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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jasmuheen Travel Diary excerpt, the Kogi plus more data on our Sacred Art Retreat with Jasmuheen

Jasmuheen Travel diary - meeting the Kogis plus more ....

End of January, 2010

I have begun to read the book “The Elder Brothers” by Alan Ereira about the lost city and the Kogi tribe who withdrew to the mountains near Santa Marta in Colombia to avoid being conquered by the Spanish. Patty my host is a good friend of one of the Kogi Elders and so three of their tribe came to my workshop at the weekend in Pereira, two Mamas – or Priests – plus a woman named Ruth. The Kogi tribe say they are the Elder Brothers and that they have peacefully lived their own lives and ignored the rest of the world of the Younger Brothers (us) for as long as they could. Living in absolute harmony within their world, they have now stepped forth to share a little of their wisdom with the message that we need to be more honouring and take better care of Gaia – Pachamama – and that unless we do, very hard times will come. They say we still have time to change our ways; that it’s not too late to listen and alter our path to create our own salvation. Theirs is of course a common message yet to be in their presence is different and so we took advantage of the Kogi’s attendance and invited them to address the weekend audience, which for them was quite a large one. With the eldest Mama speaking in their native language and the youngest Mama then translating his words into Spanish, and my translator whispering the English equivalent into my ear, it was all a great layer to add to our Pereira gathering and one that we all appreciated.

On Sunday morning I awoke to begin the last day of the seminar with virtually no voice and only the ability to whisper. This is the second time it has happened in 16 years of constant travel yet the day flowed on regardless bringing through a different energy again. My translator sat close beside me as I whispered into the microphone and she then said it all in Spanish. The meditations went deep, the audience so open and compassionate, offering any help to heal my throat that they felt was appropriate. At the end of the day came a standing ovation plus endless hugs and tears in eyes, as the audience expressed their love, and love channelled through my being in response to their love – filling my body with warmth and all eyes with more tears for all that had been shared. There is such a joy to being with the people of South America who I love as much as the Thai. Both are so open-hearted and giving, so genuine in their care of each other and strangers who soon become family to them all. Thailand’s people – being mainly Buddhist – are quiet and gentle while the South American people are more gregarious and joyful for they are people who love to dance and sing, who love family and sharing their homes and hearts.

I have a few more days here as all flights home earlier were booked out and so I rest, read and go into silence so the muscles in my throat can also rest after five intense weeks of talking with our groups plus politicians, media and more, in so many different situations that arise for an Ambassador of Peace these days. I look forward to the day where I no longer have that title and that the Embassy of Peace can close its doors on Earth because none of it will be required. Until then we enjoy each moment and all that unfolds, sharing when required with words, and our presence, being in deep communion in the silence when it draws me and living and loving with appreciation and joy. This world is never boring and there is so much more for us all to understand and experience about the cultures and choices that make up the human life-wave in the here and now so that we can exist in deeper states of harmony.

As I complete this journal entry the Kogi Mamas are downstairs in this abode, sharing more deeply with our hosts who they’ve come to love and trust. No doubt before this day is out there will be more stories to tell. My voice is still only a whisper which also suits me fine. I am a shy and silent person at heart so to sit and just be and listen is also pleasing to my nature.

Yesterday the elder Mama told me that if I search within myself I will find the answer to why I have lost my voice, independent of some contributing factors like being drenched by the storms in Machu Picchu and having to stay in wet clothes until I could return to Agua Calientas and change my clothes which may have weakened my immune system a little, or that my throat muscles get tired from all the talking. The last time I lost my voice I had also been in South America working in Brazil favelas where I felt the throat slowly tighten. A week or so later, in my last event in Europe in the Canary Islands, when I was again in a Spanish speaking land, my voice box suddenly had no sound and so that event also concluded with a whisper.

Losing my voice in Spanish speaking lands, my throat energy weakened in some way … I contemplate this as the Mamas wander the lawn below me. As the Elder looks up and smiles, we meet in heart and mind, and my being is filled with the flash of a powerful vision. I see my Shaman self in another timeline kneeling on the ground, my head held back by the hair by a big rough hand of a man who viciously runs a large sharp edged knife across my exposed throat. Blood rushes out of the gaping wound that has effectively cut through the cords of my voice box and with mouth agape and my voice silenced, I watch as I fall to the ground and die.

