in The Prana Program?
A: As mentioned before, increasing the pranic flow changes the way our physical system operates as we need less energy for the digestion of food hence the body’s energy levels change and it naturally requires less sleep. For the malnourished person the opposite is true.

Q: You often say that the ability to no longer need physical food is just one small benefit of maximizing the pranic flow through a body. Why is this when this benefit alone potentially has such a huge impact on our evolution, particularly regarding global resources?
A: Personally I feel that we need to maintain a correct perspective regarding the gifts that increasing the pranic flow can deliver. Over the last decade there has been too much sensationalism particularly by the media regarding the non-eating aspect that comes with The Prana Program. This focus has overshadowed the other benefits of The Prana Program that are more beneficial to our world today, most especially the emotional and mental benefits.

Q: Why do doctors and nutritionists say that people who do not take physical food will die and that living on prana is impossible? Are they wrong?
A: Everything doctors and nutritionists say is true for a person who maintains:-
a)    Beta level brain activity and
b)    physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toxicity.
    As soon as we eliminate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toxicity and anchor our brain wave pattern into the Alpha then Theta and Delta levels, our bio-system begins to function differently and in a way still unexplained by our doctors and nutritionists who tend to deal primarily with the physical systems needs rather than on holistic and more metaphysical levels.

Q: What is the difference between fasting and living on prana apart from the fact that both take no physical food?
A: With fasting we live off of body fat, as the system is flushed out and supported to detoxify itself, if continued for too long we see muscle shrinkage, rapid aging of the system as it begins to collapse from lack of nourishment and if prolonged further, eventual death. With prana we are simply feeding a body in a different way providing it with superior quality vitamins and minerals from an unseen and seemingly unexplainable nourishment source. Fasting is abstinence from food; pranic nourishment is eating in a different way from an alternate source.

Q: Many people do a lot of hard physical labor or exercise. Surely they need solid food to fulfill this function?
A: People sometimes think that in order to expend a lot of energy, as in physically demanding work that they need to have a good supply of food to provide the fuel of energy to expend. Firstly quality of fuel choice is important and the higher the quality, the less quantity is often required and the highest quality food source we have is prana. Secondly if the body is able to access and digest its food source with minimum energy expenditure, then it will have more energy to use for other things.
    Our experiential research has found that people on The Prana Program get stronger, need less sleep, are more mentally alert and physically active which is the opposite of what most people expect so we are better at performing hard physical labor than we used to be.

Q: Many people who live on a prana only nourishment system find that their choice makes many people angry, why does this happen?
A: It challenges people’s beliefs, beliefs that are set due to experience and education – when these are limited so are our beliefs. New education plus new experiences equals new beliefs in understanding and less anger from fear and ignorance. Remember western history has always seen the acquisition of food to be essential for survival and civilizations have formed around our food, water and our shelter needs. The hunting and gathering reality is firmly anchored in our collective psyche and so to now provide information from the eastern yogic traditions about being able to tap into an alternative source of nourishment – called prana – that is within us, can be a little challenging to people’s fixed beliefs. Holistic education will alleviate this in time.

Q: Some people say that a lot of your research focuses too much on the physical body – is this so and is there a reason for this?
A: Unlike the Fakir’s in India who would push their bodies to extremes, or other eastern philosophy traditions that tend to focus entirely on the spiritual journey and ignore the body, I believe that the physical body is a precious temple. Precious because it is home to our DOW whose love, radiation and gifts we can experience directly with our seven senses.
    Also while we exist multi-dimensionally and for most of the time – except during sleep and deep meditation – our consciousness is anchored in the physical system. We are here right now for a purpose – whatever people deem this purpose to be – and maximizing the joy of the journey of this life helps with a well tuned bio-system.

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