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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breatharian Retreat - 3 deaths and my role with Living on Light

“Breatharian – a breather of God - Due to the movie in the Beginning There was Light and many people’s renewed interest in this subject, for the first time in many years, in Germany, I will be offering an intense retreat on Pranic Living and Breatharian training plus the Pathways of Peace for enjoying new dimensions and the realm of the I AM THAT I AM and all the gifts that this will bring to humanity! Come and join us for this wonderful opportunity to be together in this nourishing way.” Jasmuheen.
German Retreat – 10am 19th – 4pm 24th May 2011 – Organiser: Maria Agostini e-mail: info@mariaagostini.de


Sometimes we do things that push people’s buttons of awareness as we challenge the many limited beliefs we all still hold on earth. The alternative is to stay silent and accept society with all its limitations and to stay within the boxes of behaviour people want each other to be in. For some this is possible, for others this is impossible as something so strong within us pushes us into a new rhythm.
I think about the three people who died over 10 years ago now, around the 21 day Living on Light initiation process, and how I used to wish that their deaths had never occurred, and yet I cannot control when people die or how, or the rhythms that push people, from somewhere deep inside, to rise up and break out of limited patterns, or to answer the call to be part of an evolutionary path that stands before us, that is so immensely freeing and grand; a path that beckons us to know the divine essence within all and to also receive its gifts.
These things are not for me to control, for it is not a time of trying to control one another. It is a time of knowing and enjoying ourselves, of choosing the path of love not fear, of education not ignorance, of honour and respect for each other rather than judgment and disdain. It is a time of seeking harmony among us and resolutions to conflict that deliver beneficial outcomes to us all; of sitting down with family and friends, if required, and lovingly communicating our concerns until a problem is resolved in a way that serves us all.

Regardless of the thoughts of the inexperienced observers of our work as it unfolds in the world, the majority of those who gather with me are bright and intelligent people. They do not seek gurus nor are they naïve and ready to be led astray by some charismatic person. They, like myself and many others, have reached a point in their lives where they have asked, “Is the reality I have created, really serving myself and is it beneficially serving all in this world?” If the answer is ‘no’ then they seek ways to change their model of reality until it is; and if the answer is ‘yes’ then they seek to gather with others to share and combine their energies so that together we can enjoy a different harmony which is the unifying rhythm of love in our world.
Most people who come to our retreats choose to be well informed and have learnt to check things via the innernet and trust their intuitive guidance; still with the movie “In The Beginning There Was Light” being released and scepticism around this possibility rising again, it has been beneficial to look at exactly what we have achieved these past 17 years.
In our book The Prana Program, we shared that my role with this was as follows:-
1.    Discover The Prana Program’s gifts and live it all experientially thus proving to myself beyond a doubt its infinite possibilities as outlined in all of our books. This is a journey I intuitively began preparation for as a child. (See my new book Memories and Motivations.)
2.    Research all that I could on the subject, write about it and offer my research to the world in a pragmatic and simple way as possible. This included researching and simplifying data in the ancient and hidden mystery schools, and personally undergoing various alchemical initiations.
3.    Be a bridge regarding The Prana Program between the eastern understanding, and my own experience of prana, and introduce the benefits of increasing the pranic flow as widely as possible to the West, in a way that supports the paradise agenda.
4.    Find and support other proponents of this – Hira Ratan Manek, Zinaida Baranova, the Bigu states in the Qigong networks –  and introduce their methodologies through our networks.
5.    Be a media spokesperson for The Prana Program and via holistic education principles utilize the media to anchor The Prana Program reality in the morphogenetic field.
6.    Set up both innernet and internet communications systems to share our research en mass as per my constant touring, books and websites.
7.    Introduce The Prana Program and its benefits through political networks, and formulate an effective program to combine and share our research with existing aid and resource redistribution programs via the United Nations and others.
Over the last decade we have achieved points 1 to 7 and have been supported by great Grace as we always are when we fulfill our blueprint. It was not in my blueprint to give a year or two of my time – as Hira Ratan Manek the solar gazer has done – to personally be involved with extensive medical and scientific testing. Yet it was in my blueprint to act as a cosmic reporter and share the results of Hira’s testing which has essentially proven the same thing – that a person can access enough prana, as an alternate form of nourishment so that they are free from the need to take physical food.
With all of this accomplished it is so nice to now move on to the more pragmatic applications of the agendas of the Embassy of Peace, knowing that people will experience this freedom of pranic living in their own time, when their resonance is right and when their hearts are open to such things. Fulfilling our pre-agreed agendas as joyously and with as much integrity as we can is always such a satisfying thing to do even though it is sometimes tempting to look back and see easier pathways to achieve it all. Still we do what we can as best we can in any given moment and from all of this we grow and learn.
NOURISHMENT FROM CHI, PRANA, THE UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE happens as a direct response to our desire for it and as a natural response to our vibration. When we consciously tune ourselves to the Madonna Frequency and It's Channel of Divine Love and Wisdom, miracles happen! The ability to live on light is directly related to our ability to attract, absorb and radiate Divine Love which is determined by our lifestyle. It really is that simple! When our personal biofield is well tuned and we are four body fit, we can access DOW Power which has the ability to love us, guide us, heal us and also nourish our cells and not just our souls.
In order to co-create paradise we need to ensure that we adopt long term resource sustainability support systems and also redistribute our current resources so that we can  adequately feed everyone now and in the future. At the moment the ability to be nourished by prana is way ahead of its time and there are many steps we need to take before this is a globally accepted lifestyle. For many, ITS MAIN GIFT IS FREEDOM OF CHOICE - to eat for pleasure and not for need. It takes 20 times the resources to put meat on our tables compared to grains so what the world is ready for, is global vegetarianism. Enough research has now been done to prove a) vegetarianism is GREAT for our health! b) Vegetarianism is GREAT re long term resource sustainability! c) 'Vegetarianism tunes our personal biofield to the vibration of compassion for all creatures.' Jasmuheen

IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS LIGHT:- Screened at Cannes Film Festival in the South of France in 2010, this NEW documentary will also be shown in major movie cinemas globally from September 2010. Filmed over a 6 year period, this documentary shows the quantum aspects of living on prana and has many detailed interviews with people such as:- Dieter Hochegger, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Marktl, Prof. Dr. Anton Luger, Univ. Doz. Dr. Ingrid Kiefer, Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, Jasmuheen, Walter „Omsa“ Rohrmoser, Dr. Michael Werner, Mataji Prahlad Jani, Dr. Sudhir Shah, Dr. V.N. Shah, Dr. Urmann Ohruv, Dr. Sanjay Metha, Hira Ratan Manek, Yuan Limin, You Xuande, Dr. TCM Qi Duan Li, Prof Dr. Gernot Pauser, Zinaida Baranova, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hacker, Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD Dean Radin, Prof. Dr. Brian Josephson, Prof. Dr. Amit Goswani, Prof. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. Jakob Bösch, Prof. Dr. Robert Jahn.


  1. J, hi, please advise how to view the 'In the beginning there was light' movie? Warm-thanks.com N x

  2. This movie has not been released in english anywhere yet so we can't get a DVD til it is - has been released in Germany, Norway, France so you change it other languages ... go to Peter's website and ask him re it all or google it! Smiles xxxx love Jas


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