Even as I write these words an energy shifts from around my voice box as my body continues to release its tears, so sad at the cruelty of man, still sad at the greed and ignorance that some still hold, for we can all live so well together on Earth even if we choose to exist in different ways. I was so naïve and trusting then, for in that life all were our brothers and sisters, strangers and family alike. All that we had then was shared – our food, our wisdom, our ways and our love and every visit together was a visit of mutual enhancement with our exchanges made in ways that made us all better and stronger. That was the way of many tribes before the Conquistadors came.

Some tapestries of life are long ones, others are shorter of course, with each life a pattern of colour, a weave of threads, rough and smooth, from which we grow and learn. My throat is still tender yet slowly I begin the process of forgiveness that is always required for healing to begin. And in the silence of this farmhouse in Colombia with the Kogi Mamas now so close, my body continues to release its tears as a deeper process of healing begins. Other details of that life are no longer required to be seen for our time is here, and now the causative factor of my throat’s weakness has clearly been revealed.

As many know, these visions and insights come when they need to and when we are ready to be free from events of the past whose influence we no longer need today. There is no need to chase anything for it all comes up within us when the time is right to move on and let our times of persecution go.

So much is written about Colombia and the levels of violence here, violence is in the land, brought by Cortez and the Conquistador’s quest for gold. Driven by greed they spilt the blood of so many, wiping out the Incas and the Aztecs while the Kogi silently retreated to mountains that were too difficult for many to climb.

I can see the Kogi tribe now in my mind’s eye and also feel their hearts which have often been filled with sadness at the ways of their younger brothers, who lacked the sensitivity to tune to and be at One with each other and with Pachamama and her land, those who forgot how to feel the currents of a cosmic heart beat and the true richness that the Kogi’s knowledge contains.

As I weave the symbol of infinity across my throat to neutralize the energy there, I intuitively chant the words “I release the wounds of the past, I reclaim my voice and my right to share the truth of the past and the wisdom of our future” and my body gasps for air as if it is breathing for the very first time. And so an intuitive voice chants on soundlessly in my head until my tears are gone “I forgive all who have ever hurt me through all time. I ask for forgiveness of all that I have also done that has hurt another …” over and over these chants flow as these limiting energy webs slowly untangle themselves through my throat until the process is done. Other visions come with the chants until I see the tribe I came from, being tracked through the jungles by the men with no light in their eyes whose only desire was for gold. I feel angry, then sad as the visions reveal my Indigenous nature and the ways of the peaceful tribes, all of it gone, swamped by white man’s lust for more.

My voice still needs rest for the muscles in my throat are tender and sore and yet I give thanks to the Mamas, the priests of the Kogi tribe, for finding me again this life and with so few words allowing this release to come.

I remembered something else while meditating with the Colombian group this past weekend about my time so long ago with the Orion’s on their councils of war and the skills learnt there in peace negotiations. I realised that I have seen so much of war that my being has no tolerance for it anymore, so to me the choice of war seems so barbaric when the alternative is just to make a few adjustments so that peace can reign again among us all. When will we learn to value each other? I wonder as I swing in my hammock on the veranda of a house in the countryside in Colombia and integrate the insights that I have gained in this land of ancient cultures, with the Kogi tribe who chose to retire to the mountains and be secluded, rather than play the games of war.

Identifying the source of a weakness in our energy field is always required to effect permanent healing, then intuiting the correct process to repair the weakness is also another challenge for often there are various factors that contribute to the ongoing weakness. Past linear time-line events, current time-line lifestyle habits, attitudes and beliefs, and also sometimes parallel life or future life influences, for time in higher frequency bands is simultaneous not linear. Much of this I discovered a few years ago when shifting myself out of the genetic weakness of cancer. It was then that I also realised that our own Divine Beingness is the only one that holds the formula for perfect healing. Others of course can help, like the acupuncturist this weekend that sensed I was also having an allergic reaction of the local flora that was closing up my throat, and when I checked within I found that yes this is was a small contributing factor. But the initial cause of the energy field weakness went of course much deeper.

