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Friday, February 25, 2011

Energy Field Enhancement

There are times in life, days, hours or moments, where everything comes together with such perfection. It’s as if all the elements of people, words, hearts and even the environment open and coalesce into something so magical that everything is a joy. It is a time of the Ahh … where all is right with the world. So it has been this morning as the audience, my translator and I danced across life’s stage to share stories and words that I know can open hearts. How many seminar halls have we been in this last decade or so? How many stories have been told of those who dare to challenge the status quo just by being true to the call of their own heart? How many miraculous changes have I witnessed and how many have come to listen, to shine and to share? -

We live in the most exciting times as humanity now stands at the threshold of a brand new world. As we leave behind us the chaos of systems that no longer support us, life can seem strange, challenging and tough, yet these changing times can be likened to a woman in labor who knows she is about to birth an amazing child.

As our world continues to merge with the higher dimensions of love and light, all that we hold true is being streamlined into a new harmonic wave that serves us all and so there is a very dynamic reweaving of our energy fields taking place on both personal and global levels. Understanding exactly what is occurring and how to weave our own fields into greater harmony is such an aid at this time.

As things continue to change around us, harmonizing themselves according to the clarity of visions and the purity of our hearts, life is easy now for some, more difficult for others as we unify more daily on personal levels with the divinity we are, and on global levels with each other.

The current focus for many now is field enhancement – having our energy field, our presence here, enhance human evolution in a harmonious way. All of this can be a fun and inspirational journey when we understand the basic science of it all. Freedom comes in many ways and freedom from our limitations is here now, as is the freedom to create wisely and manifest our highest dreaming.

- smiles - Jasmuheen

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  1. Jasmuheen! Thank you for posting such affirming words.. it fills me up. thank you


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