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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Channelling the Best

Without our willingness to channel the best, we cannot even begin. Whether it is creating a new life or a new world or a piece of art or music or writing, it all begins with being open. First in imagination, then in will, then in reality, is an old saying but true. Our gifts to this world, and this realm’s gifts to us can come in many ways, often as we least expect them but they come especially when we are open to give, open to receive.

•If step one is being willing, then

•step two is making the time to clear some space in our lives to receive. Being in stillness, enjoying the silence so that we can tune to the inner realms where the intuitive creative flow runs like a river, a subtle current, through us all.

•Step three is then deciding which channel you wish to tune to, to download from, rather than just opening without discernment to any channel, for there are many layers within the fields, many realms seeking expression – from the astral to the realms of ascended light.

•Step four is the process of allowing, allowing it all to flow though us. Always listening to the rhythm of our heart, to its natural song of expression so that this heart energy is embedded in all that we do.

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