Holding the clear intention to discover and clear the original causative factor of a debilitating situation – as I have been doing the last 36 hours – allows this knowledge to rise within us if and when we are ready. And yet we also need sincerity in the forgiveness routine and I realise that I still feel too angry to sincerely forgive from my heart and not just my head. This anger must rise for release and then flow from my being gently, when the time is right and only then can I be truly free. Mentally I understand the history of our world; the endless cycles we have endured of war, conquering and greed, where one tribe imposes, by brute force or more subtle manipulation, their own ways over another’s, claiming that they are superior or know better. This has been the history of so many worlds. We know this and it is nothing new.

Being there is different. Seeing our friends and family slaughtered, their precious life, then our own, draining away so violently in crumpled heaps upon the ground. Feeling it all and living through it is a completely different story to just hearing about it later or reading about it in a book. We have all endured so many tortuous ways, time and time again, as people of peace with our simple loving ways do when we are exposed to hatred, judgement and greed. We hold all of this memory in our cells, of lives when we have conquered others ourselves, or then been conquered in turn, of lives when fear and ignorance replaced love and compassion and drained out our intuitive nature, that pure part of us, that has always held the key to the kingdom of existence in peace-filled worlds.

But we have changed; we do know better, we are seeking the inner kingdom of peace again even though this is not always evident in our external world. The Elder Kogi Mamas here has this peace and holds it deep within himself like a silent force of the greatest wisdom and power and this I also feel now deep within now that my tears have gone.

According to Alan Ereira, the Kogi believe they are the guardians of the world and like many Indigenous cultures they believe that Mother Earth is a living spirit being who we need to exist in harmony with. They see all of Colombia as sacred land. The Kogi’s word for their priests – Mamas – means the sun or the Enlightened Ones. They speak of the Aluna – the realm where all is one, part of a divine being, a realm where they silently work to keep the equilibrium in our world.

The Mamas are educated in the dark virtually from birth where they spend two-nine year periods. Some spend another two-nine year periods in the dark and become oracles who then only communicate with other Mamas. 36 years living in darkness to develop their clairvoyance, clairsentient and more skills that come from darkness training. I love the darkroom myself and have spent only 60 days in that environment. To spend 9 years or 36 years in darkness with only another Mama for company is unfathomable to me and yet I understand why and the benefits this brings esoterically. It is these highly sensitive ones who have seen the disasters to come to our world and who have inspired some of the Mamas to leave their mountain of seclusion and speak to the younger brothers – us – so that we change our behaviour towards the natural world and come into equilibrium within them.

Later in the afternoon my host and I drive with the two Mamas and Ruth – the woman who is travelling with them – to a small mountain town outside of Pereira, a place so beautiful, with sweet people and great energies pulsing through the Earth – it is both picturesque and profound. We walk the streets and later I sit with them as they take their evening meal. We ask each other questions and the Kogi begin to share of some of their deeper ways and this continues all the way back in the car. Now and then I ask a question and the Elder Mamas shares with such an open and easy flow.

In Alan Ereira’s book they are described as secretive and silent and so I feel privileged to be with them now, putting a scientific bent on everything they say as I listen in silence. Our work in essence is the same, to create again an equilibrium in the world, so that Pachamama can be supported and we can support each other, in a more harmonious way. Many things that they reveal to me this day are not my place to speak of. I would also like to say that it is important for Indigenous people to share what they have to say in their way, in their time, without any editing or misinterpretation by white people, which has often happened in the past. As a consequence of this, I have agreed with the Kogi to offer them space in the Embassy of Peace on our YouTube channel to share their message in video form exactly as they want and hopefully this will be done soon. These people are wise and loving, with a light of love and joy that shines from their eyes. The Elder Mamas always holds a deep peace and at-one-ment with his surrounds, a peace that I feel too as we drive together through this land.

Everywhere we walked today the Mamas were stopped by people who wanted to take their photos or who had one or two things to ask or say. During our day our car was stopped twice by police who were also curious to see who we were before sending us on our way. To many, Colombia is a dangerous place, filled with guerrillas, drug cartels, tomb raiders and corruption that manifests itself in so many ways. People are kidnapped or killed here regularly, yet there is a deeper layer to this land that manifests itself to those who are open to its song, which is how it always is in our dual-natured world.

When we arrive back to the compound where I am staying, the Mamas invite me to undergo a small ceremony with them the next day so that they too can help to support my work in their own way. They know the difficulties of being outspoken today, about the need for a more harmonious way and the challenges this brings to us all and so they will weave their webs of support around me. As we later retire to sleep, they ask that I pay attention to any dreams that come my way.

