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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pathways of Peace - Rhythms with Jasmuheen

 Rhythms with Jasmuheen

There are many rhythms, in the realms as you know,
so many flavours to dive into, and grow,
such uniqueness, through all of our beings,
so many different ways, that we have, of seeing.

Here, we just tell stories, offer a few thoughts,
a way of being, that can make struggle short,
ways that can work, for all that will come,
who will follow, of course, their own inner drum.

The depth of love’s pool is limitless as well,
we cannot begin to even share, or tell,
because life is determined, by everyone’s beat,
the song that they carry, as they walk on their feet,
through the flows of time, on Earth, and beyond,
open to the dreaming, to a sweeter song.

Bliss some seek, or Samadhi, they will say,
enlightenment too, what it is to us this day,
to know true love, the beloved game,
to dance, feel happy, within this earth plane.

Some dream of more, of course, that is true,
of grand cities, fine apartments, a high-rise view,
so many desires, to carry all along,
so much to do, ‘til we feel our hearts song.
So many hungers, that we take care of,
according to what moves us, what we know of love.

Some are just new here, we know this as well,
it’s their time to enjoy, everything we tell.
So many flavours now within Earth’s field,
that young souls come here, just to taste this yield.
Duality itself, is so fascinating too,
so many have come, to enjoy Earth’s view.

Yet you will leave this plane, soon, far behind,
when you decide to flow, with a different tide.
Out of duality’s park, so to speak,
out of old rhythms, all now can leap.
Yes, the doors are open, to swim into,
the oneness rhythm, with its fabulous hues.

So we wish to affirm, just a little bit more,
of the beings of light, who can come to your door,
when you least expect it, when you quietly abide,
in stillness, in solitude, opening wide,
just being that rhythm, of love, deep inside,
or watching the breath, go along with that ride.

Many ways of meditation, many ways to be,
when all sit down and open to the we.
Ask to feel oneness, love’s flavour as well,
to know global harmony, and also its spell.

To see the science, whatever you need,
so that you can come on board, free now of greed,
just to be happy, to have arrived at all,
to add your flavour, to this new cosmic ball.

There is etiquette, of course, as we meet with love,
beaming from our hearts, like peace-filled doves.
At times words touch true, at times they fly away,
so we just come back to the heart each day.

So we cannot speak, of what will happen,
because, quite simply, anything can.
Thoughts are your drivers, like your essence and pulse,
they will set up patterns, to move you through realms.
Your radiation, is, your divine access code,
revealing, inner plane doors, a silent abode,
where all is revealed, as true matches are given,
as like attracts like, ‘til we find true love’s rhythm.

For all is a mirror, of that which we are,
above, as below, sometimes it seems bizarre,
yet it follows a rhyme, it follows pure reason,
it follows universal laws, which some are seasoned,
in knowing about, and then applying them as well,
so we’ve seen great changes, in the ways that you gel.

So all that we have done, in our sharing jar,
is offer paths of peace, that will bring you far,
in to new rhythms, that will serve with great love,
when you relax, let go, and open to above.
It is your Earth now, you know this as well,
you decide each chapter, and where you will dwell.

You can stay contained in your earth bodies,
or expand again and witness other eddies,
and tides and flows, in the matrix of love,
the creation it carries in its divine glove,
expressing itself uniquely we know,
yet there all the same, as an energy flow.

There is nothing to fear in this field of yours,
about ET’s, light beings and UFO’s.
It’s all harmonics that pure intention drives,
to the right fields, to get the best rides.

By-pass the others, don’t stop along the way,
just keep your focus, on that union day,
the merging, the melting, the gelling along,
the finding of new rhythms with a pure heart song.

  • Contemplate the above poem.
  • Absorb the insights within it that are right for you.
  •  Or create your own expression of these insights.
  • Play with your personal rhythms by applying the meditations recommended on our website at http://www.jasmuheen.com/htm/training.asp#MEDITATION-CDS.
  • Ask your inner teacher – the divine one within (your DOW) to reveal to you the perfect rhythm so that you can know health, happiness and harmony throughout all levels of your life.

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