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Monday, July 26, 2010

No Way To Heaven - THE FIRST FILM ABOUT BREATHARIANISM After successful cinema screenings in Switzerland and The Netherlands, the movie No Way To Heaven will finally be available on DVD on www.amazon.com (late July 2010).

The Swiss Premiere on 11th January 2009 of NO WAY TO HEAVEN was A HUGE SUCCESS!!! After the film there was an open panel discussion with: Ass. Professor Dr. med. Jakob Bösch, former head of psychiatric clinic Dr. Michael Werner, chemist & author ("Leben mit Lichtnahrung") Hugo Stamm, sect specialist, journalist (Tagesanzeiger newspaper) Edith Felder (has completed the 21-day process) Janos Tedeschi & Christof Schäfer, the two directors Presentation: Dr. Daniele Ganser, (historian University of Basel) No Way To Heaven was subsequently shown twice daily for 11 weeks!

The movie:-

„No Way To Heaven“ begins on a remote island in Southeast Asia. There, Fritz Joss, a young man from the Swiss mountains has decided to stop eating - once and for all. He plans to find sustenance in pure (sun-)light by applying what is known as the „21 day process“. In a manner at once relaxed and almost child-like in its naïvety, Fritz sets off on his endeavour, but the planned conversion to „breatharianism“ is much more difficult than anticipated. „No Way To Heaven“ is a film about a spiritual quest. With its hallucinatory images, the film raises questions that transcend those merely concerning a nutrition-less life. For all of its philosophical implications, however, the film never loses sight of life`s quirkier and more comical aspects.

DVD Extras: interviews with:

Jasmuheen, an Australian esoteric teacher and author, who introduced breatharianism (and the 21-day process) in her best-selling book „Living on Light“ to Western audiences in the late 90s.

Dr. Michael Werner, a German chemist, anthroposophist and author of "Leben durch Lichtnahrung", himself a breatharian of multiple years.

Prof. Dr. Sudhir Shah (extended interview).

Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, a prominent yogi and teacher of Fritz Joss.

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