My body needs so little sleep at times and tonight it is the same, yet in that semi-conscious state, the invisible world that they call Aluna, begins to speak again.

“Oneness,” it says over and over. “Oneness is the game. Forget the past, reweave the future into the Oneness game” and so I sit up, switch on the light and let Aluna’s wisdom flow. This is what it tells me as it delivers the data and images for yet another YouTube video:

According to many metaphysicians, and also our Indigenous people, we exist in a web of Oneness, each of us interconnected with all things, like a cell in the Body of Living Field of Intelligence. What we do, how we live affects us all and imprints vibrations in this web.
When we each set the clear intention to live in harmony within ourselves, within our community and within this Earth, then the web of love responds and begins to teach us how, but only when we are truly open in our heart to receive this knowledge.
There are of course practical thing’s that we can do to experience harmony in this Web of One; such as choosing to see the good in each other. We can also focus on the things that bind us, that we have in common, rather than on the things that separate and divide us further.
We share a common essence in the Web of Love, the same baseline frequency, which is of course, Pure Love. This ocean of Pure Love which is within each of us, can be small or large, depending on our recognition of it and attention to it and it has many gifts to give.
By turning our awareness within – via meditation and pure concentration – with a desire to feel this inner ocean of love, it can then rise within us and reveal that we are all the same in essence, that we are all one.
The stronger this force becomes and the more we acknowledge its presence by focusing upon it, the sooner we will be united as one species living on one planet. This is the Universal Law of Love and the Universal Law of Resonance – coming into being in action.
It is a simple science that goes beyond separatist ideologies and religions.
At the Embassy of Peace we encourage you to live a lifestyle that fills your Being with joy, a lifestyle that is also beneficial to the world as a whole. Then we may all move as one heart, one mind – with love in our hearts and wisdom in our minds – and be in harmony with Gaia, the spirit of our world. Some call Gaia, Pachamama, and know her as a living being that is also part of the Web of Oneness.

She invites us to live in harmony upon her and for those who know how, to show the way. And so it is time for us to acknowledge the wisdom of the Elders of the Indigenous tribes. It is their time now and our time to listen to all that they have to say.

Listen to the Kogi from Colombia.
Listen to what the Hopi Indians have to say.
Listen to the wise ones from the Aboriginal lines.

And listen to the voice of the Divine Essence within. Seek to know its gifts so that harmony and Oneness can be our experience in every way.
As many now know, the greatest teacher dwells within us. When we hear its voice and receive its gifts we will know the Oneness game.
And when the last of this message has come, I lie back down in the dark to enjoy the silence again.
This morning the Mamas arrive early again to complete the ceremony that they began with me last night and then to continue their teachings with the others that are here.

As we sit in the silence together, the Elder Mamas behind me doing his work in Aluna’s plane (the field of Infinite Love and Wisdom), “Focus on the pure spirit,” he tells me, “on the spirit of the trees,” and with his clear instructions I slip effortlessly into a visionary state, where I find myself with Pachamama again and then with the great spirit of the trees. Here waves of love and light wash through me as if I am in a tunnel of wind, yet it is vaster than that again. Within moments I find myself in the Temple of the Sun and hear the words “Welcome back our granddaughter of love,” as new patterns are rewoven through my energy field by the Kogi Mamas behind me. A matching of my baseline frequency occurs then deepens my connection into Pachamama’s pure field where layers of support and strength await to then claim my Being back into theirs.
Slowly words of power begin to flow through me from the spirit of the trees, and the Temple of the Sun, linking me with them as I chant what I hear and the vibrations of the words settle through my energy fields
“I AM THE WHITE EARTH LIGHT OF PACHAMAMA” was the first chant that came when the ceremony began with them last night and it comes to me again now, before more profound, more personal words began to flow. The tree spirit with us now is fluid, powerful and strong as is the energy in the Temple of the Sun, and tears stream down my face in a silent grateful flow as the Mamas continues to do what he needs to do as he sits silent and still in the chair behind me. I hear him working his Poporo and sense his presence now deep in my energy fields. It is a presence of great love and patience and in my heart I feel these people are my tribe, that our focus is on harmony and that in this we are forever linked. More is told to me in Aluna’s field, then the words and visions cease and I know the work is done. Next the Mamas reads my vibrations from the breath I left on a piece of cotton that I held in my right hand throughout the journey, after which he tells me that I have the Kogi’s permission now to spread our message through their land with safety and with their support as he ties another string of white cotton around my wrists. They tell me to keep those two strings on my wrists forever as it is a link to their ways and their world, for they read the vibrations of the worlds through the threads of nature. My heart is full and I feel so touched by their wise and gentle ways.

Over our days together with Mamas Eugeno and Mamas Noelle and Ruth, we manage to share with them that Little Brother is rising to do their part, and that there is a huge network of support for their message, as we also have been getting the same message from Pachamama and Aluna when we meditate and engage in prayer. When they finally realise this as truth, they tell me how happy it makes their heart and I tell them how happy their hearts make me. They are a pure and gentle yet strong people and I feel so blessed, so privileged to have had this encounter.
Later on the phone I recount some of this to my husband and I realise that so much of what I have experienced with them would not have occurred unless I’d lost my voice. I know I am a strong and independent woman and that I need to be to do the public work I do, and also to do the work on the inner plane in Aluna’s field, yet it seems that only when I am incapacitated in some way, do I get to really experience the skills of others, as they can then step forth in their strength and wisdom to help me in the ways that they can. First there was Swami Nardanand in India who recently helped to heal my ankle and make me aware, by spending time with him that way, of his healing powers and his wonderful heart and now it is the Mamas of the Kogi. I know that if my voice had stayed strong, many of the experiences we have just shared would not have been able to happen. Perhaps our connections would have happened anyway but in a different way but there is still a lesson here for me – about silence and listening and support. Many people step forward in such different ways when they feel they are needed and can help and being needed brings out parts of themselves that may otherwise remain hidden.

I know I am in a small position of influence in the world and I know that all that we share with others when I travel, is always based on personal experience, and so it is easy to support and promote people in whose abilities we trust. Trust for me usually comes from personal experience and so now it is so easy to promote both Swami Nardanand and the Kogi. And for this insight today I give thanks to my husband and the conversation we have just shared, still, I can’t help but wonder if I can learn all of this in a slightly different way …

Despite all of this my body is strong and constantly amazes me with its capacity to handle my ever changing lifestyle. Heat in Santiago; cold in the Andes Mountains; heat and humidity in Lima Peru then extreme cold in Cusco; rainy, cold then humid in Machu Picchu followed quickly by freezing cold to my bones in Bogota then heat, then cold again all in one day. Then comes more heat and humidity in Pereira. All of this climate change happens over one day to the next and all of it my body needs to adjust to, plus constant plane rides and various pollutions. And yet it stays so strong and copes so well through it all, with just prana for its food plus a little water and coffee now and then for its pleasure. So the rare sprained ankle or sore throat is all so inconsequential in the bigger scheme of things. Add all that is required – for any of us in this field – to be constantly centred and focused and also then add the need for us to be able to handle huge frequency downloads and stay in a virtually constant channelling state and WOW … I am thankful for what my body is capable of handling!

Life on the road is amazing and gifts us with so much through each experience and interaction, from the love that pours into me from the heart of each one who hugs my body, to the person who in turn who has been so filled with love and insights that they hold me so tightly and won’t let go, as tears pour down their faces and love flows from every part of them in gratitude of our meeting – all of this also adds another layer, infusing me with so much support and feeding my body as well. All of this is just a natural part of my life on the road and all of it constantly requires small or big energy adjustments within me and around me. Adjustments of attitudes or awareness as we all grow and understand more about each other and our lives together in this world.

The Mamas have just gone to catch their plane back to the Sierra Nevada where they say they will share our message with their tribe and ask that I also share theirs with the world.

They see Earth as feminine, the trees upon her as masculine and they prize highly the equilibrium between the sexes, where each are fulfilling their roles and seeking to experience, in the fulfilment of their roles, the conscious awareness they need, to do it in harmony and accordance to the Mother’s Laws. They are a people who listen to and feel the currents of the cosmic flows that come from the Mother and her creative fluid, the waters of life, which gave birth to the light and creation.
Our understandings match perfectly. Mine comes from nearly 40 years of meditation, listening and being intuitively guided by the Universal Field of Infinite Love and Intelligence which flows via waves of love from the divine heart. Their wisdom has come in similar ways yet it is a wisdom that flows to them so that they can read the vibrations of all life, from stones to birds, to trees and rain, to the breath we all breathe. They say that everything they know comes from the Mother and that we are caretakers of Earth, here to love and respect and care for life, not to take and destroy without thought.

The Mamas use their mind as I have been trained to do – focused, clear, concentrated, as a tool to do our bidding as we in turn take instruction from the Rhythm of Love of the Divine Mother in all her forms. She is Pachamama, she is Spiderwoman, the Madonna, the Goddess energy streams and more. Their culture is deep and their rituals are precise with everything done with pure meaning and I feel privileged to have spent these last 5 days with them all as I learn how to work with them in Aluna.

Before their car drives away, Ruth promises she will send me the video that they want shown through the world. It has 7 chapters of about 7 minutes each which is perfect for our YouTube channel. Here we will give them their own playlist, to lodge unedited, exactly what it is that they want to say. This is what the Embassy of Peace is for, to tell the stories that need to be told and share the tools that will help to harmonize our worlds.

They are a joyous people, some of who are also a little saddened by the past, by those that came and took so much without understanding the true value of the gold or artefacts. And yes they are concerned at continual deforestation and reforestation of plants (that are not the ones they want replanted) and plans of the government to do so many things that in essence do not serve their needs. Few truly take the time to listen to what they have to share and yet they have also put the past behind them and are focused on education for their children, to pass on their many skills and ways. They are also open now to gain the attention of the younger brother, asking us in essence to tune into forces bigger than ourselves and learn to be in equilibrium once more with Gaia’s heart and also the Universal streams.

According to Alan Ereira’s book “The Elder Brothers” the message the Kogi Mamas gave him was one of great concern for the environment. High in the Andes they see that the world is hotter, no snow comes on the mountains like it used to, so their land is drier, vegetation is sparser, and so the Earth is changing. They told him how all our mining, deforestation and continued tomb raiding has disturbed the balance in the world, as it does when we always take and give nothing in return. Despite all this they believe there is time for us to change our ways and be more aware and respectful with how we treat the Earth and also each other and so they hope we will hear their message.

They hope we will learn to be still and listen to the Mother’s heart and to understand that everything is alive with consciousness – from the Earth to the trees, to the sun and more. They hope we will work with them to restore the balance again. They want no tourists to come to their land, they want the tomb raiding to cease, they want to be consulted before the government intervenes in anything, they would like access again to the sea and be safe from guerrilla warfare and the drug lord’s games. They would also like us to stop plundering the Earth and killing trees and mining as thoughtlessly as we do. And they want to be left to care for the Mother as they’ve been shown to do for the Mother’s Laws have kept them well and safe for so long.

Mamas Eugenio said many things to me, much of which we have also been sharing with the world but in a slightly different way. Other things they spoke of, I was told to keep private and to some questions I asked, I received information that failed to answer the question, for the Kogi share only what they want us to know.

During the Mamas own evening seminar, I sat in the audience listening to Mamas Eugenio speak in his own native tongue, then to Mamas Noelle translate it into Spanish while a sweet young man named Juan, sat beside me to translate it all into English. Through it all I closed my eyes and tuned my heart to Mamas Engenio’s heart, to listen to his spirit on another plane, and there again I saw a man of peace, who had his ‘bench’, which is what they call their seat of centre, whose heart is pure with a message true, and so I await their video to let them speak directly rather than offer any additional translation here.

32 hours later, my plane touches down to Brisbane airport where my husband greets me with the biggest hug. It feels as if I have been gone for so long and yet the past 5 weeks have passed so quickly for us both; so many adventures and so many insights that tend to transform us in so many different ways. I feel the Kogi with me on the inner plane, present in my dreaming and later as I meditate upon all that has unfolded, I realise that there is a lot that we can do to support them, especially in Aluna’s plane.

Over the next few days, as I continue to integrate all that has occurred, new insights come about how we can support our Indigenous people especially the Kogi, since they are the ones that I have most recently connected with.

This morning as I sat on my veranda, I watched a dozen colourful wild King Parrots eating their seed a metre away. The birds come here now every day, often with dozens eating in harmony, enjoying the wild seed mix that is good for these breeds. They can sit and mix in together, singing and cooing and enjoying without fuss, and then suddenly a new one will come and chase them all away – snapping and biting and attacking until this lone one has the bowl of seed to itself. Over and over I watch their various displays, reminded again and again of life in the human world and the stories of Indigenous South America in pre-Colombian days.

Is permanent peace possible within the human world? Will we always have those few individuals who arrive and attack and take by brute force and noise? Is this plane of duality we call Earth in the here and now, really destined to rise beyond such things?

It’s rare for me to have such thoughts and yet as I do, I make a noise on the veranda and the birds all fly away, yet within moments many return and in peace and gentle silence, with a respectful attitude of sharing, they commence to eat again. The bully birds, the noisy ones, do not come back, so peace is finally maintained. And so I sit to meditate in peace, high among the treetops in my mountain ashram, happy to be home at last.

Enjoy the silence …
Be still …
Meditate on the love that you are.
The mountain seems to say …
Peace comes to all who are open … in their time …
Nothing to do …
Nothing to chase …

And so the cycles continue …

SACRED ART RETREATS are held in various countries each year or alternate years depending on Jasmuheen's tour commitments AND THIS YEAR WE WILL WORK WITH THE KOGI'S IN ALUNA'S PLANE.
BAVARIA GERMANY – 10th- 16th July 2010 - RHYTHMS OF LOVE - 7 days of deep meditations, painting, dance, song & music with Jasmuheen
Organiser: Maria Agostini www.mariaagostini.de email: info@mariaagostini.de ; Ph: +49 (0) 8806-95 95 26 Fax: +49 (0) 8806-95 95 27.

After the brilliant success of the 2009 Sacred Art Retreat in Germany, Jasmuheen has decided to take this retreat to another level by working with some of the Sacred Power objects for fine-tunement of frequencies on various planes. This retreat there will be more inner plane energy work, dance, movement and meditations plus the creation of sacred art using wood, clay and other forms.

In 2010 we invite you to come and tune with Jasmuheen, to the Indigenous tribe the Kogi’s of South America … learn how to do deeper inner plane energy weaving with their energy fields to support their visions of a unified harmonious world … meditate with Jasmuheen on ALUNA – the Kogi’s quantum field where they bring higher dreaming into manifestation and help to keep Gaia in a state of equilibrium ….

In January and February 2010 Jasmuheen met with 2 of the MAMAS (priests) of the KOGI tribe in South America who left their homes in the Sierra Nevada and came to her seminar in Colombia where they gave her permission to share their message with the world. Now working with the Mamas in Aluna, in her German retreat she will work with their energies on the inner net via painting, clay work and meditations, song and dance. Jasmuheen says: At the moment our lightwork is all about harmony, harmony, harmony. Inner harmony and outer harmony - harmonizing our own internal rhythms with the Cosmic Heart & Gaia’s heart and working with our indigenous people in the web of Oneness and love. A normally very private tribe, the Kogi’s have just begun to seek out people in the world that they can connect with to work together in mutual support as our earth birth’s herself into more harmonious, unified planes. These people are so pure in their energy fields and their work is so refined that we can all learn from what they have to share.”

More data on the Kogi can also be found at: http://www.labyrinthina.com/kogi.htm

During her 7 day retreat in Germany she will also combine the creative layer of expression through painting which will form part of this journey through the more subtle realms of love. Jasmuheen states: “Music, dance, creative expression through art or writing, there are so many ways for us now to access these powerful yet subtle energy flows that can take us into more continuous and profound feelings of joy and celebration which are a dominant part of the new matrix of creation.”

To be kept up todate with our Sacred Art Retreats please leave your email details at the relevant mailing list at Jasmuheen's C.I.A. - the Cosmic Internet Academy.

An artist since early childhood Jasmuheen has painted constantly experimenting with all mediums since that time. She writes: "The last 12 years have been one of the most creative periods of my life. One of the small benefits of DOW Power and being nourished by prana is that many seem to be able to access huge levels of creativity... apart from writing constantly, below are some of the art works I have been inspired to create during this last period. I only ever feel inspired to paint sacred art and will run workshops to teach this while incorporating the prana program - from 2006. Each painting was often done after a particular experience with the subject matter, either through my dream time or in meditation, or just through an overwhelming urge to paint the subject. Colors are carefully chosen to bring in specific radiations and each piece has been treated alchemically to operate as a dimensional doorway to download specific frequencies."

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